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HIS ISSUES President's Report 1981-1982 



Academic Program 

A review of the year's academic 
work might give one the impression 
of little change, but a closer inspection 
reveals several marked accomplish- 
ments during a very busy year. Al- 
though our self study for the Middle 
States Association did not emphasize 
the academic program, the program 
and the library were given attention by 
the visiting team, and the notification 
of continued accreditation was re- 

Among the new accomplishments 
to influence and strengthen our aca- 
demic program was the establishment 
of a transfer program in health sciences 
with Thomas Jefferson University. 
This new relationship with Thomas 
Jefferson University provides oppor- 
tunities for our students to prepare for 
a variety of health professions while 
being assured of preparation which 
meets the rapidly changing standards 
and needs of our time. 

Another new affiliation will pro- 
vide increased academic benefits to 
our students. Dean Reed was informed 
of our being selected to be part of the 
International Student Exchange Pro- 
gram. This program allows for Leba- 
non Valley students to have a year of 
study at overseas colleges or universities 
while students from the overseas insti- 
tutions study at Lebanon Valley. This 
arrangement will add strength to our 
program and make the program much 
more cost effective. 

Careful and continuous review of 
all our academic programs forces us to 
change when necessary at the same 
time we hold to our basic purpose and 
our academic integrity. After many 
years of experience with our program 
leading to the B.A. in music both the 
faculty and the Board of Trustees 
approved the Bachelor of Music degree 
to replace the B.A. in music. This 
change is in accordance with the high 
quality of work accomplished within 
the department. Another academic 
change which is still under study and 
review is in the area of general educa- 
tion which answers the desires and 
problems of every campus; the im- 
portance of the program gives reason 
for continuous study so that we make 
the Lebanon Valley College experience 
as strong as possible. 

The Board of Trustees granted per- 
manent tenure to Dr. Robert Clay, Dr. 
Owen Moe and Richard Stone while 
making the following promotions: to 
Professor - Dr. Donald Byrne, Dr. 
Robert Lau; to Associate Professor - 
Ronald Burrichter, Dr. Diane Igiesias, 
Dr. Susan Verhoek, Dr. Stephen 
Williams; to Assistant Professor — 
Horace Tousley, Philip Witmer. Pro- 
fessor Tousley was named to chair the 
Department of Mathematical Sciences 
and Professor Stone was named to 
chair the Department of Business Ad- 
ministration. In the middle of the 
year Dr. Michael Grella was named to 
chair the Department of Education. 
Two long-time faculty members 
announced their retirements. Both Dr. 
Cloyd Ebersole and Dr. Alex Fehr 
were granted Professor Emeritus status. 

Dr. Ebersole joined the faculty in 1953 
and Dr. Fehr joined the faculty in 

It is indeed a challenge to retain the 
traditional Lebanon Valley College 
low student to faculty ratio, small 
classes, personal attention, and rigor- 
ous program while at the same time 
live within the budget limitations. 
This greatest of challenges will prob- 
ably always be with us. 

Student Services 

Since we completed our first year 
of experience with a full-time Director 
of Career Planning and Placement, this 
report of activities under student ser- 
vices must emphasize the success of 
this new program. In just one year a 
great leap forward was accomplished. 
A variety of services became available 
and campus recognition was high. 

In the placement function, activity 
was at its highest level ever. A total 
of 1606 vacancy notices were sent to 
seniors and alumni and 438 credential 
packets were sent to prospective 
employers and graduate schools. More 
than 40 interviewers visited campus. 
Despite the recession this number is 
the highest of the last four years. Stu- 
dents, faculty, administration, staff 
and alumni have become keenly aware 
of the activities within the Office of 
Career Planning and Placement. 

In our self study, two areas related 
to student services received a major 
share of attention. One area was out- 
comes and placement. The other area 
was recruitment and retention. Many 

recommendations came from these 
studies. Some have already been im- 
plemented. Some are under review 
for a wide look at the total picture. 
Some are under study to determine 
if changes in policy are desirable. 
The quality of social life, which has 
different meanings for different people, 
appeared to be the main target for 
improvement by the many people 
sharing and reviewing the studies. 

The athletic programs received 
careful review and two numbers told 
us something about the interests of 
our students. During the year a cu- 
mulative total of 196 males partici- 
pated in intercollegiate athletics. Only 
54 females participated. Efforts to 
provide expanded opportunities for 
females and efforts to encourage their 
participation must increase. There is a 
similar difference between the sexes in 
the participation rates within the intra- 
mural programs. 

The area of student services will be 
meeting old and new problems as the 
College greets the students and chal- 
lenges of the 1980s. From close ob- 
servation one discovers that today's 
student must still learn how to cope 
with loneliness, roommate problems, 
choosing a career, working through 
value conflicts, choosing to use or not 
use drugs and/or alcohol, academic 
failure or at least academic set-backs, 
and ail sorts of sex-related problems. 

The Dean of Students and his staff 
continued to meet a variety of students 
and problems despite the small size of 
our College. The 1981-1982 academic 

year began with 829 full-time and 93 
part-time students in the day program. 
There were 135, 172 and 123 in the 
evening school, weekend college and 
University Center respectively. 
Activities from the Chapel 

During the 198M9B2 year the 
chapel-convocation program brought 
a wide array of enriching experiences 
to our campus. Fred Hechinger, Mal- 
colm Toon, Bruce Metzger, Myron 
Augsburger and Austin Lovelace are 
just a few of the nationally known 
persons who shared time and thoughts 
with us. The big problem of getting 
well-deserved attendance for all of the 
programs remained a source of frus- 

Appointment of a Chaplain's Ad- 
visory Committee on Religious Life 
introduced new dimensions to the 
dialogue about religious life on cam- 
pus. A committee with approximately 
proportional representation of denom- 
inational traditions on campus was 
itself a broadening example, and the 
sometime spirited discussions were 
themselves instructive about religious 
diversity among the students. The 
committee has been truly helpful in 
creating a new willingness to plan 
imaginatively for the future and a 
new openness to listening to different 
points of view. 

The Chaplain continued to serve 
as advisor to the international com- 
munity on campus. Many unusual 
problems arose from students who hail 
from troubled spots on our globe. 
Despite the increased problems of 
financial aid and national policies, 
efforts to have an international com- 
munity on campus must continue. 
The presence of Liberians, Iranians, 
Asian and African Kenyans and 
Ugandans, Europeans, Cubans, Chi- 
nese, Southeast Asians, Jordanians 
and Lebanese and their problems 
makes us all aware of the conflicts 
and tragedies as well as the human 
potentials of this world. 


Much of the financial achievement 
of the year is told in the later pages of 
this report. One special mark to be 
noted here, however, is the completion 
of the year with black ink. In this per- 
iod of some unusual constraints, black 
ink is cause for celebration. Our oper- 
ations showed approximately $25,000 
of revenue in excess of expenditures. 

For all of our financial successes of 
the year — black ink, Annual Giving, 
Fund for Fulfillment - Phase II — I 
express thanks to many, many people. 
It is impossible to name all who coop- 
erated in controlling expenditures, 
soliciting dollars, paying their fees, 
and giving their financial support. 

One of the boldest financial de- 
cisions came in November when the 
Board of Trustees acted to retain stu- 
dent charges at their current levels. 
This action held the total 1981-1982 
charge of $6,975 at the same level 
for 1982-1983. After twelve consec- 
utive years of increases, it was a 
pleasure to announce the action to 
hold the line. I know of few actions 

to match that one for expressing to 
parents and students concern about 
their financial problems. The total 
charge for $6,975 continues to be in 
four parts - $4,650 for tuition; 
$140 for student fee; $920 for room; 
and $1,265 for board. 

During the Founders Day cele- 
bration of February 1981, we broke 
ground for the construction of the 
Garber Science Center. During the 
Founders Day celebration of Febru- 
ary 1983, we shall be enjoying part of 
the dedicatory activities for this very 
special building. We plan to begin 
using the new facility in November 
1982. Years of planning, dreaming 
and working have finally brought us 
a center to match our long and strong 
tradition of high quality science 

It is true that we shall never have 
all of the desired facilities to meet 
the many expectations of today's 
students and programs. It is also 
true that today's Lebanon Valley 
College provides some rare oppor- 
tunities for learning and growth 
through the use of some outstand- 
ing buildings and equipment. 

The campus grounds now cover 80 
acres. The value of the physical plant 
now exceeds $25,000,000. Proper 
maintenance of this campus becomes 
increasingly complex and expensive. 
More than 40 full-time persons de- 
voted their efforts to the physical care 
of our facilities. This number will 
have to grow some to maintain an 
appearance of which we can be justly 

During the year we lost many dear 
friends who loyally supported our 
college and devoted a major portion of 
their lives to it. Three widely known 
of these persons were Maude Grimm, 
Thomas S. May and Frank E. Stachow. 
Mrs. Grimm, the wife of Dr. Samuel O. 
Grimm, was part of our campus life 
for more than sixty years. Dr. Tom 
May graduated in 1934, served on the 
Board of Trustees from 1952 to 1955 
and from 1961 until his death, and 
served as Assistant to the College 
President from 1953 to 1959. Pro- 
fessor Stachow joined our faculty 
in 1946 and devoted himself untiringly 
to our students until his retirement 
because of illness in 1981 . 

Unusual progress and accomplish- 
ment of our students always become 
the most memorable part of a com- 
pleted year. The Institute of Inter- 
national Education selected one of our 
seniors for overseas post-graduate 
study during 1982 - 1983. For the 
sixth time during the last seven years 
one of our seniors received this honor. 
For the second successive year one of 
our seniors was selected for a Rotary 
Foundation Scholarship for study 
overseas. Three of our seniors and 
four of our juniors passed parts three 
or four of the Society of Actuaries 
examinations. One of our recent grad- 
uates passed part ten. More than 
90 students carried double majors 
and 31 students were inducted into 
Phi Alpha Epsilon. Satisfactions 
such as these were numerous and far 
outweighed the problems and dis- 

Despite the many very pressing 
problems which face the small college, 
I continued to be excited and opti- 
mistic about our campus. The road 
on which Lebanon Valley must travel 
is quite different from many. It will 
require continuous support from many 
loyal people. It will continue to 
require tremendous work and coopera- 
tion. Hopefully it will continue to 
develop the precious understanding 
that freedom and discipline are in- 
separable from each other and indis- 
pensable to democracy. 
Respectfully submitted. - 

Frederick P. Sample 



The donors listed below made 
payments or gifts to the Fund for Ful- 
fillment - Phase It during 1981 • 82. 
Those who qualify for membership in 
a giving club by virtue of this gift or 
payment are indicated by the appro- 
priate letters V, P and C. 


It is a pleasure to report the giving 
record for the 1981-82 fiscal year for 
both the Annual Giving Fund and the 
Fund for Fulfillment • Phase II. 
Everyone at Lebanon Valley College 
is indeed grateful for the generous 
support of our alumni and friends. 
We are truly thankful for every gift, 
whether small or large and trust 
that we have given each donor proper 
recognition in this report. We apolo- 
gize for any error or omission. 


Membership in our most pres- 
tigious club is given to those alumni 
and friends who contributed a mini- 
mum of $1,000 during the 1981-82 
fiscal year. It is an honor to recognize 
the 202 donors for their leadership 
giving. These names are preceded by 
si "V" in other sections of this report. 
(Please note that die minimum Vick- 
roy Society membership for 1982-83 
is $1,200.) 


Membership in our President's Club 
is given to those alumni and friends 
who contributed a minimum of $500 
during the 1981-82 fiscal year. It is 
an honor to recognize the 170 donors 
for their leadership giving. These 
names are preceded by a "P" in other 
sections of this report. (Please note 
that the minimum President's Club 
membership for 1982-83 is $600.) 


The Century Club recognizes gifts 
of $100 or more. During the year 
1,117 alumni and friends joined the 
largest and oldest giving club at the 
College. A "C identifies these 
members throughout the report. 
(Hereafter this club shall be known as 
die Century Plus Club. A minimum 
contribution of $150 will qualify for 
membership. However, those alumni 
and friends who are 65 or older can 
still qualify for the Senior Citizen 
Century Club with a $100 minimum 


The $449^33 {$394,747 unre- 
stricted, $55,087 restricted) contrib- 
uted to Annual Giving during 
1981-82 was a significant achieve- 
ment. The generous response from 
our alumni and friends during the 
height of the capital campaign was 
outstanding. Even more remarkable 
is the fact that alumni giving reached 
an all time high of $168,052, exceed- 
ing the previous high of $148,167. 
For this dedication and commitment 
we are sincerely grateful. 

Now as we embark on another year, 
we really must redouble our efforts. 
Our goal is $500,000 in unrestricted 
funds, which is by far the most am- 
bitious challenge we have ever had. 
These funds are badly needed to 
assist the College's efforts in meeting 
the needs of the students. We are 
confident that our alumni and friends 
will respond more generously than 
ever and that our needs will in fact 
be met. The 1982-83 year is a critical 
year and we implore everyone to par- 
ticipate in the Annual Giving Program. 


July 1,1981 -June 30, 1982 
Alumni $161 ,846.10 1"W> Alumni $ 6.205.67 2,810 
Friends 58,59752 %tf7 Friends 4,01.433 348 
Parents 4,530.00 H^06 Parents 130.00 35 
Church 56,530.82 V^%>1 Church 1 ,200.00 7 
Business 83,314.90 f jjj/f£j Business 17,307.36 149 
Foundations 11,115.00 %ol5 Foundations 23,900.00 27 
Deferred 18,812.09 I0,9f^ Deferred 2,328.62 5 

$394,746.73 $55,086.58 

Government $167,486.00 


$394,746.73 Restricted $222,572.58 

Total Lebanon Valley College Fund 


PHASE 1 1971 • 1980 

Amount Pledged 
Amount Paid 
Amount Unpaid 
Amount paid in 



$ 127,819.20 

1981-82 $ 66,130.65 

Amount Pledged 
Amount Paid 
Amount Unpaid 
Amount paid in 

PHASE II 1976-1982 




1981-82 $2,733,35854 

CLASS OF 1111 

17% Pi 


Baa Chairman 

*C Dr. J. Dwight Oaugherty 

CLASS OF 1112 
17% Participation 
C Mo. KatnwiM Gingrich Hemperly 

CLASS OF 1113 


Mrs. Edith Lahman Bartlatt 
C Mrs. Clan Horn Loosr 


1 C 

CLASS OF 1114 

17% Participation 
C Mr. Edgar M.Lsndis 
C Or. Carl F. Schmidt 
C Mrs. Citharina Bachman Stickail 

CUSS OF 1115 


Mn,Erta Weaver Htimwi 


17% Participate 
C Mrs. VtohBrnhar Schmidt 
C Mr. Frank Shanw 

CLASS OF 1917 


Mr. Edwin H. Zaiotor 
Ctaai Chairman 
C Mr. David H. Fink 

Mrs. Mary Garvar Mathewnn 
Mrs. Lutila Batdorf Riptch 
Mrs. Vwk* Wolfe Risen 

* Dr. Joswh O.Rutherford 

• Mr. A. Harm*! Shark 
Mr. C.A»i*ander Shatter 
Mis. Fleda Kettering Wognor 
Dr. Edwin H.White 

C Mr. Edwin H.Zaigtor 

CLASS OF 1111 

30% Participation 

SI ,77500 Contributed 

Mn. Merab Gamble Brooks 
P Hr.RiyY.Grubo 

Mr. S. F. W. Morrison 
C Mr.RirfusR.NtB 
C Mn. Elizabeth Gaibtin Snoks 

Mn. Kathryn R. Swalm 

Mr. Chester H. Wine 
P Rev. Merit Wmgord 

CLASS OF 1919 

36% Participation 

$745.00 Contributed 
C Mr. Norman M.Boudar 

Mrs. Frankie Kline Culten 
C Mn. Mabel Moon Heller 
C Mrs. Mary Lutt Mein 

Mn. Grace Snyder Martin 

Mn. Ruth Hughes Palmer 
Mrs. Kathryn Gingrich Richard 

C Min Martha V.Schmidt 

*C Mr. Ralph LSIoet 
Mn. Utile Davis Snavely 

CLASS DF 1020 

13% Participation 

$300.00 Contributed 
C Mn. Helens MauHair Bonder 
C Mr.GnyR.Yarrinn 

CLASS OF 1921 


$490 £0 Contributed 

Mn Olive E. Darting 

Or. Carroll R. Dougherty 
C Min Gladys M.Fencil 
C Dr. Edgar C. Hastings 
C Dr.EhwodD.Htin 

C Mn. Mary Shetttl WeJty 

C Dr. Oliver S.Heckman 
Mrs. Verne Han Urkin 
Mr. Adam 0. Miller 
Mn, Josephine Stine Smith 

C Mr. Usual E. Swank 
Mrs. Anns Stem Wright 


CLASS OF 1123 
S2% Participation 
$1,33500 Contributed 

C Mn. Dorothy Sholh/DeVerter 

C Mr. Paul S. Ersmmger 
Mrs. H. Mm Morrow Hohl 
Mr. J. Raymond Hutchinson 
Or. Joseph R.MacOoflald 
Mr. H. Lloyd Millar 

P Mr. Raymond M. Obarholtzer 
Mm. Kathryn Hoopla Shank 
M«s Eleanor F.Shseffer 

C Mn. Dorothy Fsntil Smith 

C Mn. Delia Herr Thomas 

CLASS OF 1827 

52% Participation 

$2,145.00 Contributed 

Mr. Samuel K. Clark 
Clan Chairmen 

Mn. Lttsib Lahman Beam 
C Mr. Samuel K. Clark 
C Mn. Madeline Mark Cohnen 
C Mr. Clair M.Oeniel 

Rev. Leland K. Fattier 

Or. 0. LeRoy Fegtoy 

Mn. Blanche Stager Fox 
*C Mr. Harold H. Herr 
C Mn. Gladys Buffington Holman 

Mn. Sadie Oaub Krumbine 

Mr. C. Floyd Lichtenbergar 
C Mrs. Hilda Hattor Longoneckor 
C Min Emma I. Madtiff 
C Mrs. Esther Welmer Madciff 
C Dr. Mary C. MeUmchan 
C Dr. Wade S.Miller 

Mr. M. Lester Morrow 

Mn. Florence Oundoni Nen 

Mr. Welter L. Nen 

Mrs. Virginia Edwards Shaffer 
C Mn. Kathryn Wheeler Snavely 

Mn. Helen Hughes Wilkinson 
CLASS OF 1124 

SI ,590 M Contributed 

Mr. Edward U.Bsisbaugr. 

Rev. Gledstone P. Coolay 

Mn. Don Billett Davis 

C Mr. Samuel O.Ewns 

V Dr. Donald E. Fields 

C Mrs. Rachel Htindel Fink 

Min Ruth C. Herpol 
C Mrs. Ida Trout Hudson 
Mrs. Sara Grtinar Lefftar 
Mr. Ralph E.Martin 
Mrs. Edna Yoke Meyer 
C Dr.ArmandJ.Miller 
Mrs. Mabel Rice Potts 
Mrs. Laura Strickler Witmer 

CLASS OF 1915 
40% Participation 
$1 jn DO Contributed 

Mn. Dorothy Lontanecfcer Coolay 
Mrs. Ruth Kennedy Emery 
C Mis Edith Geyer 
Or. J. Paul Graver 
Mrs. Mary Houck Hager 

C Min Ellen S. Keller 

Mr. Theodore J. Kreidor 

Mr. EartJ. Leffler 
C Dr.CtoonM.Mussar 

Mrs. Sarah Daaiwechter Neischwtnder 

Mrs. Ruth Hoy Sadler 


Min Elizabeth S.Sloet 


Mn. Martha SchachWeik 


CLASS OF 1121 
34% Participation 
Sl.405.00 Contributed 
Mrs. Esther Lutt Bailey 
Mrs. Carrie Early Barber 
C Mrs. Mary MacDougall Clapper 
Or. Paul E. Cooper 

CLASS OF 1922 
4M Participation 
$450.00 Contributed 

Mr. Raymond N. Keim 
C Mr. William A. Grin, Jr. 

Mn. Cleribel NUey Under 
C Mr. G. Raid Pierce 

Min Esther Shenk 

Mn Beatrice StonerSherk 
C Mr.OavidK.Shroyer 
C Mr. HMTardY. Smock 
P Min Lottie J. Snavety 
C Mrs. Helen Lonecmcker Titton 
C Dr. Morale H.Welty 

C Mr. John F. Walter 
C MnMyre Sheaf far White 
C Mr. Earl C. Williamson 
Mn. Bemetno Strickle; Wright 

CLASS OF 1921 

52% Ptrricipetion 

$2,31500 Contributed 
- Mr. O.P.Bollinger 

Mn. Frances Long Shroyer 
Clan Co-Chairmen 
C Or.J.BruceBehnoy 
C Mr.O.P.G 

Mr. Henry Y.Bi 
P Mn. Marian Oonheinwr Cempbell 


Min Esther M. Flick ingar 

Mn. Grace Witmer KauHmm 
C Mn. Emma Meyer Koch 

Mr. Henry A. Kohler 

Mn. Sarah Ron Kohler 
C Mr. Unl R. Kuhn 

Dr. Lloyd H. Lux 

Min Anna C. Marie 
C Dr. Monroe H. Martin 

Mn. Mabel Brewbaker Msmzer 
C Honorable L Ehrmen Meyn 

Mr. Samuel Meyn 
C Dr. Millard J. Miller 
C Mn. Edna Graham Monr 
C Dr. G.Paul Monr 
C Mr. Harvey LNhreuer 

Mn. Deborah Orth Orbock 

Mr. Edward J. Orbock 
C MnlreneJ.Schell 
C Mn. Frances Long Shroyer 

Mn. Viola Wolf Sihnrneil 
C Mn. Semite Hoovar Stngtoy 
C Min Eleanor R.Srake 

Mrs. Fredericks Baker Yetter 


CLASS OF 1929 

35% Participation 

SI 30950 Contributed 

Mr. Henry G.Aungst 
C Mrs. Leah Herpol Bendigo 

Min Carol E. Brinstr 
Dr. Lawrence B. Derickion 
C Mr. Enot A. Detwaiter 

Dr. I 



Mn. Marian Hoffmen Knoebsl 
C Mr. Robert W.Luu 

Mn. Irene Schrope Maurer 

Mn. Anna Apgar Mangel 

Mr. Martin H.Meyer 
C Mn.JaneFaarnowPatton 

Min Ruth E. fteigal 
C Mn. Ruth Light Sdireibn 
C Mrs. EmmtUne Shaffer Miller 

Mr. Ralph H. Shark 
P Mn. Haul Bailey Smedley 

Mr. Wayne G. Sparrow 

Mrs. Janet Miller Stokn 

Mr. Cherlet R. Troutman 

C Mn. Miriam Muth VaiKlsvnll 
Mn. Nancy Ulrich Wood 

CLASS OF 1930 
$8,16730 Contributed 
Clas Chairman 
Mn. Ribs Logan Albright 
C Mr.HomsJ.AHwein 

Mn. Gladys Knaub Betttit 
C Mn. Dorothy Hkats Behney 
C Mr. Glenn E.Bendigo 
C Mn. Louin Boughts Bennett 
C Or. Dorninic A. Bovino 

Mas M.BIstdw Cochran 
C Mn. Marian HnpsCoti 
C Mn.MaryMcCurdyFratz 
P Mn. Mary Rink Hiin 

Dr. Letts M. Kauffman 
C Dr.J.CHvinKMM 

Mn. Mildred Heekmen King 
C Mn.JonuhineSd»llKlopp 

C Mr.EhvoodW.Meyss 

Mrs. Josephine Yake Mitts 
C Mia Mildrad E.Myss 
C Mr. William J. Myen 
Dr. Clarence I. NoH 
Mn. Ruth Coops Senford 
Mn. Helen Hun Sneers 
Mr. Lloyd C. Shirk 
C Mr. Paul H. Stem 
C Mr. Normtn Vtfldmwn 
Mr. Lloyd M. Web* 
P Mrs, Greet Keens Zarba 
CLASS OF 1931 

$1,32090 Contributed 
Dr. Rusall E. Morgan 

C Mn. CvoGM Fitrwr Abuwnn 

Mr. Franca 8. Btrr 


Mr. Henry O.Bskov 

Or. S. Frad Chris mm 

Mrs. Ethal Hows Oskn 

Mis Sara L E nsmings 

Or. Merle W.Eshleman 

Mn. Oorothy Thomonn Grubs 
C Mtn Oorothy B. Hats 

C Mn. Ann Wolff Mtrkil 
C Dr. RiastU E. Morgan 
C Or. Room L Roudabush 
C Mrs. Margaret Young Schrope 

Row. Malvin G. Spomhw.Sr. 
C Mn.AmaWsieartWhitmira 
C Mn. Alma Binns Win 

Mr. Jotspn E. Wood 


3 OF 1932 

S4.775JN Contributed 
Mr. Clinton J. AUm 
Mn. Cynthii Bsuing A* 

C UCal.NMtooM.BunjMr 

C Mn. Mares* Lars Coleman 

C Or. Ralph E. Coleman 
Mn. Naomi Shivery Dswy 
Mn.LortywSsae Freemen 
Mr. Alfred T. Gins 
Mrs. Ann Garbs Holl'mas 

C Or.PwilK.Keent 

C Dr.AMnE.Kbmy 
Mn. Oorothy ShrrfMr Lamz 

V Mrs. Ruth Shroys Lark 

C Mn. Mai Gmybm Lehman 

Mn. Evelyn Kins Ltib 

Mn. How Thompson Lava 

Mr. J. Warren Light 

Mn. Elizabsh Flook MecGrsnr 
C Mn. Pitn Mvch Mtytfi 

V Mrs. Hskw Groh Milewati 

C Mn. Oorothy Hakteman Morris 
C Mr.JohnH.Morrii 
C Mn. Ruth Armtcut Murfkry 
C Rev.FrslartekW.Mund 
C Mr. George R. Nye 

Mn. Edith Falds RiynoUi 
C Mn. Dorothy Garb* Roodabush 
C Mn. Lmon Bandar Short ImIoi 
C Mn. Gladyi Hersney Shroys 
C Mis B. EKzabtth Ulrich 
C Mr, Matron Dttvy Winipw 


Mr. SemnlT. Zappa 


CLASS OF 1133 

53% Participation 
$3,45990 Comributad 
Col. Jam* T. From, Jr. 

Cits Chairmen 
Mn. Regno Dyar Berehsms 
Mr. EdgsC. Brims 
Mn. Ruth Cobkt Burkhart 

V Dr.WoodnmS 
C Mr. Claude R. I 
C Or. William A. Ehrgott 

Mis Kathryn B. Enalt 
C Or. Mat I. Faith 
C Col.JtmnT.ftwti.Jr, 
C Mn. Hekn Eddy Hart 
Mis Oorothy R. Ham 
Mn. Kathryn Gockiey Htilman 

Mr. Russell M. Hama 
Mr. William L Jacks 
Mr. Amor H. Knotty 
Mn. Marion Kings Light 
Mtn Sophia Morra 

C Mn. Lutlb) Hainan Myss 
Mrs. LutitsEnga Otto 

C Riv.Mal«mL Patrick 

C Mn. Miriam Millar Row* 
C Mr.LnrardM.Schropt 

Mn. Harriot Millar Trezia 
C Dr. Samuel 0. Ulrich 

Rtv. Stuart W.Waniar 

Mn. Flo Grim Wygant 

Mn. Lucillt Mabarry Datwiltr 

Mrs. Mildrad Rrttla Kaiss 

Of. Harry E.Zath 

Clan Chairman 

C Or. Lynn H. Kitxmffls 


C MrClaraneaCAunga 

Mn. Lounla Schindal Komig 


V Mr.JafrtrsonC.Barnnnt 

Mrs. Mary Human Kurtz 

CLASS OF 1934 

V Mrs, Mary Zartman Barnhart 

Mn.Evalyn Wart Lynch 


C Mr. Lloyd O.Bargs 

Or. Gaorge R. Marquttta 

S2.355JW Comributad 

C Mr. Robart S. Black 

Mr. Harold L. Moody 

Or. K. Morgan Edvardt 

C Mr. Frank A. Bryan 

Mn. Jaanetta KaHnch Pvtridga 

Mr. Thorm* C. Edward* 

C Mr. David A. Byariy 

C Dr.AlaxandsB.Rakow 

Mr. OfWttt M. Eaick 


Rtv. Richard R. Rods 

a*. William K.FIshbum 


Lt. Col. Frank L. Shank 

Mrs. Mildred Nye Fishs 

C Mr. Gordon DivJas 

Mrs. Elian Rupparsbsgs Sihwt 

Mn. Kathryn Mowrty Grow 

V Mr.CurvinN.Dailingar 


Mr. Raymond B. Johnson 

C Mrs. Luolla Mabarry Oatwils 

V Or.HsvtyB.Snyds 

Or. Joseph Mitchell Jordan 

C Or.HarmanA.EIIanbargtr 

Mr. Otvid G. Spinal 


C Mn.GailSpanol«Fidlar 

Mn. Ethal Maa Fahw Stains 

Mn. Mergers Longeneeks Karn 

Mr. Marshall R. Fray 

Mrs. Margarat Bordwaii TwVford 

Mis Edna C. Kraids 

C Mr.WaKarP.FridinBar 

Mrs. Rabacca Parin Umttaad 

Or. John J. B. Light 

C Mr. G. Wilbur Gibbla 

C Mn. Martha Koontz Zadist 

Mr. Wilbur H.Mathiai 

C Mr.JohnY.Qroff 

Rav. Cttnton 0. Zimmarman 


Mn. Ella Mason Hamilton 



Mr. RunailK. Halls 

CLASS OF 1942 

Mr. Clyde S.Mentzs 

C Mn. Catharina Mills Johns 

53% Psticipation 

Mn. Dorothy Jackson Nici 

C Mr. Robart M. Johns 

$3,496J» Comributad 

Mn. Catharina Hackman Nhrauar 

C Mn. Isobal Cox Klinafaltar 


Mr. Earl S. Rica 


Mn. Fradaricka Laudts Albart 

Mn. Martha Kraidar Rudnicki 

C Mr.JohnW.Kraamtf 

Mia Kathryn E. Brahm 

Or. Richard D. Schraibar 


C Mrs. Elizabsh Sattazahn Davis 

Mr. George D. Shark 

C Mn. Haiti HaminwayMuth 

Mn. Martha Davis DiHavtn 

Mr. Edmund H. Umbargar 

C Col. Vtrnon 0. Rogan 

C Mn.GsirgiaGravfllDobbi 

Or. Laonard Volkin 

C Or. C. Boyd Shafts 

C Mr.GuyL.Oobbs.Jr. 

Mai Marthi E. Wad 

C Mn. Mary Louin Stons Shafts 

Mr. Harry 1. Orandall 


P Or. BanM L.Shass 

C Cdr. Robart F. Ortsal 


C Mn. Marion Sntvaty Ellanbargs 

CLASS OF 1935 

C Mn.EmslmaJagnan* Smith 

Mrs. Phoaba Gays Etts 

37* Participation 

C Mr.CaMnO.Soitls 


$3,11943 Contributid 

C Mrs. EUzabsh Bands Ulrich 

Mn. Margaret Cox Gian 


C Major Paul T. Ulrich 


Mr. Swart Barthold 

V Mn.TnstnStafanUmbargs 

P Mr. Russet J. Horet 

Mr. Guy A. Bnvw 

P Or.JohnD.Walms 

C Mn. Viola Snail Maury 

fit*. Harbart R. Blouch 

C Mr. Russell H. Wart 

C Mn. Lois Saaws Mills 

Mr. Frank P. Bonn 

C KnEthsV.Wilt 

Rav. Rogs 0. Moray 

Mn. Catharina Wean* Conrad 
Mr. David 1 Evans 

CLASS OF 1939 

C Mr. William P. Mualsr 
Mn. Mary Louin Clark Myth 

Or. C. Wfflard Ftttar 

42% Psticipation 

V Major Gtnaral Pits G.DIanchuk 

Mr. Charktt R. Furlong 

S2.125 M Comributad 

C Or. Harold S. Faffs 

Mr. Htnry H. Grimm 

Or.JohnH.Moys, III 


Mr. E. Bradbury Hartman 

Clan Chairman 

Mn. Carolyn Kiaings Powss 

Mrs. C. Jant Bricks Hintz 


Or. Richard F.Sahnrilng 

Mr. B. Boyd Lantz 

Mn. Anna Light Btstt 

C Dr. RalphS. Shay 

Dr. Thaodora K. Long 

Mn. Edith Matzgs Boots 

Mrs. Ronnna Brandt Slayton 

Dr.WsrenF. Msriz* 

Mr. Robart G. Brown 

C Mr. Alfred E.Stavam 

Or. Bruca M. Metzo* 


Rav. Samustt. Stons 

Dr. J, Htnry Ricks 

Mn. Oorothy Ztitss Clippings 

Mn. Sarah Hartman Swags 

Mr. Gsald B. Rusall 

Mn. Ah'ca Rtchia Clupps 

C Mr.JohnF.Swopa 

Mr. Kmnath C. Shaaffr 


C Mr. Charts J. Tyson 


Mn. Catharina Lavnon Diahl 

C Mrs. Martha Foots Tyaon 

Mis Paulina T.SnavaJy 

Mrs. Gartruda Ettanbargs Oopls 

C Or. Christian G. Worms 

Mr. Arthur G. Spick lar 

Or. Arthur S.Evakw 

C Mr.GawfiC.ZitJnr 

Mr. Allan W.Staffy 

C Mn. Oorothy Null Fraf 


Mr. Donald E.Wittar 

C Mr. Raymond T. Fray 

CUSS OF 1943 

Mia Margaret ^.Waavar 

C Mrs. Mildrad Han Grimm 

47% Psticipation 

Mn. Rabacca Adam Whittock 

C Dr. Thomn W. Guinivan 

SZ5&S0 Comributad 

Mr. John E. Witts 

C Mr.LaandsH.Hamm 

Or. Stapnan J. Mttro 


C Oorothy Yaks Horn 

Clan Chairman 

C Mn. Ruth C. A. Katnt 

C Or. Donald F.Bartlty 

41% Participation 

C Mr. Edward K. Kran 

C Or. John A. Bambargs 

$2,33290 Comributad 

Mia Cynthia M. Lwnkt 

C Mn.AdnsdaSandenBurgns 

Mr. Robart U. Canal 

C Mrs. Cora Graby Limmroth 

C Of . Margarttta A. Carey 

Clan Chairman 

Mn. Jaan Marbargs Madings 

Rav. Uoyd H. CraH 

Mn. Virginia Brinon Ax 

C Mn. Amy Mtinhardt Maaon 


Or. George S. Bachman 

C Mn. Halan Bartwtt Mills 



C Mrs. Audria Fox Rabv 

C Mrs. Martha Crona Eppwy 

Mn. Mildrad Phillips Barnard 

C Mr. Raymond R. Smith 

C Mr.FradsickS.Framz,Jr. 

Mis Louin E. Bishop 

C Mr. Roost W.Smith 

C Mn. Louin Kalis Frantz 

Mrs. Winoni Shroff Botilio 


C Or. John E.Hampton 

Mr. Robart U. Canal 


C Mrs. Marian Kraids Hampton 

Mn. Iva Wairick Edwards 

Mia Mary M.Stricklw 

C Mn.JunaEbyHsr 

Mr. Robart L Edwards 

C Mr. Robart P. Tschop 

Mn. Dorothy Light Mtan 

Mrs. Lata Eshlaman Frail 

C Col.RoyA.Wtidman 

Lt. Col. John B.Mangaf 

Mis Evah/n C. Frlck 

Mr. ExnastC. Wairick 

C Or.StaphanJ.Msro 

Mrs. Louin Shaarer Gtnghs 

Or. G. Frank Zarba 

C Or. Harry K. Mills, Jr. 

Or. Oorothy F. Grimm 

| U C 

C Mrs. Jtna Klueks Mowrty 


C Mrs. Vst Snoop Muaar 



C Or. H. Anthony Neidig 

Mrs. Louin Gillan Hirris 


C Or. Robart K.Nas 

Mr. Pats P. Chunko 

Mn. Norma Kiscaddan Daihl 
C Mr.RobstJ.Oonough 

Mn. Evah/n Hiatts Friek 
P Mrs. JamttStshl Bailing 
C Mn.Jaanna Walls Hosns 

Mn. GUda Tulli Hutchinson 

Mn.E. Jura Day Norvall 

C Mas Yvonrn L Raab 

C Rav. E. Stapnan Raby 
Mn. EHzabarh Goods* Rhoda 
Mn. Miriam Jonn Rudy 

C Mn.Ni 

C Mr. W. Howard Httfns 
Mia Anna Mary Han 

C Mr.PaulW.Honhty 

C Dr. Mark J. Hostatts 
Rav. 0. Horns Ktndalt 
Mrs. Kathtoan Pool Land 

C Mn. Marian Laisay Light 

C Mr.EdgwP.Monn 
Mr. Richard C. Rads 

C Or. Cafvin H.fiabs, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Haddox Rockwall 
Mn. Hakw Summy SchaH 

P Mn.lnmKsffwSh«rs 
Rov. Robart H.Sholts 

C Dr.OaMM.WampIs 

CLASS OF 1937 
42% Participation 
S5JD65JM Contributid 
Claa Chairman 

C Mn.SaraLkjhJtAungst 

Mrs. Ruth Goyna Bags 
Mr. Paul C. Bitlatt 
Mr. John A. Bollman 
Mr. William H.Eamnt 
Mn. Cordaili Shasffs Ftids 
Mn. Lob HarboW Guin 
Mas M. Jaan Harnith 
Mr. Ruaatl C. Hatz 
Mn. Elaanor Lynch Htmparly 
Or. Charln I. Hoffman 
Or. Charln B. Kinnay, Jr. 
Mn. Elaanor Engta MiHs 
Mr. JackR. Morris 
Mrs. Ron Tschopp Niady 
Mrs. Piuhih Yaags Richia 
Mn. Ruth Buck Schlags 
Mr. Richsd S. Slaybaugh 
Mrs. Ronaina Stika Smartzs 
Mr. Htnry C.Sttins 
Mn. Claim Adams Stoudt 
Or. Edwin H.Tatlman 
Mn.Marjorit Smith Tngo 
Mr. Ouay E. Uogs 
Mrs. Edna Binktty Wilms 

C Mrs. Patricia Sanaa Soudan 
C Or. Arthur W.Stambaeh 
V Mn.RuthKarreWaraham 

CLASS OF 1946 

3S% Participation 

S1J1S7JS0 Comributad 

Mrs. Edith Krainr Prabus 
Can Chairman 

Mr. Richard L Ax 
C Mn, Jaan Gingrich Bomgardns 
C Mn. Eloin Par Brown 

Mrs. Edna Hollings Budy 
C Mrs. HMsi Sattazahn Burr 


Dr. GrnaU. Cohan 
P Mr. JohnS. Curry 

Mia Catharim Danes 


Mn. Jam Thrush Hawkins 
C Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 
C Mrs. Eleanor Htnhay Kauffman 

Mn. Martha Light Klein 

Mrs. Elizabsh Haiff Marino 

Mr. Laonard Mikionis 
C Mn.Cshsina Yaags Mills 

Rtv. Charln E. Perms 
C Mn. Edith Krainr Probus 
C Or, George P. Rutt 
C Mn. Sarah Stauffs Sandy 

Mr. Frank LSfuipps 
C Mn. Fiwn Wontinin wmbt 


40% Participation 

S3.535.00 Comributad 

Mr. J. Ron Albart 

Mr.J. RoaAnst 

C Mia Florence E. Barnhart 

C Mas Jaan E.Badgw 
Mrs. Bsbara Kolb Bams 
Mn. Madalyn Quiektl Draw 

C Mr.LloydV.Faaan.Jr. 

Mr. Vtrnon M. Fkkn 


C Mrs. Joyce Schmidt Fox 

Mia Nora M. Goodman 

Mn. Evah/n Stonadphs Gourlay 

Or. Gsald J. Gmmvi 
C Or. Milti 0. Harrigs 

Mr. Richard 0. Hartman 

Mn. Ertlw Engla Hivns 

Mn. Mildrad Emerich Humphrey 
C Mn. Ariena Schlons Kails 
C Mr. Frank R. Man 

Mrs. Virginia Stonedphs Mikionis 
C Rtv. Robert J. Mills 

Or. George Linwood Moore 
C Mr. Wsym L. Mowray 

Mn. Hden Oiekd Smdrodt 

Mr. Henry W.Schnalzs 

V Mr.E.PttsStrickls 
Mn. Jaan Myss Swanson 
Mn. Margaret Todd Trumbo 
Lt. Cmdr. Warren 0. Trumbo 

C Or.HsminJ.Wsnr.Jr. 
Mr. RichardS. Zarba 

CLASS OF 1941 
30% Participation 
$3,272.50 Comributad 
Mn. Barbae Kilhoffs Baks 
Mn. Doris Clements Biery 
C Capt. Charln 0. Bonn 
Mr. George K. Bombargs 
Mrs. Oorothy Kauffman Bomgerdns 

V Dr. Robert F. Earfy 
Mra.Niliit Walts Eaton 
Mn. Joyce Meadows Elds 

C Or.OanidW.Fox 

Mn. Ruth Billow Guida 

Mn. Mary Frank Habij 
C Mn. May Eckst Hoffman 
C Mn. Ruth Gaarhart Ketch 
C Mr. Theodora 0. Kails 

Mr. H. Ellis Kraids 
C Or. Grace E. Lavsty 

Mr. John H. Light 

Mn. Oorothy Streaburas Mark 
C Mn.EMtnHslrmn Marshal! 

V Mr. Bernardo J. PamuraW 
Mn. Betty Gingrich Rauch 

C Mr. William A. Rothrock 

Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford 
C Or.OavidP.SIuntz 

Mn. Doris Newman Shafts 


Mn. Phyllis Umbras Shiffls 


Or. John H. Nan. Jr. 

Mn. Mary Stephens Won 

CLASS OF 1938 

S7JD49JHJ Contributed 

Mrs. Jswine Schodt AgMilini 
C Mn. Mary Albart Attick 


C Ma LudlleGollam Byariy 


Cdr. Florian W. Cenady 
C Or. Carl Y. Ehrhvt 

Mn. Rachel Holdcraft Farthing 
C Mr.COannisGsaty 
C Mrs. Ruth Hershey Goney 
C Mr. Robert S. Grimm 
C Dr. Paul E.Horn 
C Mrs.EsthsWaoHovis 

Mn. Anne Evans Hows 
C Or.W.FradstckHubs 
C Rav. William H. Jenkins 
C Mr.GeorgaA.Katchms 

Mis Lata W.Lopn 
C Mr. Gustev T.Maury 
C Mr.JohnV.MoUa 
C Or. John H. Nan, Jr. 

Rev. Jams G. Read 

Mr. Clayton M. Rids 
C Col. John W.Rifa 
C Mn. Ruth Ruppsabsgs Riley 

Mrs. Lucie Cook Ruzicka 



Dr. Stewart B. Shapiro 
C Mn. Vsm Sdilosss SoHtnbsgs 
C Mn. Bsbara Bowman Stacks 
C Mis MargarttS. Wilms 
C Mrs. Ellen Rash Wert 
C Dr.M.DaltYocum 

CLASS OF 1941 

43% Psticipation 

S2.750JM Comributad 
C Or. Charts R.Bsttal, Jr. 
C Or. Richard C. Ball 
C Mr. Barnard C. Bentza 
C Mrs. Irene StidenBigts 

Mas Jeanne LBIivin 

Mr. Theodora J. Ciamillo 

Mn. Marian ReiH Craighead 
C Mr. Conrad K. Curry 
C Mn. Batty Rutherford Oaibs 

C Rtv. M. Ludw Esberahadi 

Col. Gaorge L. Grow 
C Mrs. Floda Trout Guinivan 

Rav. R. Howard Paine 

C Or. Jacob L Rhodes 

Mn. Shirlty Carl flothsibtrg 
Or. Hden Ron Rusall 

C Mrs. Paulina Kdls Rutt 

Mrs. Jane Grubs SetverHng 

Or. H.Oennis Shark 
Rav. Earl A.Troup 

C Dr. Robert W.Uhridt 
Or. Ooris Smith Watson 
Mn. Elizabeth Grubi Wtidman 

C Or. Robart Yannaccone 

C Mrs.Ev4i¥flSdneZJaals 



40% Pstiapttion 

CiBSJW Comributad 

Mrs. Dorothy Unda Gray 


Mat Batty V.Bstdi 

Mr. Norman M.Bouds, Jr. 

Rav. Robart P. Crist 

Mrs. Sarah Muth Curry 

Mrs. Grace Spangls Dregs 
C Mre,Jomsit Shannon Drasd 


Rav. Franca G. Flurar 

Mn. Miriam Carps Fray 
C Mrs. Dorothy Undo Grey 

Mrs. E. Jaan Light Hamilton 
C Mr. Richsd J. Hoams 
C Dr. Gsald D. Kauffman 

Dr. Paul Updtz 
C Mr.JohnC.McFaddsi,Jr. 
C Mrs. Ruth Havantodc Nan 


Rav. darns E. Shday 
C Rav. Bruca C. Soudan 
C Dr. Elizabeth Krainr Wnsburgs 
V Mr. Charts W. Wolfe 
C Mn.Jm Garland Woloshyn 
C Mrs. Dorothy Cox Yenneccoia 

CLASS OF 1945 

30% Partidpetion 
S2300JM Comributad 

Rav. Dale R. Baittd 
C Mr. Alfred L Blessing 

Mn. Marion Utms Cam 





^ CLASS : 



y igoo-iifiB-T 

-t 740j00 ; ■ ' 12 



* 690JJ0' , 10 

. 599 ; ;| 

5 tsi* 

^'Knsjxr/ ,. v^j9 

^30JJr* ■% 


74SJJ0 u - 

^38JT v: \ 

^ 1820 

'30090 : ,' - z ' 


■ J9I1 

mm a 


• "1922 ! ' 

459JJ0 .8 

; ■:;: 409 
52 JJ 


i^SSJQQ . ,11 


itsgojoo . ';,v 14 ^ 

":3t^ i 


1J6QJD0 ", :\ ^-18 


* 1928 

. IJUBM^f'fr tt. 

.:■ >'34JJ - ': 

: 1927 

, 2,14599 ; .. . 26 - 

~ s .529., ! 

/ 1928 

: ^: ^2315jOO >> 29 ■ 

'-""£ >. 52.7 ';'-- 

%- 1929 

.190950 ,25 

<sr :357 -i ■: 

S 1930 

8,16730 32 

■409 ; 

■?- 1931 

1&8ffl.-^rl^ '-'' 18 

389 - i 

; ;i93Z. 

4J7590 33 

-44JJ -/3 


" 3,45090 '" - 35 " 

f. >■ -539- '1 

: X 1934 '■" 

2355.00: *:V ;28 

37,1 ;3 

- 1935; - 

<* t M8JIS'^^'^W.. 

37^ 1 


'2332JJ0' .rV 33 



>596590 3D 

--42J9 -1 


'^94959 40 

r SOJ&i.. ,"| 

•',: 1939 

&Mte3i 34 


•: ; t940 

2vietJ»-Xf- 3S • 

-36 A H 

t 194t 

2JS0J»i%" ::35 

43JJ %i 

*.' 1942 

3A95J0 35 

:«L9 .;.-ej 

- 1943. 

2^6250 til; .38 - 


' 1944 

2Jj65Mv:» ' 24' - 

5 ^to&a 

: -** 30'i )4 


'ajroU0'e&'' ,'2fl -. ■ 


t't967J0U' : ^i, 23 

385 -1 


' : *&&M- t . , 32, 

S-W'l 'i 

f 1949 

K ^^72J0 34 

■S 30J8T' , 

4 1949' 

^383099. ; : 92- 

p '^37* 1 

? 1959 

49H5& * -' , - 78 


"-."198 V 

'■3997.50:4 =}/.* 62 


- .■ - 1952 

S.45CJS 54 

38J. X-\ 

- ^1953- 

W7.50 38 

; 3t2,!J 

> 1954^" 

t smm 45 

42a - ti 

~\ 195B 

'tWJQOJ I \ " 34 

,,32.4 1 

i 1959* _ 

%mm 33 



mmM' i:«2" v 

w.*43JI V J 

• '1968 

+PBBr&?y T 84 



Wsibjv $& i W 

^379- i 


j&m? |l-i 4? 

^ 33ja \i 

'« "1991 

ZWM -62 ! 

32J> ? i 


r986J9 : "BB. 

- '49K 

*- ^,49699* , 65 

*•»* i 


*J52^ 74; 

,*j>> i 


JtytW 61 

"349 -I ■! 

* W 

Jt&HJM ; 82 


V" ra 67 - 

*?,i23jjo .;;-' - 49 



-r*J*M0 ; ':.\: • i84 

-;33;I V j 

f 1969 

'"2934.10 82 


1^1979 r 

^Jil929S " 64 


y \m 

'2,l1DiJa Ir "■; } v 6t 

- 27J> >1 


2,427,5a 72 



1.5^90 , 69. 

! --2TJI ;1 


^m^j'r- »' 

w&X 1 

1978.50 \£ , - . 79- 

28 & <V 

C7 1879 

15B630 52 


5 : 1977 

,tfm&\ 1 - m 56 i 



M9250 .41 

T8\7- -vl 


T75890 88' 

282 4 

V 1880 




2J338.14 108 


. 1982 

8090 . % 

$■ " I 




JU39 ':.., ^ 

;|168j85IJ7: '2918 

•- Ss^t^i 

V VtckroySodtty P President's Club C Century dub 

Mrt. Vivien Bnchty Shupper 

Mr. Alton*. Smith 
C Mr. Earl J. Spang* 
C Mn. Martha Rott Swopa 

Mr. Frederick S. Tree 
C Mn. Ruth Whitman Yingit 


37% Panidpttiofl 
S3330JK) Contributid 

P Mrt. Ron Root Awkermen 
Mn. Marian Hackman Bair 
Mr. Robatt £. Bakar 
Mr. Foster M. Barest 
Mr. Raymond J. Oodovao 
Mr. Harlan A. Daubart 
Dr. Atbart DUohnson 
Mr. Richard Y.Eby 

P Mr. Herbert A. Eckaimth 
Mrt. Baatrica Meissr Eutton 
Rav. OonaM N, Fridiagor 

C Dr. Oenrot L. Funck 

Mr. Mrnhi 

Or. Runalt P. Gatz 

C Mr. Chart* K.Graanawart 

C Mr. Glenn L Hall 

C Mn. Dorothy Smith Hettey 

C Rav.AMnS.HUoabrand 
Mr. OonaM R. Hoffar 
Mr. Clyde E.Hower 
Mrt, Miry Wolf Jtckiniit 


Mr. Wesley R.Kretser 
C Or. Donald V, Maflck 
C Df . John 6. Manhait 

Mr. RobartP, McCoy 
C Mr. Roger M.MeKinley 

Mr. Sidney S.Miller 


V Mrt. Martha Milt* Panturalli 
Mre. Jane Reed Pope 
Mr. Richard G. Pya 
Mr. Earl E.Rhine 
Or. Leverne E. Rohrbaugh 
Mrt. Ell* Shurtt Roman 
Mr. Paul H. Sadler 

Mn. ThfifM Zi (hivhi nitn Smw 

Mr. Robert H.Sheetz 

Rev. John E.Shettet 
C Rev. Joseph D.Smith. Jr. 
P Mrt. A. Marion MMardSnydar 

Mre, Helen NtcoH Stein 

Mr. Chariot W.Toma 


Mn. Dorothy Zlnk Went 

Mrt.Ermo Gator Yeakel 
C Or. Joseph H.Yaekel 
C Mrt. Loh Shank Yaakai 
C Mr. William J. Ympl 


37% Pi 


Mrt. Sidnay Ganarich Toma 

Class Chairman 


C Mr. Glann R.AMinoar 


* D. Ahvood 

P Or. Ley C. 
Or. Richard W.Bailoy 
fr. George W. Bert*. Jr. 
Mn. Batty Camp Barto 
Mr. Carl R. Baum 
Mr, Edgar D.Back 

C Or. Nancy H. Bright 
Mr. Allan H. Brown 
Mr. Frederic W.Brown 

Mrt. Kathryn Noll Chornich 
C Mr.James K.Davis 

Mr. Henry C. Deans, Jr. 

C Dr. Charlat R. Eiganbroda 

C Dr.AtaJ.Fahr 

Mr. William G. Fisher 
C Mr. W. Harry Forbat 

Mr. Frad B. Fora 


Dr. Harry H. H 


Mrt. Dorit Stricklar Harr 

Mr. Frank W.Hocklay 


Mrt. Dorit Klmgensmith Hotpfer 

Mrt. Clarian Graff Horn 

Rav. Elmar H. Horn 
C Or. Choriotta Rohrbaugh Jonat 
C Dr. William G. Jonat 

Mr. Richard L Kaylor 
C Rav. Rogar E. Kaach 
C Mrt. Vivian WarnorKaafar 


C Mr. Raymond A. Kline 
C Or. Rabart M. KKne 

Mrt. Barbara Khrinfattar Lawvar 

Mr. Joseph W.Lsyser 

Mr. Ray A. Layoer 
P Mr.JamatE.Labo 

Mr. Kannath L Lawn 
C Mr. Clifford J, Light 

C Ltc.PaulW.Li|mtnr,Jr. 
C Mrs. Ethel Beam Mark 


C Rav. Donald F. Millar 

Mrs. Geretdino Rotharmal Nana 

Mr. John R. Niton 

Mi". JDTM! W* rMUQm 

Cot. Donald A. Pnttar 
Mr. George Roman 

Rav. Howard H. Smith 

Mr. John C. Smith, Jr. 

C Mr. WiBiemO. Steely, Jr. 

Mn. Jaan Kottanbaudar Stolta 

Mn. Sidnay Garvarich Toma 

Mist Nan Clinch 


Rav. Charlat B.Wtber 

Rav. Edgar 0. Wart 

Mn Lorraine Spamjler Wert 

Mr. William Warn • 
C Mr. Donald 0. Yeattt 

Mr. HaraM E. Yingit 
C Mr, Riynond Si Zlnunvniwij Jr* 

CLASS OF 1951 


$3,987.50 Contribute 

Floyd M.Baturin, Esquire 
Clan Chairman 

Mn. Dawn Homtoakar Albtn 

Mr. Robert L Allan 

Rav. David H. Andraws 

Mn. Halan MacFarland Bartak 

Mr. Floyd M. Baturin 
C Mr.JohnO.Boag 
C Mn. Margtnt Bowar Soag 

Major James R.Bothwefi 

Mn. Joyce Carpantar Bowar 
C Mr. Gaorga A. OaLong 
C Mn Jeanne Stme OaLong 

Mr. Arthur H.Oowhowtr. Jr. 
C Mn. Anna Hall Edwardi 
C Mr. Harold G.EngJa. Jr. 

Mr. Guy J. Eutton 

C MnArteneShuey Fisher 

P Mr.P.JeyFloeken 

Mn. Mary Brandt Fowler 


Or. CnartesR. Garrett, Jr. 

Rav. Roland E. Garvin 

Mn. Francana Swopa Gates 
C Or. Plarca A. Gvti 

Rabbi Barnard B. Goldsmith 


Mn. Carolyn Gastart Harris 

Mn. Mary Sweigerd Hoyat 

Mrs. Jean Leaser Heaps 

Mr. Harold G. Hettey 
C Mn.LoitShathwHarrick 

Mr. Lamoyne W.Hoffman 

Or. J. Harold Housman 

Mn. Barbara Metzgor Kline 

Mr. Richard L Kline 
C Rev. W. Richard Kohler 

Or. Ebm S. Kurtz 
P Mr.WaherLevinsky 
C Mrs. Sara Etzwailar Linkous 
C Rav. Or. Robert P. Ungonecker 

Mr. Richerd J. Lukasiewicz 

Mr, Kenneth I. Marks 

Mn. Rufina Balmer Marquetta 

Or. Robert K.Millar 

Mr. William F.Millar 

Mr. Honca F. Mover 
C Mr.MarkG.Reestler 

Mr. Charles E. Roland 
C Mr. C John Savior 

Mrs, rktncit Wmw Scnnin 
C Mr. Richard J. Schiamer 

Mrs. Anna Shroyer Shamete 
P Or. Own L. Snyder 

Mr. Lea R. Thierwechter 
C Rav. Martin W. A. Trottla 


Mn. Nancy Luu Webtr 

Mr. William O.Wert 
C Mr. Henry F.Wolftkail 
C Mr. Glenn H.Woodt 

Rev. Donald O.Zekten 

Mn. Ruth Brown Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1962 
38% Participation 
$6,093.40 Contributed 
Miss Lob ! Adams 
C Mr.C)ydaB.Bavar r Jr. 

V Mrt. Dolores Zarkar Baxter 
C Dr. Joseph P. Baring 

C Or. Samuel H. Black 
Mr. Donald Blankan 

V Mr. Nicholas Bova, Jr. 
Mr. Leonard A. Casper 
Mn. Betty Bakrey Craighead 

Mn. Virginia Wagner Curf man 

Mr. James H. Daubart 

Mn. Marguotta Kapp Oaubert 
C Dr. Robert M. Dougherty 
C Mrs. Ruth Sheaffer Dougherty 


Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler 
C Mr. Paul F. Edwards 
C Mr. M.Eugene Fisher 
C Rav. Barnard E. Fogla 

Mrs. Maxine Garvin Fritz 

Mrs. Elms Breidenstine Frysinger 

Mr. Oonald S. Gingridi 
C Mn. Mary Funck Gingrich 
C Mrs. Elaine Fake Hackman 

Mr. I. Scott Hamor 

Mr. Phillip W. Hayes 

Mr. Robert J. Heath, Jr. 
C Mn. Elizabeth Beittel Hefflay 

Mn. Elizabeth Roper Hast 
C Mr. Henry L Hoffman 
C Mr. Robert O.Hoffaoinmar, Jr. 
C Mn. Niney Myen Innen 
C Mn. Joanne Ricedort Jacoby 

Or. Gaorga M.Krofal, Jr. 
C Or. Eugene F. Kobylarz 
C Mr. Oonald C. Layasr 

Mrs. 0. Jeanne Bomgardnar Long 


Mist Jans L. Martin 
C Or. Oonald J. MeSurdy 

C Dr. Michael J. Papp 

Mr. Josef G. Parker 
V Dr. Frederick P. Sample 


Mist Ruth Maris Stambach 
C Dr. Sterling F.Strausa 
C Mr.RobmF.Swangar.Sr. 

Mn. Diane Randolph Woodward 
Mn. Gloria Dressier Zekjler 

CUSS OF 1953 


$1,867.50 Contributed 

Mr. Howard R.Ancall 

Mr. Robert W.Ayres 

Mr. Harold G. Brandt 

Mrs. Phyllis Barnhart BurkhoWer 
C Mn. Ruby Hehvig Catsal 

Mr. Lawrenca W. Grain 

Or. George 0. Curfman 

Mr. Frank R. DaAngslts 

Mn. Janice OoLong Otahm 

Dr.Werran L. Early 

Mr. Lloyd Drvilla Evans 
C Or. Joseph A. Ferrer 
C Or. Martin L. Gluntz 

Mn. Grace Frick Hamor 



C Mn Florence Saudar Hoffman 

Mr. Whisht* Johnson 
C Mr. William L. Jonat 

Mr. Allen J. Koppanhavar 
C Mn. Edgar 0. Landb 

Mr. Abrem L. Laamen 

Mr. Keith H. Lebo 

Mr. Waitar S. Letfter 

Mr. Albert E.Mostr.Sr. 

Mn. Nancy Klein Page 
Mr. Lea A. Ranch 
Mr. M. Joseph Rueto 
Mn. Joan Spengfer Sachs 
Rav. Gilbert O.Snyder 

C Mn Mary Kurtz Sweigard 
Mr. Donald L. Trestle 
Mn. Jean Stable Vandenlica 

C Honorable John A. Walter 

C Mr. Merle LWha 
Mn. Alma Mariani Wood 
Mr. Wrtlktm H.Wood 

CLASS OF 1954 

42% Participation 
$2382.50 Contributed 
Mr. Bruce A. Raver 
V Mrs. Frances Shroyer Bova 
Or. Robert H. Boyd 
Mn. Evelyn Eby Britton 
Mr. Oonald L Burkholder 
Mr. George J. Cardone 

Mr. Kenneth C. Qonmoyer 

Rev. Richard G. Duifwoody 
C Mr. James R.Entarline 
C Mr. Herbert Fields 
P Mr. Donald S. Fleming 
P Mrs. Janice Walker Flaming 

Mr. Oonald J. Gingrich 
C Mr. William D.Gorgone 

Mr. Harry W. Hall Jr. 
C Mrs. Oorii Cortrkjht Hack 
C Mr. Gene I. Helms 

Rav. Robert G. Hower 

Mn Alice Daniel Kelly 

Mr. William H. Kelly 

Mrs. Gerakfine Nichols Koppanhavar 

Mr. Robert L. Krieg 
C Mr. Robert Mackridet 

Mrs. Betty Gatkill Millar 

Dr. Richard C. Musselman 

Mn. Lucie Portier O'Brien 

Mn. Joen Ringle PoHcestro 
C Mr.FmnkA.Rrtriavi 
C Mn. Gail Edgar Rltrievi 

Mr. Harold Y. Sandy 

Mr. John Sent'Ambrogio 

Mr. Pi o well M. Sertzingar 

Mr. Lea C. Smith 

Mr. Chaster E. Snedeker 

Mn. Joyce Shottel Snyder 

Mn Julia UMchSi 
Mr. William H. Starkweather 
Mr. Richard G.Styring 
Mr. Oonald L Vancook 
Mr. Robert J. Wagner 
C Mn. Betty Swisher Wolfgang 
Mrs, Sy Ma Wolfskin Woodin 

CLASS OF 1965 
32% Participation 
SI ,585.00 Contributed 
Mrs. Adore Rabigar Sholley 

Class Chairman 
Mn Jane Schuler Barber 
Mn. Hazel Kindt Btish 
C Mn Nancy Dougherty Cortnw 
Mr. William C.Oiehm 
Mr. Robert L. Endera 
Mr. Boyd C. Fliek'mger 

Mrt. Carol Achanbach Keblinger 
C Mn Rtta Castiglia Mackrides 

C Or. Claude J. Millar 
C Mr. J. Stanley Mull, Jr. 

C Mr. Clair W.Noll 
Mn. Marian Hess Peppel 

Dr. Michael W.Szolhna 
Mrs. Julia Thatcher Wrtnwr 

C Mr. William Schmidt, Jr. 
Mr. Frederick LShesk 
Mn Salty Whitmoysr Shack 
Mr. Aaron M. Sheaffer 

C Mn. Adore Rabigar Sholley 
Rev. MelvinG. Sportster, Jr. 

Mn Joenne Hosttftor Thomas 
Rav. Clarence 0. Ulrich 
C Mn. Florence Risser Umberger 
C Or. Mary Young Wagner 

Mn. Dorothy Pfoutz Wengar 

C Mr. Oavid P. Willoughby 

C Mr. Thomas G.Wolfgang 

Dr. Ralph E. Yingit 


CLASS OF 1958 
30% Participation 
SI .491.50 Contribution 
Dr. Gene R. Adams 
C Mr.JohnB.AIfwein 

Mr. Harold E. Bird 

Mr. James T.Bortz 
C Or. David N. Bosacto 

Mn. Dorothy Grabeu Hoyd 

Mist Carol J. Bradley 

Mr. Henry T.Chadwick 

Mist Doris A. Cook 
C Mr. Richard E. Deitrich 

Mr. Cyrus R. Dietrich, Jr. 

Mn. Jacqueiyn Fetterhoff Douglass 
C Mr. O.vd J. Forting 

Mn Nancy Kkty Fisher 

Mn Margaret Martin FNckinger 

Mr. Garland Lamar Foreman 

Mrs. Irene Urian Gettiker 

Mr. Fredric L Hartman 

C Mr. Sidney LHoting 
Mn Joen Napoliallo Horn 
Rav. Richard 0. Leonard 
Mn Eleanor Mayan Rotz 

C Mr. Benedict CSetemendra 
Mn Mildred Oeintki Teitelman 
Mr. Jack H.Thomas 
Mr. Curtis CTroutman 

C Mr. Oonald 

C Dr. Mary M 

C Mn Shirley Heizmann Wunsch 
Mn Elm Blouch Yeegley 
Mr. Charles LZettttmoyer 


S OF 1967 
43% Participation 
$2,587.50 Contributed 

Class Co-Chairmen 
Rev. Herald E. Batahore 
Mn. Barbara Sdiweghort Bird 
Mr. Theodore LBhimanthai 
Mr. Oonald S.Burkhert 

Miss Joan C. Conway 

C Mr. John R. Eby 
Mr. Ralph W. Fortna 

C Or. Murrey B. Grosky 

C Mn Carol Kelly Hamilton 
Mr. Robert W.Handley 
Mr. Cyrus L Hollinger 
Or. F. Peter Hottenttein 
Mn Louisa Roberts Hrizuk 

C Mr. William H.Kiick 
Mr. Charlat C. Kindt 
Mr. R. Lee Kunkle 
Rev. Wilbur F.Lantz 

C Mr. Jerry E. Lego 
Mn. Nency Kettle Lenkar 

C Mr.WiJIardL. Light 

C Mr. James M.MsArdle 
Mr. Frank R. McCulloch 

Mr. Stanley H.Monttky 

Mn. Oorothy Lantz Moraghan 
C Mr. Robert J. Nelson 
C Mn Jeanne Winter Noll 

Mr. Dean F. Noma 

Mn. Joanne Young Opatanick 

Mn JoAnne Grove Pwringer 

Dr. Ronald A. Pwringar 
C Col. RoasS. Plasterer 

Mr. Oonald L. Reinhard 
P Mn. Polly Risser Reinhart 

Mn Loretta Hostatter Ristar 

Mn Jane Hoffman Roush 
C Mr.WflliamE.Schadler 

Mn. Patricia Dyer Sheaffer 

Brig. Gen. R.M.Shaeffer 


Mr. Robert E.Snyder 

Mn. Hannaforo Wanner Stertimc 
C Mr. Richerd G.Stone 

Mr. Thomas V.Uhrich 
C Mn Patricia Lutz Walter 

Mr. Thomas W.Weible, Jr. 

Or, WfliiamC. Working* 
P Mr. Larry LZiegler 

CLASOF 1961 
41% Participation 
S4J65J30 Contributed 

Class Chairmen 
Mist Carol E. Anderson 

C Mr. Chariot T. BrightbHI 
Mrs. Virginia Smadtey Burkhart 

C Or. Thomas B. Carmany 

C Mrs. Joan Heindel CoHiHowar 
Mr. Marshall 0. Cook 
Mr. Michael J. Cupina 

C Mn Janet Tlngley Oehrtch 
Mn Susan Zimmerman Oiatrich 
Mr. Paul F. OiPanoraao 
Mr. Henry G. Oouglass 
Mr. Ronald E. Drum 
Mn Thelmo Heuer Drum 

C Mn Berneics Klink Eby 
Mr. Everett M.Gilmore, Jr. 

V Mr. Darwin G. Glick 

V Mn Elizabeth Spoichar Click 
Mn Nancy Grace Good 

Mn Mildred Stineman Gundel 
C Mr. Ronald B. Hartranft 
C Mr.WarrmR.Hoidelbough 
C Rev. Jack R.Hoffman 
C Mn Jaan Hanninger Hoffman 

Mr. John H.Hoffman 
C Mr. Michael P. Hottenstein 
C Mm Barbara G. Johnson 

Mr. Aubrey H. Kershner 

Or. Thomas H. Kreissr 


Mn Kathryn Hoemer Lanz 

Mn. Derlene Stainer Lebo 

Rev. John R. Lebo 

Mr. John F. Lenker 
C Rev. Charles W.Ughtner 

Mr. Lester L. Millar, Jr. 
Mr. Jamas A. Mitchell, Jr. 
Mr. Joseph Nassaur 
Mr. Anthony R.Pellegrino 
Mn. Ruth Obert RanalK 
P Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart 
Mn Lorraine Eshleman Royar 

Mn. Mary Swopa Shroyer 
C Mr.GaryH.Sipe 


Mr. Jamas R.Sttffy 

Rav. Sandy R. Stover 

Dr. Charles 0. Taatat 

Or. Kenneth p. Troirtman 

Mr. James 0. Tyson 
C Miss Beverly A. Walt- 
P Mr.RoneldB.Weinel 


Mr. George M.Wantlfng 

Mn. Dorothy Kamrn Whitman 
C Mr. Gerald S.Wlngenroth 

Mn Lois Stricklar Wist 
P Mn. Mary Ellen Rissar Ziogler 

CLASS DF 1969 
37% Participetian 
$6,480.00 Contributed 
Mn Linda Heefner Heindel 

Class Chairman 
Mn. Shirley Jacobs Aichoie 
Mn Flore Rhen Blumemhal 

Mn. Jean Blocher Bowen 
C Mr. Bernard A. Buzgon 
V MnEdnoJonkJmCarmean 
Mn. Ruth Howell Cook 
Rev. Merrrtt A. Copanhavar 
Mr. William F.DeKberty 
Mr. Albert G. Edwardi 
C Dr.AithurLFord.Jr. 
Mrs. Joanna Grid* Gain 
C Mr. Robert H. Gingrich 
C Mrs. Estallo Sargar Hartranft 
C Mn Linda Heefner Heindel 
C Dr. Ned 0. Heindel 

Mn. Linda ShireyHuber 


Mr. Sterling R. Krumbine 
Mr. John P. Lambert 
Mr. H. Kenneth Lee 
C Mn. Susan Daks Leonard 
Mn. Phyllis Luekens Lowe 
Mn. Mary Koth Lutton 
Mn Nency McDonald Manuller 
Or. Robert S. Martin 

Mr. David R. Medar 
C Mr. Larry M. Manner 

Mn Carolyn Schairer Moyer 
Mr. Karl E. Mover 

Mr. Renato E. Perez 
Mn Susan Artz Rkhartz 
P Mr. Bruce R. Rismiltar 
P Mn. Janet Blank Rismiller 
Mr. Joseph CSaila 

C Mr. ErwinF. Schuster 
Mn Ethel Klopp Thomasco 
Mrs. Catharine Hetlkk Van Nsst 

C Mr. Raymond F. Weiss 

C Min Doris E. White 


33% Participation 
$2jD32J» Contributed 

Mr. Edward J. Alexander 
Mn. Patricia Hagerty Bohn 
Mr. Philip D. Branson 
Miss Fay B. Burns 
Mr. Samuel E. Butz 

C Mrs. Barbara Burns Carpenter 

C Or.Ji 

Mr. Ronald M. Dougherty 
C Mr. Joseph B.Dieu 

Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 
C Mr. Frederic P. Eckelman 
C Dr.RuasslH.Etter 

Mr. Charles F. Gerboricft 
C Mrt. Martha Chaitt Grosky 

Mr. Robert G. Hertacker 

Rav. Donald L. Harper 

Mr. David E. Hebarlig 

Mr. Richerd X. Hollinger 

Mn Rosalind Horn Kunkle 

Mn Judith Thomas Imler 

Mn, Nancy Lewis Larch 

Mn Harriet Barrier Magae 
P Mr. Joseph B.May 


Mr. Martin M. Mihalek 

Mr. Harold D.Miller 

Mr. Clair L Paul 

Mr. John H, Phillips 

Mn. Margaret Gather Philp 

Rev. William B. Ramey, Jr. 

Mr. Mark J. Sdiaatfer 

Rev. David W.Schmuck 

Mr. Kenneth H. Seaman 

Mr. Glann R. Stevens 

Mr. Larry H. Strait 


Mrs. Mary BucherTM 

Mn. Nancy Kulp Thomer 
C Mrs. Constance Chemben Trostli 

Mr. L Nelson Umbte 

Mn. Carolee Green Waidner 
C Mrs. Frances Swank Wertz 
Mc. Chester LWartsch, Jr. 
Mrs. Martha Rudnicki WilBems 
Mr. Larry L. Wood 
Rev. Ooneld E. Zechmen 


CLASS DF 1961 
$2^47 JjO Contributed 
Mrs. Carol Branson Stainer 

Class Chairman 
Mn. Jena Levine Alexander 
Mn. Janet Hammerschmidt Barndt 
Mr. John B. Bowman 

C Rav. Cerrin H. Cola 

Miss Joan B. DeCorme 

Mn. M. Nency Dvates Oetiberty 
C Mn.ShirieyLandisOiatz 

Mn. Joan Myen Eshleman 

Mist Nancy I. Ford 

Mr. Richard N. Garwood 

Mr. Larry Q. Hall 

Mr. Robert 0. Hartnert 
: Mr. Kenneth C. Hoys 
Mn. Fey Weik Horn 
MnAdela Most Hum 

C Lt.Cot.RoselynR.Knapp 

Miss Judith A. Kresslar 

Or. Rem M. Lawrence 
C Mn Marion Hartenttins Lugo 

Mn. Pauline Fhz Martin 
C Mn Saline Hill McArdle 

Mrt. Amelia Hertmen McEhwee 
C Or. Frederick Maitelman 

Mr. George K. Meyer 
C Mrs. UitBrong Miliar 

Mrs. Marjori* Paten Miller 

Mr. Nolan E.Miller 

Mr. Ooneld E. Murray 

Mrs. Annette OarkesNeidig 

Mr. Fred L Neiswender 

Rev. Larry M. Pfymira 

Mr. Lynn B. Raver 
C Mr.JanwT.Reilly 

Mn Eileen Sweajan Schindewolf 


Dr. George W.Smith 
C Mr.JacqueA.Smfth 
C Mr. Welter L.Smith 

Mn. Sortie Wftte Snevaly 

Mrs. Dianne Arthur Snook 
C MnBarbreStorakerStehlik 
C Mn, Carol Bromnn Stainer 

Mr. Charles J. Tobias, II 

Mr. Robert J. Urban 

Mn. Jonftft Doim Wtitzii 

Mn. Mania Paullin Wilson 


CLASS OF 1962 

38% Participation 

SI, 686 jBO Contributed 

Mn. Aglaia Stephanis Ahmad 

Mr. Donald E.Bacastow 

Mr. Karl W. Bordner 
Mn Emily Bowman Brown 
Mn. Gabrietle Eckenroth Brown 
Mn. Patricia Davis Bullock 
Mn. Gloria Fitzkee Certer 
Mn. Geneve Barry Cooper 
Mn. Jenke Seven Crudele 
C Mr. David L Czirr 
Mn. Kay Stainer Damewood 

Ti^TL'^^Tr^f^i . i^sj^i 

: r. i 


V Vickroy Society P President's Club C Century Club 

Ma. Uaryiin Shaw Dim 

Mr. Larry L. Funck 

Mr. Richard P. Henzel 

Mr. John R. McFadden C Mn. Linde Eickar Nichols Mr. Michael B. Malton 

Mn, Regine Juno Oake 

Dr. Guy H. Gtrhert 

C Mn. Sharon Statist Herr 

Mr. Jay A. Mangel Mr. Oennis E. Patrick Mrs. Carol Hoellieh McCall 

Mr*. Georgiena Kunzler Doner 

Dr. Ronald L. Hefer 

Mr. Richard C. Hoffman 

Mn. Rebecca Fackktr Miller Miss Patricia A. Pingel Mn. Kathleen Hickenon Michtll 

Mn. Isobei Millar Oottla 

Mr. Walter S.Hamshar 

C Mr. Barry E. Howard 

Mn. Lynda Ferry Moon Or. Jack R. Raid Mr. David E. Myera 


Mrs. Susan Wolfe Hassinger 

Mr. Robert L. Huffman 

Mrs. Sunn Swertt Musser Or. Frank L Rice Mn. Judy Creeger Myen 

Mr. Ktmwth R. Faathar 

Mr. Robert B. Hausmann 

Mrs. Elaine Long Judson 

Mn.Marjorie Miller Nelson C Miss Linda S. Rothermel Mr. George L. Mona 

Mn. Berban Wogisch Fragesso 

C Dr.RussalCHemog.Jr. 


Mr. James R. Newcomer, Jr. Mn. Nency Kaufeh Rovers Mrs. Mary Horn Nelson 

Mr. Harry P. Frederick 

Mn. Judith Baker Higgina 

Mr. Oonald E. Kline 

Mn. Suzanne Bennetch Newell Mn. Patricia Buchanan SaboU Mr. John S. NomhoW 

Mn. Bonnia WIIHems Garwood 


— Jfn. Joann Plymira Kreeger 

Mn.KatrinkaSelmon Osborne Mr. Dale C. Schimpf Mrs. Catherine Merkel Phelps 

Mn. Bavtrlv Spronkb Giovinazzo 

Mr. Richard B. Hilar 

. "Mr. J. Duncan Kriebel 

Mr. Raymond J. Reidenbeeh, Jr. Miss Joan M. Schmaht Dr. Glenn A. Phelps 

Mitt Myma R. Grtmawalt 

Mr. WilliemH. Hinkle \ 

P Mr.JohnM.Lafferty 

Mn. Ruth Long Rice Mn. Karen Bowman Schwalm Mr. P. Michael Reidy 

Mr. Francis 0. Grow 

Mr. James O.Huay 

C Mn. Karon Cooper Lamb C Mrs. Jenet Gessner Roberts Rev. L. Frtzgarakj Retst, II 

Dr. Rohart L Hebig 

Mn. Susanna Leonard Huey 

Mr. Marvin K. Lent! 

Mr. Carl R. Sebold Mr. Franklin H.bneerer Mr. Joel S. Riedel 


Mr. Thomas E. Humphreys 

Mr. Charles V. Lilts 

Rev. John C. Sawyer Mn. Lucille Koch Shearer c Mr. Lawrence F. Riadman 

Mn. Branda Brown Hiney 

Mn. Hannah Pitta Kaufmann 

C Dr. George T. Loose 

Mn. Carol Petit Schwalm Mrs. Cheryl McCrary Shipman Mrs. Susan Stark Rudy 

C Mr. DoyleW.lvey.Jr. 

Mn. Unda Boeshore Kerchar 

C Or. Eileen 0. Lynch 

Mr. Charln S . Shamatzka Mn. Susan Jones Sink Dr. Henry . Schraiber 

Mn. Cecelia Reed Keehn 

Mn. Elizabeth Robinson (dinger 

Mrs. Ebpeth Louria MacMillan 

Mr! James M. Shearer Mr- Kenneth L. Sipe Mr . Eugene K. Shaffer 

Mn. Kay Hotfer Kampar 

C Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 

C Dr. Ruth Smith Matsuo 

Mr! Patrick J. Simpson Mrs. Doris Bryden Skinkus Mn. Sandra George Shametzka 

Mr. Richard E. Klinedirm 

Dr. Sally A. Lawrence 

Mr. George M. Millard 

Mn. Margaret Hamilton Sipe "«• Oennis R . Snovel Mist Susan J. Shodanholm 

Mn. Suzanna Grata Klinadinst 

Mr. Kenward C.Y.Lea 

Mrs. Claudia Hosteller Pennell C Mist Joen R. Taylor 

C Mrs. Mary BoUnun Kraidar 

Mr. Sara Gorhart Light 

Mr. W. Vernon Rica 

Mr. Brooks N. Trefsger Mr. Allen W. Starry, Jr. Mr. Charles M. Smith 



Mn. Maris Gottschalk Santangelo 

Mr. James R. Van Camp Mn. Mary Ann Horn Stewart Mr. Richard M. Snail 

Mr. Allan E. Lab© 

Mr. Edward J. McKay 

Mn. Judith Stauffer Scon 

Mr Richard Earl Williams Mr. William F. Stine, III Mrs. Eileen Houck Stine 

Mr. Harry M. Lahn 

Mr. Ray C. Lichtenwalter 

C Mr. Curtis R. Miller 

Rev. Rodney H. Sheerer 

Mrs. Elaine Joy Wfflmen C Miss Nina E. Tatel Mr. Bruce T . Welsh 

Mr. Larry H. Millar 

V Mr. Richard L, Shank 

Mr John R. Verger Mn. Sua Elian Kauffman Telepman Mn. Gloria Roush Winemiller 
^C' Mn. Lau Tompkins Thompson Mr. Daniel J. Womer 
ClASS OF 1969 Rn vVIMiam M. Thompson Miss JoAnn Yoagtty 

Mr. Barry W. Light 

Mrs. Barbara Spticher Moyer 


Mr. Joseph E. Michaai 

Rev. William L. Newcomer 

Mn. Susan Sheckart Stamen 

Mi. Jana McCann Millar 


V Mr. Donald R. Stanton 

34% Participation M r. Frank M. Timlin Mr. Josaph C. Zimmermen 

Mn.JaanKauffman Morgan 
C Mn.ElainaWartPiifca 

Miss Constance E. Orchard 
Mrs. Rita Blouvart Patterson 

Rev. David E. Stum 
Mn. Ellen McFaul Swierk 

$2,034.10 Contributad Mr Harold J, Todd fc(_ 
Mr. Oale C. Schimpf m r Jolt ph a. Torre 

Class Chairman Mrt Cinda Albright Wiest C LASS F 1 971 
Miss Susan H. Abamethy Mr.Oougtas R. Wmemiller 27% Pwritipation 
Mr. LesErik B. Achey Dr j,„ H Wubbena $2,11000 Contnbuad 
Mr. Patrick J. Amdt, II r" Ronald G. Yanjer Mrs. Barbara Asphind Burgess 
Mr. Robert D. Atkinson Mr * jq^qi, f ' y on Class Chairman 
J Mn. Virginia Hunsickar Bachttll Mr! Willnm SL Ztaimerman Mn. Jane Youngblut Aday 
Dr. Kenneth M. Baker Or RoneW J Zygmunt Mn. Catherine Johnson Auten 
Mr. Stephen L. Barbaccie &C Mr. David H. Binkley, II 
Mr. David E Bartholomew CLASS OF 1070 Mn. Elizabeth Frelick Bryan 

C Mn. Judith Kuchtj RaJghtar 
C Mr. K.William Raightar, Jr. 
Raw. Carl B. Rita 
Mn. Rosalie Wide Roth 
Mr. John K.Seymour 
Mn. Viola DeFino Shepherd 

C Mr. Kenneth E. Ptatt 
C Mn. Carol Oeichert Rick 

Mn. Lorette Schlegel Rfctle 
C Miss Eileen R.Sabaka 

Mn. Helen Shumakar Schmick 

Mr. Robert J. Scott 


Mn. Sandra Diener Shop* 

Mn. Carol Warfield Tallman 
Mn. Lucre! ia Alexander Tete 
Mrs. Carol WooHey Testa 
Mrs. Elaine KroUer Tomiinson 
Mn. Barbara Lanksr Tredick 

C Mr.JohnCVasziry 
Ms. Helen M.Wernkt 

C Rev. Charles E.Weigel, Jr. 

Mn. Graca Nawton Taylor 
Mr. Russell R. Uray 
Mr. Henry F. Van da Water 

Miss Barbara G. Shupp 

Dr. Tiber Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne Mainiero Slothower 

Or. Henry K.Smith, Jr. 

Rav. James W. Wets 
Mr. Daniel L Williams 
C Mr*. Jean Hoffman Witter 
Mn. Ann Sargent Young 

CLASS OF 196.7 

Mrs. Marion Mylly Bartholomew 3rj% Participation Mn. Barbers Asphind Burgess 
Mr.JohnA-Biever $1,59259 Contributed Mn. Nency Werner Carter 
Mn. Linde Bed Brown Or, Henry 0. Schraiber Mr. Thomes W. Csstare 
Mr. Dewd A. Brubakor Clan Chairmen Mn. Sunn Shank Cronkright 

Mn. Martha Evans Wargo 

C Mr. James C. Snail 

Mr. J. Dean Burkholder Mr. Malcolm B. Ahrene Mn. Kathy Kneuer Cupp 

C Mn. Carat Smith Yost 

Mr. John A. Spoonhour 
Mr. Walter A. Stump 
Mn. Carol Ktoek Taylor 
Mn. Judith Garvin Uhlar 
Mrs. JoannDobbs Wolfe 
Mr. Peul R.Young 
C Mr. James H. Zimmerman 

27% Participation 

Mr. Michaai J. Campbell c Dr. Bruca A. Albert Mn. Karen MikionitOePietro 

C Mr. Harry B. Yost 

CLASS OF 1963 

38% Participation 

S2.123J0O Contributed Miss Joanne Cestone Mr. William H. Allan C Mn. Theresa Feethentono DaPiper 
Mr.WilliamJ.Lemom.Jr. C Dr. Thomas M. Clemens Mr. Larry A. Bowman Mrs. Kathy Bell Ouschek 

Class Chairman 

Mn. Elaine Dorcsis Oehert Mrs. Patricia Rw Brandsberg Miss Mona A. Enquist 

Mn. Doris Kimmich Allen 

Mrs. Jean McClelland Doherty Mr. Jerry Lee Bums Mn. Linde Henderson Fisher 

Mn. Barbara McCaw Atkinson 

Mn. Jeanne Anspach Earnshaw Mr. Michaai R. Bums Mr. Paul S. Fisher 

$3,495.00 Contributad 
Mr. Gregory G. Staruon 

C Mr. 0. Larry Bachtoll 
Mrs. Barbara Bettz Banket 

Mr. Albert J. English, Jr. Mr. Donekf C. Certer Mn. Eileen Richerds Fohz 
Mr, Thomes J. Folate Mn. Keen Wolfe Cole Mn. Deborah StrickJer Freer 

Class Chairman 

C Or.JohnE.Oougherty.lll 

Mr. Mary Labelle Fox Mr. Fredric H. Crowther Mr. Harvey G. Gragory 

CLASS DF 1965 

P Mr. Arthur R.Dunn, Jr. 

Rev. Robert S. Fox Mr. Morris S. Cupp Mn. Jessica Leonard Gregory 

C Or. Robart J. Andraozzi 
Miss Barbara H. Bailct 

C Dr. G. Thomas Balsbaugh 
Mr. Barry V. Bishop 

34* Participation 

C Mr. Thomas R.Embich 

Mr. Oennis L Frantz Rn. Charles J. DeBoatsr, Jr. Mr. Raid W. Hebecker 

$2,773.17 Contributad 

C Or. Harold F.Giles, Jr. 

Mr. Tarry LGehman C Mr. Anthony M. DaMarco C Mn. Barbara Wert Hague 

Mr. Robert E. Achenbech 

Miss Susan J. Green 

Mn. Diane Giovanis Hankinson Mr. David A. Diehl C Mr. Kenneth M. Hals, Jr. 

Mn. Elmire Loper Batcho 

Miss Mary Ann Halladay 

Mr. James W. Haslam Mr. Barry B. Dobinsky Mr. Wilbur A. Hamshar. Jr. 

Mn. Mary Fullarton Bonnar 

C Mr. Michael W. Bottomlay 

Mr. Robert B. Hawk 

Miss Jnn L. Heilman Mr. Jan W. Edwards Mr. James M. Hansen 

Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 

Mn. Jeanne Sogert Brody 

Mn. Linda Pierce Irwin 

Mr. Franklin S. Hoch Mrs. Vesta Soger Fisher Mrs. Marlene Royer Harris 

Mr. James L Boyla, Jr. 

Mn. Oorothy Cola Carpenter 

Mn. Ellen Kreiser Jarrett 

Mr. David A. Hoff nor Mr. Thomn W. Flud Mn. Branda Russell Horst 

Mr. Jamas E. Brommar 

C Mr. James G. Code 

Mn. Ann Marie Leidich Kauffman 

Mr. Fred W. Hostetter Mr. James B. Freyiic Mr. Robert L Kane 

Mn. Judith Newton Brown 

Mr. Thomas B.Crisman 

Mr. Jack Kauffman 

Mn. Polly Camathan Jaymes Mr. Robert E. Fray, Jr. Miss Melissa Kelkiw 

Mn. Bonnia Ebert Clark 

Mn. Carol Bortcher Davits 

Rev. Donald B. Khcholl 

Or. Robert G. Jennings Mr. George S. Glen Mr. Steven R.Krick 

Mn. Norma Barry Cooper 

Mn. Judith Bowman Downs 

Mn. Oonne Diehl Kuntz 

Mr. Charles G. Kachur Mn. Susan Willman Gogets P Mr. P. Theodora Lyter 

Rev. Jamas 0. Corbett 

Mr. Lee A. Edwards 

C Or. William J. Lamont, Jr. C Mr. Edwin C, KWel.Jr. Mr. Jensen H.Groff, Jr. Mn. Charlotte Megjll Madson 

Or. R. Frederick Cridar, Jr. 
Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 

Mn. Carolyn Leitner Enteriina 

Mrs. Patrice Todd Langdon C Mn. Judy Flmchbeugh Kochal C Mn. Kathleen Unangst Halt Mn. Linda Ammlung McAlpin 

Mr. Paul 0. Enterlina 

Mr. James C. Mann 

Mn. Ouinetta Garfarick Lemons C Mr. Lloyd R.Heh.Jr. Mn. Jene Shomper McCormick 

Mrs. Branda Graham Dellar 


Mr. Daniel L Maurar 

Mr. Ronald L Long Mr. B. Thomas Henry Miss Anita J. Meiser 

P Mr.WoodrowS. Deflinger.Jr. 

Dr. Wayne LFetty 

Mn. Oonna Simmers Mem 

Mr.JohnO.Madary.Jr. Mist Beverly A. Houser Mr.JemesR.Messenmith 

Mr, Adam Diesus 
Mr. Bruce A. Docherty 

Mn. Nancy Otoe Funnel* 

Mr. William K. Miller 

Mrs. Joenna-Lynn Kneuer Mendelbaum Mn. Judith Kerns Hunter Mr. Devid A. Miller. Jr. 

Miss Kay F. Fonwnoy 

Mn. Sarah Welten Muffin 

Mr. Carl L Marshall Mr. Robert G. Hunter, Jr. Mr. David E. Miller 

Or. J. Ronald Earhart 

Mn. Patricia Shrtffler Fredericks 

Mr. Ronald 0. Nawmaster 

Mn. Sandra Hughes McKinley Mr. John J. Ill C Or. Gary Dirk Millar 

Rev. Richard G. Ferry 
Mr. William W. Focht 
Mrs. Arberyn Fox Habig 
Mr. Ronald C. Haring 
Re*. Merrill A. Hettinger 
Mn. Patty Bayer Hinkle 
Miss Barbara E. Horst 

C Mrs. Runettt White Gabrialle 

Mr. Larry J. Painter 

Mrs. Mary Light Meek Dr. Jeffery P. litis Mn. Cheryl Hartman Morrison 

C Mr. William C Gingrich 

Miss Lois E. Quickal 

Mr. Stephen C. Mefferd Mrs. Marsha Church King Mr. Michael E. Morrison 

C Mr. Gary P. Grimm 

Mrs. Luisa Wubbena Reading 

Miss Cynthia Sue Mehnen Mn. Sunn Shue Kline Mn. Anne Hkkenon Myleeraine 

Mr. Dale B. Hains 

Mr. ReynaMo T. Rovers 

Mn. Sandra Ludwig Mitchell C Rav. Ronald E. Landis Mr. Louis Myleeraine 

Miss Dorcas Haines 

Mn. Joenne Cochran Sekaguchi 

J Mr. George R. Moyer Mrs. Nancy Swanson Lengle Mr. Micheei LOKin 

P Mr.TerrancaR. Herr 

Dr. Suzanne Hollingsworth H wrick 

Mr. Kiyofumi Sakaguchi 
C Or. C. Richard Schott 

Mr. Grant T. Nicholb. Mr. Tarry L. Light Mn. Donna Fluke Osborne 

Mr. G. Thomes Keehn 

Mrs. Barbara Allay Humphreys 

Mr. Jack S. Schwalm 

Dr. Bruce M. Lidston 

Mr. Richard T. Irwin 

Mn. Ellen Latherow Shetto 

C Mr.EIHsW.McCncken.Jr. 

Mn. Barban Bongart McMinn 
C Mrs. Laann Grebe Miller 

Mrs. Susan Smith Miller 

C Dr. Howard 0. Jones 
Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 
Mn. Marianne Thurmond Kearns 

Mr.WelterL Smith, III 
Mr. Ward 0. Smith, til 
Mrs. Janet Cramer Speyd 


C Mr. Andrew W. Krtider 


Mr. Byron N. Mock 
V Mrs, Dorothy Mease Myers 

Mr, Dennis C. Phillippy 
C Chaplain Dewd W. Pierce 

C Dr. Robert C. Lau 

Mn. Diana Nelson Laul 
C Mr. Malcolm Lazin 

Mn. Bonnie Miller Streett 
Mn. Bonita Young Stum 

C Mn. Joan Bonherd Taylor 
Miss Gale M. Thompson 

C Mn. Diem Afdinger Vanity 
Mr. Richard W. Wentzal 

Mn. Judith Nichols Renzulli 
Mn. Judith SiNMberger Rife 
Mr. Richard H. Rotz 

Mrs. GeraWina Hollinger Leet 
Mrs. Carolyn Conly Lidston 
Mn. Bonnie Wotrick Lingerman 

Mi» Dawn E. Sandy 
Mrs. Nedra Rme Schmuck 

C Mr. Richard L London 

Br. John A. West, Jr. 
Mr. Samuel A. Willman 

Mrs. Rebecca Unger Scott 
Mn. Sarah Lane Seidet 
Rav. William A. Sherman 
Miss N. Pttricia Shook 
Mr. Robert R.Shope 

Or. Frederic J. Maraik 
Mr. Dennis J. Martin 
. Mrs. Jill Barckloy McConnell 
Mrs. Marion Walsh McNeill 
Mrs. Audny Fray Metro 

Mn. Gratchan Long Woods 
Mn. Marilyn Guilty Yarger 
Mrs. Carol Clay Yocum 

CLASS OF 1968 

H :=■: 035 

Miss Kathryn S. Skowis 

Mn. Barbara Banner Newcomer 

Or. Edward L.Nickoloff 

Mr. E. Wayne Rtinbold 

Dr. Robert H. Rhtlo 
C Mr. Stephen H. Roberts 

Mr. Joseph 0. Rutter 

Mrs. Mary Elian VanHorn Rutter 

Mr. Dennis S. Schmid 


Mrs. Mary Ellen Olmsted Shearer 

Mrs. Leslie Gardner Smith 

Mrs. Lois Shroyor Smith 


Mr. Theodora D. Waver 

Mr. Bruce R.Wieder 

Mr. A. Berry Yocom 
C Mrs. Karen Lutz Zimmermen 


Mrs. Janet Taylor Spongier 

Mr. Gragory G. Sanson 

Dr. Dennis W.Swaigart 
C Mr. Ford S. Thompson, Jr. 
C Mn. Nancy Outro Thompson 

Mr. Douglas K.Troutman 

Rev. Donald E. Van Kirk 

Mr. Harry M.Vosfwil 

Mn. Elizabeth William Van da Water 


Mn. NtHcy nipMr Wwourn 

Mr. John A. Worn, Jr. 
C Mrs. Mildred EvaraWurdernen 


Mrs. Betsy McElwee Zehner 

C1ASS DF 1964 

33% Participation 

CSSSJM Contributed 

Mr. Paul B. Foutz 
Class Chairman 

Mrs. Paula Snyder Aboyoun 

Mn. Carol Esholman Allen 

Mn. Kathleen Hannon Alvarenga 

Mn. Patricia Stacker Banhinger 
C Mr. Bruce L. Bean 

Mn. Barbara Plnkerton Berkowrtz 

Mn. Martha Glide Berthold 

Mbs Margaret A. Black 
C Mn. Thalma Hostetter Blouch 

Mr. Dennis A. Brown 

Mrs. Jean SledoBruca 

Mr. William A. Cadmus 

Mn. Patricia Rohrbaugh Campbell 

Mr. Harry M. Capper 

— ^H Iog.kc 
- — ^H itf&n 

39% Participation 

CLASS OF 1966 

C Or. Michael D. Curley 

$2,652.50 Contributed 

35% Participation 

Mn. Janet ElttD'Allesandro 

C Mr. Charles B.AHwtin 

$4,320 DO Contributed 

Mr. Charles J. Dehert. Ill 


C Dr. Elizabeth Miller Bain 

Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

C Mr. Gent P. DePiper 

Mn. Carolyn Hoffman Baittinger 

Class Chairman 

C Mn. Carol Edgecomb Drtzler 


Mr. Carl L. Anderson 

C Mr. Warren D. Ditzler 

^H tM.«d 

C MnPetrida Jonas Baisbaugh 

Mr. Edward L. Arnold 

Mn. Cecelia Doitrich Edwards 

Mr. Richard I, Bashora 

Mr. Richard N. Banning* 


Mr. Robert M. Bachtold 

Dr. Eric 0. Brown 

P Mr. Paul B. Foutz 

Mrs. Linda Bail Becker 

C Mn. Linda Requeue Burns 

P Mn. Raa Shermeyer Foutz 

Mn. Lavinia Bacfcner Birtimw 

Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Dr. Leroy G. Fray 

Mist Janet E. Bisbing 

Mn. Alys Gambia Chambers 

Mn. Wanda Wlasova Gerstner 

Mn. Hilan Haskell Bonn 


Miss M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 

^H IDtl.KC 

Mn. Elizabeth Vastina Bowman 

C Mn. Marcia Hannah Cromer 

Mr. Retro D. Giraffe, Jr. 

Mn. Lois Ensmingar Brubakor 

C Or. David H. Deck 

C Mr. Alan P. Hague 

Mr. Richard W.Brubeker 

C Mn. Virginia Shedd Deck 

Mn. Marianne Lombardi Herjehausen 

Mr. William A. Burkatt 

Miss Helene M. Eisenhauer 

Mr. Gregory P. Hoover 

C Mr. Donald J. Bums 

Mr. Oouglas A. Everett 

Miss Mary A. Hostttter 

Mn. Judith K.Casel 
Mrs. Marian Maurar Conrad 
C Mr. JimesL Cromer, Jr. 

Mn. Carol Mickey Fleisher 
Mn. Kristin Bond Fortna 
Mrs. Dorothy Evans Gaesaman 

Mn. Rebecca Ann Wagner Hymen 
Mn. Ruth Barry Johnson 
Mr. David P. Keehn 

MHSttnm (iiwnuKT 

YtUR ra-73 SM M75 T*il " 7<-TT TT'M l*rt 7f-« 80- m 11 ASt 

: : ' iJ - * iShfT? TO THE FUN& FOR fnjt FILLHENT Ffdt iKtLUMd 

Miss Roberta A. Oudat 

Mr. J. Robert Gilbert 

Mn. Sally Bridanthal Gilbert 

Mr. Robert A. Laughead 
Mn. Constance Witter Leitner 

Mn. Judith Ketper Eborsole 

* Deceased V Viekroy Society 

Mn. Joanne Scott Haring Mr. Karmit R. Leitner 
C Mn. Joan Higgins Hays Mr. James G. Magazine 

P President's Club C Century Club 

Mn. Nencja Hummel Park 
Hn. Margaret McGervey Purdy 

Ma. Diane Fax Ridctnbach 

Mr. LouitM. Scott 
Rev. David C. Stieinnbsgs 
Min Ailinn C Smith 
Mr. Robert G. Smith 
Mr. Normm A. Swphin 
Mr. Larry E. Swag* 
Mr. Edward F. Thoma 
Mr. Richard B. Thompson 
C Mr.Jeffr17P.VenOi.lan 
Mr. Brian 0. Wayne 
Mn. Virginia Shark Williams 
Mn. Nancy McLan Yaun 
Mm. Joann Friti Zimnwman' 

CLASS OF 1971 
32% Participaton 
12,427-50 Comributad 
Mn. Judith Hon Gibney 

C Dr. Thorn* K.Afcart 
Mr. Scott L.Aungat 
Mr. Guy F. Baka. Jr. 
Mn. Sua Ann Halm Ban 

C Mr. Richard LBowen 
Mrs Sua Ellen Bowman 
Mn. Linda WaawBraidioHi 
Mrs. JoAnn Otto Srawar 

C Mr.JamnG.Caaal.Jr. 
Mn. Nancy Fnaland Clark 
Mr. Charm R. Ettar 
Mr. Edward G. Fanecht 
Mia Clairi L Fiadlar 
Mn. Judith Ho* Gibney 

C Dr. Judith Fonkan Gram 
Mn. Karen Tortora Has 
Cast. T. Richard Haas 
Mn.Ali* Scheie Henan 
Mia Dorothy R. Hartman 
Mn. A. Denis Ttysnr HartzeH 
Mn. Gail Fan 

P Dr. Rex A. Herbert 
Mr. David C. Hontttar 

Mr. Edward B. Johnson 
Mrs, PhylM Brown Johfuon 
Mr. John W.Jonas 
Mr. Robart F. Kain 
Mrs. Susanna Leahy Kilmoyar 
Mr. David E. Klein 
Mn. Deborah Gould Koons 
Mr. Lawrence M. Larthey 
Mrs. Patricia Shaarar Larthoy 
Mrs. Nancy McCullough Urajnacfca 
C Mr . Richard A. Look 
Mn. Marilyn Gravas Msada 
Mrs. Barbara Rica Milt* 
Mix Jttfl KtrstiMT NinMtjn 

Mr. Gaonja R. Patria 

Mn. Candaca Dtmlar Rakow 

Mrs. Linda Holubowiu Rhina 
Mn. C. Anna Yodor Rhoads 
Mn. Francat Stachow Stager 
Mr. Ronald L. Schaaffar 
Miss Janat E. Smith 
Mn. Connia Fraatand Squiras 
Mr. KannothH.StoIti 
Mr. David L. StuU 
Mn. Natalia CvtjieTtw 

C Mn. Diana Drimonas Usas 
Mn. Karen Rothrock Weans 
Mn. Tanya Linobarry Wagns 
Mr. Jamts W. Watttrfrekl 
Mitt Diana R. Wilkim 
Mrs. Batty VmArkal Wolf 
Mr. Charts G.Zerbe 

CLASS OF 1973 
27% Participation 
$15B3JJ0 Comributad 
Mn. Marilyn Richmond Erb 
Mr. Edward C* lennarsila 

Class Co-Ctieirrnen 
Mn. Lucila Immen Affiguic 
Mn. Susan Whita Bastard 
Mr. Thomas E.B 

Mr. Richard S. Bruniwr 
C Mr.Jofmj.BuckfaJdar,lil 
Mr. Anthony Calabresa 
Mr. Patrick B. Camofaafl 
Mr. Alan H. Curtis 
Mis Cynthia L Evans 
Mr. Ralph J. Fatrow 
Mn. Sara Herding Fatrow 
Mr. Donald B. Frentt 

Mn. Nancy AlbtrGlan 
Mr. Robert P. Click 
Dr. David M. Gordon 
Mr. Tarry M. Haisty 
Mr. Hanry G. Henckla 
Mia Nancy R. Hostattar 
Mr. Edward C. lannaralla 
Mr. Stanley F. Jamak 
Mr. BrucaW. Jenkins 
Dr. Wayne D. Johnson 
Mrs. Nancy Nicodamus Kain 
Dr. Debre Kirchof-Gkuiar 
Ma Kahleen Bangst Korpon 
Mr. Stavan S. Korpon 
Mn. Maria Corn* Kreuse 
Mr . Michaal A. Krausa 
Mn. Elizabeth Todd Lambcn 

Mr. Doren S. Laathtrs 
C Mr. Robert Lte 
Mr. KristofvL. Linda 
Mn. Lillian Lundin Lyndrup 
Mia Lynn Maria Manhira 
Mn.MaroiaKnfer Martin 
Mr. Philip McClelland 
Mr. David G. Morrioay 
Mn. Evelyn Nottingham O'Hara 
Mn. Gail 0>ana Perhach 
Mn. Connilu Givir Patria 
Mr. Bruce A. Rtfngnow 
Mr. Jamas P. Rtbhom ' 
Mr, Oonefd R. Rairtecks 
Mn. Christina Bicker Robinson 
Mrs. Sharon Bonbon Shuita 
Mia Bonnie L. Seidei 
Mr. Rodney K.Shani 
Mrs. Deborah Erb Shank 
Mr. Robart C. Snipe 
Mn. Betsy Kilmer Shirk 
Mr. Byron L. Shoemaker 
Mr. Donald M. Singer, HI 
Mr. Phillip L Snyder 
Mn. Oonna G'rsh Tata 
Mn. Linda Witmar Thompson 
Mr. Stephen J. Wagnar 
Mn. Evelyn Spruce Warner 
Mia Mary E.Weigei 

Mia Cheryl A 
C Mr. Joseph W.Zaartoa 

33% Participation 
$256550 Contributed 
Rev. Kenneth R. Bickal 

Ctaa Chairman 
Mrs. Patricia Kikjour Anderson 
Mn. Lois Anna Moore Autanrish 
Mr. Steven M. Autenrietti 
Mr. Randal C. Batiks 

Mrs. Yvonne Stefmeck Bohlandar 
Mia Barbara J. Brandt 
Mrs. Judith Brandt Brawn 
Dr. Ruth McAllistw Burgen 
Ms. Carol A. Burke 
; Mr. Donald L. Carlton, Jr. 
Mn. Kimberly Sharon Chanut 
Mrs. Cynthle Grubb Condren 
Mrs. Patricia Hamilton Coogan 
Mr. JohnS. Curry, Jr. 
Mrs. Dabra Sample Curtie 
Mn. Patricia Oaneen Dixon 
Mrs. Jacqueline Joidwan Oougherty 

Mfti Jint Ksvbli 
Mr. John Ellis 
Mr. Barry P. Enzman 
Mr. Jeffrey R. Evans 
Mn. Laura Sazama Festo 
Mrs. Nan Ryder Grey 
Mr. Steven E. Grave 
C Ms. Colleen Clemens Harris 
Mn. Rabtcca Burtnar Hain 
Or. Thomas J. Hairy 
Mn. Lois Peterson Henckla 
Mrs. Mary Kesier Henry 
Mr. John F. Heir 
Mn. Chrinina Huraicker Hufalay 
Mn. Carol Walborn Hugha 
Mn. Mary Oaioacha Jennings 
Mia Athanuia A. Johnson 
Mn. Mary Didden Kartzman 
Mia Wendy K.Kline 
Mr. Oavtd J. Knaua 

Mrs. Mary Russo Lombardo 

P Mn. Karen Tabor Martin 

P Mr, Richard C.Martin 

C Mr. Karl V. Matter 

C Mrs. Kristen Angstadt Matter 

P Mn. L«tt Stoner Meurar 
Mrs. Elizabnh Raitz Moore 
Rev. Howard E. Moore 
Mr. William W.Moya, III 
Mrs. Susan Wood Nauti 
Dr. Robart G. Pembleton 
Mr. William H.Phifar 
Mr. Bemad F. Plant I 
Mn. Nancy Albright Planti 
Mn. Kathy Haltemen Pope 
Mn. Sarah Kuntz Sagasketta 
Mn. Am Hunabergs Shwaamar 
Mr. BrymW. Shirk 
Mrs. Carol Crawford Shultis 

C Dr. Gary K.Smith 
Mm Susan E. Snyda 
Mrs. Elizabeth Rabatr Stembach 
Mn. Susan Pinsau Strosnidw 
Mia Lorreine C. Torreyson 
Mia Cnhsine M. Varn 

C Mr. Dana A. Wolfe 

Mia Pamela J. Wood 

Mr. Daniel H. Yocum 
C Mn.Wand'ie Gingrich Zaarfoa 

Mn. Nancy Lewton Zerba 


2B% Participation 

S1 57850 Comributad 

Mn. Cynthia Laeper Rangnow 

Clan Chairman 
Mr. David C. Atradan 
Rev, 0. Michaal Bannahum 
Mia Leslie A. Bergar 

C Mn. Nancy Ninon Bickal 
Mrs. Maria Smith Brenner 
Rev. Mark Burgas 
Mn. Stephanie Bates Canon 

C Mr.WnitvT.Dellinoa 
Mr. Thomas C. Dirworth 
Mn. Eileen Briggs OiRsddo 
Mn. Janet Scattsrgood Dougherty 
Mn. Linda Freed Ebright 

Mn. Tomih/n Campbell Forba 
Or. Nancy E. Fritz 

Mn. Oeboreh Kost Gargtulo 
Mr. Randall S.Georgic 
Mn. Susan Hancock Georgic 
Mia Lois J. Goodman 
Mrs. Laura Wysolovski Gob 
Mr. Richard C. Grams 
Mn. Kahleen Abbey Haberkost 
Mr. Richard S. Harna 
Mn. Gloria Femsla Hta 
Mr. John C. Han 
Mr. Alfred J. Hockley, III 
Mr. Oaniei T. Hoover 
Rev. Peggy Oliver Johnson 
Mn. Janet Portnoff Katz 
Mia Lorraine E. Killhaffa 
Mrs. Wandie Wood Kiskaddan 
Mr. Robert W.Knapp 
Mr. Francis W.Kuahtor 
Mrs. Fay Hindmen Lehman 

C Mr. Quimm Allan Larch 
Mia Linda M. Long 

C Mn. Heidrun Mult ho ff Maya 
Mrs. Cynthia Pike McGary 
Mr. Jeffrey G.McGary 
Mr. Michael W.Moya 
Mn. Charlotte Evens Myas 
Mr. Joseph M. Pease 
Mrs. Sandra Anderson Pembleton 
Mn. Roberta Sheriff Pennington 
Mr. David M. Point 
Mrs. Cindy Letptr Rangnow 
Mr. Michael 0. Rhoads 
Mrs. Jean Schuhz Ron 
Mr. Robin E. Rowand 
Dr. Stephen R. Senko 

C Mn. Barbara G.Schroeda-Buck 
Mr. Howard P. Scott 
Ma. ElizabahL Snivel! 

C Mia Martha M. Smith 
Mr. James R. Sprachn 
Mr. Thoma M. Strohman 
Mr. Larry L. Swaigart 
Mrs. Judith Heysa Taylor 
Mn. Patricia Photsam Van Scyoc 

C Mn. Susan Ashley Vogei 
Mrs. Paritia Dubbta Walsh 
Mrs, Holly Shirk Whittle 
Mis Sally A. Wast 
Mr. George B. Williams, Jr. 
Or. Phillip L Wise 
Mn. Joan Walka Wolf 
Mr. Walts W. Wolf 

CLASS OF 1976 

23% Participation 

*1 58850 Contributed 

Mr. Robert G. Moffat 

Mn. Laurel Schwan Moffat 
Can Co-Chairman 

Mr. Richard L Bama 

Mrs. Oteno Schaaffa Bannahum 

Mn. Mary Paxton Boeni 

Mr. Raymond C. Bradley, Jr. 

Mn. Bah Early Brandt 

Mia Valeria A. Breda 

Dr. MichonE. Brown 

Mn. Anita Getz Chapman 

Dr. Theresa E. OaKay 

Mrs. Cynthia Sehsr OePropheta 

Mrs. Stephanie Karcleroda Enzman 

Mrs. Susanna Bean Eaax 

Min Linda 0. Enick 

Mn.HoHy Johnson Fay 

Mn. Anne Apgr Filings 

Mr. David S. Flohr 

Mrs. Jayne Oreka Frankanfield 

Mr. Louis J. Fullw 

Mrs. Oonna Gay Grun 

Mrs. Karen Hollowed Herns 
C Mrs. Torn Fofcenroth Haslett 

Mia Joy I Hoffmen 

Mrs. Patricia Sipa Huffman 

Mr. Bruce M. Jaffary 

Mn. Gail Paten Jona 


Rev. Curtis G. Kemmarer 

Mn. Doreen Bends Kowalchuk 


Mia Nanette Lee Lacorta 

Mr. William C. Lippincott, 111 

Or. Charlotte A. Mackenson-Dean 

Mrs. Donna House! Mftzger 

Mrs. Laurel Schwarz Moffetl 

Mr. Robert G. Moftett 

Mr. Edward H.MiWoon, Jr. 

Mr. James J. Navarro 

Mn. Jan Johnson Navarro 

Mia Phyllis A. Proctor 

Mn. Berbaa Gatal Rotharmel 

Mn. Lois Hykn Rowa 

Mm Wanda E. Rozalla 

Sat. JiUE. Samples 



Mn. Marian Inez Soyzelli Sekerke 

Mr. Kenneth B. Shotwell 
C Mn. Elizabah Brumbaugh Smith 

Mn. Merrily Robinson Smith 

Mrs. Sybil HaddonSnee 

Mrs. Susan Shemeta Stachelayk 

Mr. Scott M. Stable 

Mrs. EKzabah Jons Stingley 
P Mr. Nicholas Stress 


Lt Robin Baba Thompson 

Mia Joanna Lyn Toby 

Mr. Jed Thoma Uhrich 

Mr. Thomas M.Uhrich 

Mre.Paricia Boyle Weften 
Mr. Oaniei J. Whittle 

Mr. Chain H.Woolbaugh 

CLASS OF 1977 


$1,292.49 Comributad 

Mr. Frad E. Ungeneckw 

Mn. LuAnn Flicklnga Longaneckv 

Clan Co-Chairmen 
Mbs Anna Auarbach 
Mis Christine E. Baldwin 
Min Stephanie J. Bond 
Mn. Kathy McCutcheon Brawn 
Mn. Sherry Etta Brown 
Mia Deborah L. Carl 
Mr. Kevin P. Clerkson 

Mr. Glenn 0. Oeavan 
Mrs. Deborah Madeira Oillana 
Mr. Robert J. Oillana 
Rev. Bruce R. Oruckanmilla 
C Mrs. Carol Matta EMa 
Mr. James M.Ewin 
Mn. Suzanne Daubat Fox 
Mr. John W. Green 
Mia Nine L. Graif 
Mrs. Carol Mounds Gumby 
Mn. Jena Kantz Hagy 
Min Joanne L Harttina 
Capt.John J. Harvey 
Mbs Betty Hobaon 
Mr. Stephen P. Hoy 
Sagt. Kaimth 0. Huiing 
Mr. Eric 0. Imhof 
Mn. Theme D'KeKy Jasinski 
Mrs. Am Wallace Jona 
Mn. Carolyn Walka Kalin 
Mr. Denial L. Kramheh 

Mr. S. Scott Lefevs 
Mr. Jonathan 0. Lippert 
Mr. Frad E. Longenacka 
Mn. LuAnn Flickinga Longenacka 
Mr. Ricky CMeliinga 
Mr. William A. Miliar 
Mrs. Carol Martin Moorafield 
Rev. Helen L Raima 
Mn. Anne Maria Hicks Sallustra 
Mr. Eric J. Schubert 
Mr. Robert C. Shoemaker 
Mn. Oorinda Latthaw Snyda 
Or. Joseph K.StanilU 
C Mr.OankdS.Swaigat 
Mr. Keith A. Symor* 
Mn. Deborah Starr Tuxhom 

Mrs. Terry Oreifert Warta 
Mis Oiane E. Whrton 
Mrs. EitabahKeyt Williams 
Mrs. Linds Scepatlo Woolbaugh 

CLASS DF 1979 

$1 . 102 50 Comributad 
Mn, Amy Hoopes Oailinga 
Mn. Pamela Naill BredltY 

Class Co-Chairmen 
Mr. Brian S.AIwbcch 
Mrs. Sally Graham Aflebech 
Rev. Linda Staples Atvis 
Mn. Carol MillaAungst 
Mn. Michera Matteo Bag 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Bombanja 
Mrs. Pamela Naill Bradlay 
Mn. Beverty Ktsprowicz Butts 
Mn. Cera Glass Cunningham 
Mrs. Laura Scaley DaSiano 
C Mn. Amy Hoopes Oailinga 
Mr. Kevin L. Fay 
Mn. Paggy Children Filial 
Mr. Gregory Forti 
Mn. Brands Hawkins Gaist 
Mia Nancy K. Gerard 
Mia Parnate J. Gerba 
Mrs. Cindy Crempton Jona 

C Mr. Alan L KuU 
C Mr. Russell P. Laba, Jr. 
Mrs. Kathy Kauffman Muldoon 
Mrs. Anne ZicereUi Neely 
Min Christina M. Nagreta 
Mn. Nancy Reish Parko 
Mn. Thomas C.Pedley 
Mn. Kahleen Snyda Riser 

Rev. William S.Shiltady 
C Mr. Stephen P. Spaseff 
Mr. Wesley K.Torvo. Jr. 
Mn. Judy Stickla Uhrich 
Mia Patricia L. Van Ostenbridge 


Mr. Robert B.PoH 

Mr. Kannah C. Raichmann 

Mr. David T, Rosi 

Min Gloria J. Scale 

Mn. Carol Mongas Schaaan 

Mn. Jaenette Browning Schroeda 

Min Karen Gays Snobs 

Min Eieine A. Knz 
Mr. Tim R. Kenlw 
Mr. Paul G. Keys 
Min Marion 0. Kain 
Mia B«h M. Leery 
Mn. Mwgerst Flood Lagj 

Mbs Batty Jo Zimmaman 

CUSS OF 1979 
28% Participation 
SI , 758 DO Comributad 
Mn. Oeboreh Margo If Janks 

Clan Chairman 
Mr. Robert P. Baka 
Mn. Tracy Allgia Baka 
Mr. Baxta A. Backs 
Mr. 0. Wayne Benda 
Mia Barbara J. Beno 
Mr. Jams E.Bindshadls 
Mr. Truman T. Brooks, III 
C Mn. Oonna Chappjus Brown 
C Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 
Mr. Kermah S. Burfcay 
Mia Kathy J. Clark 
Mr. Malcolm D.H.Coe 
Mr. Gregory G. College 

Min Kahy E. Davidson 

Mr. Michael J. Daveln 
C Mrs. Lin Hocks Dew 

Mr. Eric R. Oundore 
C Mr. Patrick G.Oykie 

Mr. Joseph A. Elliott 
C Mia Cynthia K. Fabian 

Min Anne E.FIuck 


Mn. Gretchen Dietterich Giilig 

Mn. Bah Hill Graham 

Mr. Doughs S.Graham 

Mis Sharon K.Green 

Mr. Randy CHabecka 

Mn. Mary Goodfaitow Harvey 

Mrs Cymhia E. Johnson 

Mr. Steven G.Jons 

Mis Judith Ann Kochar 

Mis Ruth A. Krems 
C Mn. Carolyn Summan Kreids 

Mr. Robert W. Longaneckv 

Mn. Elizabeth Glaichman Mazda 

Mr. Harold 0. Morgan 



Mis Maureen P. Mullikin 

MiaSunnG. Sillman 
Mr. Howard L Snyda 
Mn. Kathleen Wolfe Snyda 
Min AbbyL Space 
Mis Jam Helen Squires 
Mrs. Jam Snyda Srethow 
Sot. Robert P. Stachow 
Mia Cheryl A. Stoddan 
Mn. Sherie Watow Strohman 
Mn. Kathy FishaTice 
C Mr.JohnJ.Uhl 

Mr. Edward A. Van Gelds 
Mn. Janinne Afvino Wagna 
Mrs. Oorren Oowta Weabs 


CLASS OF 1910 
32% Participation 
SI 50352 Contributed 
Mr. Michaal B.Butarbauoh 

Clan Chairman 
Mis Lame E. Aunapach 
C Mr.0evk1W.Baka - ■ 
Mrs. JunaCoKis Beyer 
Mr. Michaels. Bays 
Mrs. Sandra Hinckley Bindshe 
Mn* Irene Kola Bomberga 
Mis Dome E. Bonani 
Mis Dorothy E. Boyle 
Mr. Rick Lee Brubeks 

Mr. Bruce O.M 
Mn. Natalia Gays Lyta 
Min Kahleen E.Meniacalco 
Mr. Donald N. McElray 
Mia Patricia A. McGregor 
Mr. Chads R. Mention 
Mn. Sarah Strickland Mershon 
Mia Kathy A. Millar 
Mn. Margaret Mills-Plrro 
Mm Keren I.Mohl 
Mn. Susan Staybaugh Mrezik 
Mn. Karen Lewis Nests 
Mn. Dorothy Mills N 
Min Oewn M. Peuli 
Mr. William L.Pehon 
Min Larene K. Persons 
Mr. Dennis J. Pass 
Mr. Robert A. Rakow 
Mr. George H. Rankin, Jr. 

Mr. Andrew L. Roar 
Min Linda J. Semis 
Mr. Barry S.Salimjky 
Mm Susan L. Smith 
Mr. Timothy P. Smith 
Mrs. Jena Hull Terns 
Mis Mai Thanh TO Tren 
Mr. Michael LTraugs 
Mn. Shirley Hockley Trythall 
Mr. Steven LUhlrieh 
Mn. Keren Rittle Wagner 




Mm Dare A. Cook 

Mn. Leslie Cornelius Oeveks 


Mn. Oewn Staudt Dunlap 


Mm Robin K. Edwards 

Mm Kate G. Felix 

Mn. Linda Gingrich Flynn 

Min ArnvE. Fowls 

Mm Laura FuUston 

Mr. Gary S. Furman, Jr. 

Mr. Michaal J. Garnis 

Mn. Cymhia Chaffee Green 

Mm Nancy E. Gyps 

Mn. Holly Hfehv Hall 

Mr. Matthew M. Hell 

Mr. Kannah L Haman 

Mn. Lori Morgan Haman 

Mn. Christina Yntema Harndon 


Mr. Keith R. Hottkt 

Min Andrea C. Jackal 


STOF 1981 

$2598.14 Contributal 
Mr. Stephen R. Angeb* 
Mm Alison A. Arts 
Min Shelly A. Banthem 
Mr. LynnE.Baumen 
Mr. Thorns R.Biery 
Mr. Bruce 0. B 

Kr. I, Li 


Mr, Richard W.Burke. Jr. 
Mn. Can Snuffs Butabaugh 
Mm Angela M.Carey 
Min Kathleen M. Caullo 
Mr. Brian R. Cbays 
Mia Chayl L. Cook 
Mia Beverly E.Cooney 
Min Nancy Louise Cowan 
Min Ann Louise Cunningham 
Mr. Andrew Czerkewski 
C Mr. Blaka R. Davis 
Mr. Kannah E. Oaantyna, Jr. 


HJLUrMiti nfirtrj.TipTJu. MuHJHni 

i i 1 , II 1 lJJ 

' 1 i 1 1 i 1 i Baf.^ 

»»H#- | | .'_! 1 1 sal 

» 1* 



' : ' 


1 1 : 


*n tiff mi 'Iffl niT W7 nft .K« m <m' 
on .c-. -in -c»* n.T in ■■fi v m, in 


I " 


s s s s a . . 

V Vickroy Society P President's Club C Cartury Club 

Mn. Tracy VenHom Douche 

Mr. Timothy E. Ftotlay 
Mia Sunn E.Friaswyk 
Mw Patricia A. Germ* 
Mr. Oavid GodiheH 
Mr. Glenn A. GotHmr 
Mis Lia M. Graiimki 
Mn. Mary Mwtze Gnibb 
Mr. Allen E.Gunkte 
Mil* Sunn A. Gunn 
Mtn Cindict L. Home 
Mr. Oivid P. Harris 
Mr. Mitchell R. Hawbaksr 
Mr. Ofto K. Henly 
Mr. Michael L Hansel 
Mr. John f HurJey 
Mn. Kathleen KtUy Kabrtha 
Mr. Brian L. Kaamty 
Mn.SuanBehn* Kerch* 
Mia Elizabah M. Knowle 
Mr. Daniel W.Koon 
Mia Carolyn J. Lantzy 
Mia Judith Lanza 

Mr. David B. McCarthy 
Mr. Jarnai R. McEHionny, Jr. 
Mr. Brian E. McSweeney 
Mia Bonnis E. Marrill 
Mr. Daniel K. Maya 
Mr. Sttvan R.Millar 
Mn. Tammy J. Smith Millar 
Mitt Cynthia J. Mohn 
Mia Elian F. Moroney 
Mr. Majtd Amini Motlaeh 
Mr. Jeffrey T, Mowra 
Mr. Craig C. Olmg* 
Mn. Carol McCtaary Omdorl 
Mn. Ra|ina Parkiaon Parry 

Mia Csrte R.Powell 

Mia Kimberly A. Raaa 

Mr. Todd R. Rothracfc 

Mr. Mark T. Rutoff 

Mia Stephanie Kay Sachs 

Min Mabel R, Sadie 

Mr. CboleW. Salisbury 

Mia Dabn J. Sargent 

Mr. Gerard N.Sauan 


Mrs. CoRKanea Golem Shartza 

Mr. Chris E. Snoop 

Mn. Sharon Diadarich Snoop 



Mrs. Dabn Jam Smith 

Mia Cynthia A. Snavaty 

Mr. David M. Stauffe 

Mr. KirthW. Steele 

Mr. Barnard F.SttBa, Jr. 



Mr. Tony W. Sumo 


Mr. Michael J. Van Dura* 
Mia Pamata M. Van Law 
Mia Karen E.VaigeJ 
Mia Bonnie F.Wagmr 
Mr. Harry S.Waba 
Mrs. Susan EnekWaik 
Mia Carol M.Wthan 
Mia Kaiko Yunoki 
Mr. Gary R. Zeflne 
Mn. Linda Gartach Zinkand 

Mn. Polly KoontzBamdoilar 
Mn. Gloria Bradley Santoni 
Mr. Glenn R.Swaveiy 

CLASS OF 1983 

CLASS OF 1984 

Mr. nrrish A. HiwAint 


C Dr.Madeh/nJ.AIbncht 

Mr. Laonard B. Afford 

Annville-Ctoona Girts 


Mr, A Mn. Andrew S. Appeeata 

V Mr. Edward H. Arnold 
C Mr. Gaols L. Arnold 

V Mrs. Gladys J. Arnold 
C Mn.MaryF.J.Beile 



Mr. Paul H. Baldwin 
C Mr, A Mrs. Myron H. Bam* 

Mr. A Mn. G. Elwood Bartholomaw 
C Mr. AMn.B. Laonard Ban 

Mr. A Ma Theodora Back 


Mr. A Mn. Warm W. Baan 
C Mr. A Mn. George B Baitzai 
C Mrs. Richard C. Ball 
P Mr.AMn. Vincent Beno 

Or. a Mn. Joe S. Beg* 
C Or,PlHH>A.BiWmp 

V Mr. a Mn. Vernon Bishop 

C Or.&Mn.TomMtMBitha.Jr. 

V Dr. Bartha Broaman Blair 

C Mr.aMn. Robert C.BIasingBme 
C Mr. A Mn. Richard G.Bollman 
C Mr.&Mra.FrankE.Bolway,Jr. 
C Mr.SamuHA.Bomaanl]Mr,Jr. 
C Mr. William O.Botwoll 
P Mr. &Mn. Wilbur LBowon 
C Mr. & Mrs. Donald L.Bowman 

Rav. Walta S. Boya 

Mi. Mary Jaw Ewe* Bradford 
C Mr. A Mrs. A. Hovey Bridge, Jr. 
C Mr. Max A. Brown 

C Dr. Richard L. Bryion 

Dr. William D. Bryson 
C Mr.AMn.JohnJ.Buckfalder 
C Mr*. Jean A. Buckley 
P Mr. Kannah E. Buckwaher 

Rav. HaoMW. Butt 

Dr. Donald E. Byma 
C Mr.AMn. Daniel J. Callahan 
C Dr.VoorhisC.Centratl 

V Mr. D. Chrk Canaan 

Mr. & Mn. H. Douglas Carpantar 

C Mr. Raymond H. Cerr 

C Dr. D.Goy Garrigan.Jr. 
Mr. Jamas C. Canon 
Mr, A Mn, Charla H, Canal 
Mr. &Mn. Donald H.Chappius 
Rev. A Mn. William T. Chary 
Mr.&Hn Aloyiiia Cheney 
Mr. A Mn. Neil F. Collage 
Mn.Eaalta H.Cook 

C Mr.AMn.JobnLCousler 
Mr. & Mn. Clifton B.Currin 

P Mn. JohnS. Curry 

C Mr. & Mn.Ptmip S.Davis 

C Mr. a Mn. Richard L. Oavii 

C Mr.aMn.RobartR. Davis 

C Mr.aMn.UoydOsavan 

V Mn.WoodrowS. Gelling* 
Mn. Elizabeth B. Dannay 
Mn. Sarah E. Datr* 
Mrs. Alloa S. Oiahl 

C Mr*. Lorraine K. Ditzle 

Mrs. John W.Docharty 


Mr. a Mn. John P. Draw 

Mn. K. Morgan Edwards 
C Mr. William H.Egfi 
C Mn. Polh/ C. Ehrgood 

C Mn.HaroMG.Engia.Jr. 
C Mr.aMn.FnjdaickJ.Erdman 

Mr. Robart L. Erickson 

Mr. Walta C.Eshanaur 

Mn. DaWitt M. Eaick 

V Mr.JosaphH.Eubanks 
C Mr. David C. Evans 

Mr. a Mrs. Jama C. Ewin 

Mr. a Mn. Club of Falls U. M. Church 

V Mr. A Mn. Eugene C. Fish 
C Or. William H. Foall* 

Mr. Mart Fraaland 
Mr. Wtllerd T.Fritz 

V Dr. E. N. Funkhouur 
Mr. Edwin M. Garva 

C Or. Elizabah M. Gaffen 
C Mr. Laonard S.Gaiaal, Jr. 
C Mr.a Mrs. HaoldF. Gila 
C Mrs. May G.Gingrich 

Rev. J. Stewart Glen, Sr. 

Mn.Elaanor Goldsmith 
P Mr.aMn.FradM.Grainar 
C Dr.MichaalA.Graila 

C Mrs. Murl Guldan 

Mr. Preston H.Hadlay. Ill 

Mr. Richard B. Hain 
C Mr. Bsvarly B.Hall 
C Mr. Richard L Hallman 

Or. Carolyn R. Hana 

V Tha A. L. Hanford Mamorial Fund 
Mr. A Mn. Mala C.Harding 

Mr. Robot E. Hermsh 
C Mr.aMn.JohnR.Hapar 
C Mr. a Mn. Richard M.Harris 
P Mr. A Mn. Harold W. Hetman, Sr. 

Mr. a Mn. S. Stanlay Hawhaka 


Mr.AMn. A. Scott Hazel 

Dr. a Mn. Bryan V. Haartay 

Mr. Alan G. Haffna 

C Mrs. A. H. Haisay 

C Mr.AMn.C.V.Hanry,lll 
C Mr.AMn.RissellA.Henzel 
C Mn. Benice L. Harb 

Or. A Mn. Ehnar C. Harba 
C Mr. Eugana B. Har 

Mn. Habm Haaalblad 

Mr. A Mn. Roy L Hill, Jr. 

Mrs. Charla I. Hoffman 

Mr. a Mn. Robart 0. Hoffsomma 

Mr. a Mn. William Holt man 
C Holy Nsma Socitty 
C Mr, Edward G. Hook 
C Mr.AMn.HarbeftL.Hoova 

Mr. 4 Mn. Andrew Mortal 
C Mr. a Mn. Gaorge P. Horn 
C Mn. Ellen N. Hoitate 


Mia Martha M. Hostatta 
C Hon. A Mn. Willis M.Houck 

Mr. A Mn. William E. Hough, III 
C Mr.AMn.PaulM.Houar 

Dr. A Mn. Robart A. Houston 
P Mn. Kahtrins S. Howard 
C Mr.AMn.PeulE.Huffe 
C Mr.AMrs.J.HenryHumme 

Or. A Mn. L Eugana Jseqoe 

Mn, William H.Jinktns 

Frank B. Jawatt Chapta 54 

Mr. A Mn. Lloyd A. Johnson 
C Mr.AMn.SamualR.Jona 

C Dr. A Mn. John P. Kaamsy 



C Mr.AMn.jQhnD.Knauar 

C Mr.AMn.RogeM.Kmsley 
C Mn. WInifrad E. Koanigsberg 
C Mrs. W. Richard Kohl* 
V Cot. John T, Known 

Mr. A Mn. Harry A. Kraichbaum 
C Hon. Horn* I, Kroida 
C Mrs. Lyda Kreid* 

Mr. Nahan B. Krim 
C Mr.AMn.JohnM.Laffarty 
C Mr.ThomaLansa 
C Mn. Robart C. Lau 

Faculty Houa LCHS 

Mn. Charla Laapa 

Mr. Earl B. Liftman 

Mr. A Mn. Philip C. Lehn 


P Mn. Walta Levinsfcy 
C Mr.AMn.HarbatLtvy 

C Mr.AMn.RtiBallK.Ught 
C Mr. William D.Linkous 
C Mn. A. Etaanor Long 

C Or.JaanO. Lova 
C Mr.AMn.HarvayW.Lyta,Jr. 

Mr. A Mrs. Howad T. MecGowon 

Mr. A Mn. William A. Thompson 
Mr. A Mn. Earl W.Thornton 

V Mr.AMrs.MarkH.Tica 
Mr. A Mrs. William F. Torrayson, Jr. 

C Mr.HoracaW.Touslay 

C Mr. John R. UN 

C Rav. R. G. Uhrkh 

C Mn. Rabat W. Uhrich 

C Rav. A Mn. Harold LUIma 

Mr. A Mrs. Fadinand V. Manik 

Mr. A Mrs. Harold E.Martin 
C Mn. ThomaS. May 
C Ms.JoanC.McCulloh 
C Mn. Davorah McKay 

Mr. A Mn. Edward Maima 
C Mn.AdaltaB.Maka 
C Mrs. Staphan J. Matro 

Mr. Arthur*. Millar 
C Mr. A Mrs. Earl R. Millar 

Mr. A Mn. Hairy W.Millar 

C Mr. Riched L. Mill* 

Or. A Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

Mr. Philip G. Morgan 
C Mr. A Mn. Clifton E. Mowra, Jr. 
C Mn.EiairtaZ.Moya 
C Mn. Halan B. Moya 



Mr. A Mn. Baniamin M. Nadergh.Sr. 

Mn. Oalla M. Naidig 
C Mn. Franca B. Nawcoma 
C Mia Franca V. Nichols 
C Dr. Hairy H. Nichols 
C Mia Joan L. Nichols 
C Min VaterisM. Nichols 
P Mn. Viola W. Nitre** 

C Or. John D.Norton, III 

Mn. Raymond M. Dbaholtza 
C Or. Agn« M. D'Donnall 
C Mr.J.RobatO'Oonnall 
C Mr. Robart 0. QUare 
C Mr.AMn.GaorgaJ.Paul 
C Mr.AMn.LeeD.Peiff* 

Mr. A Mn. Lawranca F. PaUagrini 
C Mr. Walta R.Paiman 


Phi Lambda Sigma 


Dr. a Mn.Sidnty Pollack 
C Mr. A Mrs. Robert B.Pratt, Jr. 
C Mr. a Mn. Harold H. Quickel 
C Mn.E. Staphan Raby 
C Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 
C Mrs. Harria M. Ranck 
C Or. A Mn. Richard A. Ratd 
C Mr. A Mn. Barnard E. Raaa 
C Mr.AMn. Ralph C. Raaa 
P Mn. Rhaa Ren 

Or. Kavin C. Ratdy 

Mn. Virginia D. Ratff 
C Mia Mildred M.Reigh 

V Mn. Jacob L Rhoda 

C Or.AMrs.RotphR.Rick* 

P Mr.aMn.MafvinS.Rifa 
C Or. Robart C. Rilay 

Mn. Kahryn Wolfa Rittl* 

Mr. A Mn. Spanca W. Robots, Jr. 
C Rev. A Mn. Edgar W. Robenon 

Mr. A Mn. Jama F. Robinson 

Mn. Kahryn E. Rohland 

Mr*. Joseph D. Rojarm 

Mn. Orpeh S. Rombarga 

Dr. A Mrs. C. Robert Ron 


Mr. Herbert H. Roush 

Mr. A Mrs. Truman H. Rumfiak) 

Mr. Robart W. Rutta 

V Hatan L A Kaharina G. Ryan 

County Scholarship Fund 
P Mr. Maurice LSanko 

C Mr.UoydA.Sattazahn 
C Mr. A Mn. N. Irving Sax 
C Mn.Malin P. Sayior 
C Mr, A Mn. Charles LScbott 

Mn. Richard D. Schraiber 
C Mr.AMn.JackSchropp 
C Mr*. S. Elizabah Schutar 
C Mr. A Mn. Richard T. Schwartz 
C Or. Jama W. Scott 
C Mn. Fradaick R. Saltzo 

V Mr.HaroldA.Shaub 

C Mn. RalphS. Shay 


Mn. Robart J. Urban 
C Mr.AMn.GaorgeL.VanOillan 

Dr. Susan LVarhoek 
C Mr.AMn.EmoryO.Wagna 

C Mr.WoodrewW.Watamya 

C Bishop John B. Woman 
C Mr.AMn.Ea10.Wana 
C Mr,AMn.RoaW.Wata 

Mn. Brian D. Wayne 


Mr. Edwin F» Wivw t Jr, 
C Mr.AMn. Ralph O.Waba 
C Mia Martha Wedat 

Mr. A Mr*. Ralph B.Welsh, Jr. 
C Mr.AMn.CltrfordJ.Wangot 

V Mr.AMn. Harlan R.Wengot 
Mr. A Mrs. Vincent Wot 

Mr, Arthur R.Whrtamen 
P Dr.AMrt.R.KeithWhhiraj 

V Mr.AMn. E.D.Williams, Jr. 
C Dr. A Mn. J. Dennis Williams 

Or. Stephen E. Williams 
Mn. Elizabeth R. Wilson 

C Mr. Albert F. WHma 
Mr. Philip R.Witmo 

C Dr. A Mn. Alton F. Wolfa 

V Mn. Charla W. Wolfa 

C Mr. A Mrs. J. Arthur Wolfa 
C Mr. A Mrs. Paul C. Wolfa 
C Mia Kim Y.Wolfgang 

Mn. Robart D.Woma 
C Mr. A Mn. Robert M. Wondtriing 
C Mn. Carolyn Woods 

Mr. A Mn. Robert H. Woohaugh 

C Mr.AMn.VictorAmendolani 

Mr. A Mn. Saverlo V. Ametram 
C Mr.AMrs.RonaldW.Amlung 
Mr.AMn. Norman J. Ball 
Rav. A Mn. Robart D. Bryant 
P Mr.AMn. Jama J. Davison 
Mn. Marion M. Oaven 
Mn. Anna Maria Deck* 
C Mr.AMn. John J. Fast* 
C Dr. A Mrs. Norman R. Goodman 

C Mr.AMn.JohnLHaaarty 
P Mr. A Mrs. Philip C. Har, II 
Mr.AMn. William R.Johnson 
Mr.AMn. Marvin E. Kahn 
P Mr. a Mn. Lawrence H. Morgan 

C Mr.AMn. H.Arnold Mull* 
C Mr. A Mrs. J. Fred Overman 
Mr.AMn. Joseph H.Owsley 
P Mr. A Mn. Kennah H. Piumma 
C Mr. A Mn. Jack M. Raymond 
C Mr.aMn.EuaeneA.Roden 
Mr. N. Wayne St. John 
Mr.AMn. Dougla C.Smith 
Mr. A Mn. Ronald W. Stanwkk 
C Mr. A Mn. Cornelia B. Vuurman 
C Mr.aMn.WtstonB.WadeM 
Mr. a Mn. Laroy E. Zimmerman 

P Gsonja F. Buck Consulting Actuaia, Inc. 
C Burroughs Wallcome Company 
V Bulla Manufacturing Company 

C Campbell Soup Company 
P Caterpillar Tractor Company 

Chubb & Son Inc 


C A-G Automotive Machinistt, Inc. 
C AOP Foundation 
V AMP. Inc. 

P Aana Life A Casualty Foundation, Inc. 
C Air Products A Chemicals, Inc. 
Akuny Internaional Corp. 

C Cawor-firoolu, Ohr, Aqoa-Chem, Inc. 
C Collage Hill Pouttry, Inc. 
Combustion Engineering, Inc. 

V Connecticut General Insurance Corp. 
Contain* Corp. of America Foundation 
CPC International, Inc. 

P Dauphin Deposit Trust Company 
P R. R. Donnelley A Sons Co. 

The Dow Chemical Company 
C Roy H. Dundora Signs A Displays 



Evaite Knitting Mtlti 

Facet Enterprisa, Inc. 
P Fermen Trust Company 
C Famland Industries, Inc. 

Federal-Mogul Corporation 
C Firestone Tin A Rubbo Co. 
C First Nnional Bank of Fredericksburg 
P Foota Mineral Co. 

V Foundation fa Independent College 
Franklin Mint Corp. 

C Arthur Funk A Sons, Inc. 

P G. E. Environmental Servica, Int. 

V Genera! Accident Fire A Life 

Assurance Corp. Ltd. 
C General Dynamics Corporation 

Getty OilC 
P Goldman, Sachs A Company 
C Gulf A Western Foundation 

C Mr.AMn.WilliamH.Worrimw,Jr. 
C Or. Tamoko Yamemoto 
C Mr. A Mn. Charla W. Yager 

C Mr.AMn. J. Roy Yoga 

Mr.AMn. Robert T.Ymema 

Rav. A Mn. Perk* C. Young 
C Mia Rosemary Yuho 
C Mr.AMrs.SomueU.Zaerfoa 

C Mr. A Mn. Elmo 0. Zimmerman 

Mr. A Mn. Joseph J. Zygmunt 


C Mr. A Mn. Theodore S.Achey 

Allied Chemical Foundation 

V AfiwricenBankATrustCo.ofPA 
C American Can Company 

C Amaican Exprea Company 

American Home Products Corp. 

Amaican Standard, Inc. 
C American Telephone A Telegraph Co. 

Annville Shea Mael 
P The Arbee Corporation 
P Armstrong Cork Company 

Arnold Industrie 
C A.S.K. Foods, Inc. 
C Badische Corp. 

V Bankas Ufe A Casualty Company 
C The Bacton, Dickbaon Foundation 

J. E. Bake Company 
Bankan TnM Company 
C Ball Lsboratones 

V Ball Telophona Company of PA 

V Tha Bandix Corporation 

V Bahiehem Steel Corporation 

C Harpel'* Inc. 

C Hauck Manufacturing Company 

C Mark C. Hershey Poultry Farm 

P Harshey Entertainment A Resort Co. 

V Henhey Foods Corporation 

V The Harshey Fund 

P Harshey Trust Company 
Hoffmen -La Roche, Inc. 
C Hostattw's Clothing A Shoe Store 

V IBM Corp. 

C K A Y Setos Company, Inc. 
C Karcho Machine Works 

Kar-McGea Corporation 
C Keystone Wata Company 
C Kaynone Weaving Mills 

Kraft, Inc. 
C Krall Battery A Ignition Company 

Layer's Flowan 
C Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
C Lebanon News Publishing Company 
V Lebanon Plumbing Supply, Inc. 

C John H. Bog* A Son. Inc 
C Bome>arger*s Inc. 
C Bom-Wane Corp. 

C Lebanon Valley Dffnt Company 

C Luha Mack Sain A Service 

C Mack Trucks, Int. 

C Clarence F. Manbock Farms 

P Martin Maiatta Corp. 

C Tha McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. 

V William M. Mace, Inc 

C Mr.AMra.Chewj*J.Shipe 

P Mn. Justine LShowan 
C Dr.AMn.J.DeWolfSilberman 
C Mr.AMn.C.DonanSimmen 

Mr.AMn. LevareE.Sipa 
C Bishop F. Herbert Skeete 

C Mr*. Catharine L Smith 
C Mn. Dorothy L.Smith 

Mr. A Mn. Edgar F. Smith 

Dr. John Abanwthy Smith 
C Mn. Robert W.Smith 
C Mr. A Mrs. Stile H. Smith 
C Rev. Thome H. Smith 

C Mr.AMn.ClatttsW.Snowfaenja 

C Mr. Edwin U. Sowen, II 
C Mr.AMn. Geoffrey Sowen 

Mr. A Mn. Clarence Spangle 

Mr. A Mn. Elmo C. Spruce 

C Mr. Amon L. Stauffo 
P Mr. A Mn. Robart H. Stauffo 

Mn. Sara B. Stauffo 

Mn. Paul H. Stem 

Mr. J. B.Strickland 

Tony Sumo Student Account 

Mr. A Mn. Charhn H. Swanaon 
C Mr. A Mrs. John R. Thompson 
C Mr.AMn. Henry J. Toon 

C Dr. Perry J. Troutman 
C Or.AMn.GoorgeG.Strublc 
C Mr. Robot Sullivan 

Rev. Harry B. Suskey 
P Dr.AMn.H.ThomaTamiki 
C Mia Elizabah L. Taylor 

V Vkkroy Society P President'i Club C Century Club 

P The Mardt Company Foundation 
P Metropolitan Lira Insurance Co. 
C H.L. Meyer, Inc. 
C National Cantial Foundation 
V Naw Janay BaH Telephone Co. 
C Northwestern Mutual Lift int. Co. 
C New York Ttk**ant Company 

C P&JHvdr»dia.lnc. 

PA tmtituta of Ctrtifitd Public Accts. 
Panna. Powar & Light Company 
J.C. Penney Life I 

P Philadelphia Ufa insurance Company 
P Plait tftr Equipment Company , Inc. 
P Provident Mutual Inturanca Company 
P Quality Inn 
C R&JMoton 

Tho Paul Rtvtra Companiai 
C R.J.Reynotolridustries.lnc. 

Rohland Funafal Homo, Inc. 


Mr. Richard Y. Roof 

St. Ragii Pipar Company 

Scott Papar Company 

Saan Roabuck & Company 

ShtN Companiai Foundation, Inc. 

Sheridan Corporation 

Sitariat, KoHer. BrifhtbiH & Long 

Southam Now England Talaphona 

Sparry Corporation Foundation 

Squab Corp. 

Sttckpokt Carbon Company 

Surfing Dru| Inc. 

Sun Company 

TRW, Inc. 

T utile Printing & Finishing 

C Time, Inc. 

C Tranamarica Occidtntal Lift 

V The Travelers 
P Upjohn Co, 

C Veibry Cornmunicattons, Inc. 
C W L B R Radio Station 
C Werner-Lambert Company 
C Waii Markati, Inc. 

V Wangart'i Dairy, Inc. 
P Wtftvtco Corp. 

C Bob Whae Quality Frosted 
Foodf Corp. 

V Xerox Corporation 



We received gifts from 
18 people who had in- 
cluded the College in 
their wills or who had 
written a charitable re- 
mainder trust in our be- 
half. We are grateful to 
these people and encour- 
age alumni and friends to 
consider some type of 
deferred giving for the 
benefit of the College. 
There are many ways to 
make a deferred gift; 
inquiries are welcomed. 




Forty-four individuals 
were honored by their 
families or friends with a 
gift in memory or tribute 
during 1981-82. Leba- 
non Valley is especially 
pleased to recognize 
these meaningful gifts. 


Another area of giving 
is the corporate matching 
gift. Our alumni and 
friends are becoming in- 
creasingly aware of 
matching gift opportuni- 
ties and of the constantly 
expanding list of corpor- 
ations that participate in 
this program. During the 
past fiscal year the Col- 
lege received 122 gifts 
totaling $50,159. For 

information regarding 
matching gift companies, 
call or write the Develop- 
ment Office. 


The College has re- 
ceived gifts-in-kind —rare 
books and works of art — 
and welcomes your valu- 
able collections and other 
items of worth. 


Support from the East- 
ern and Central Pennsyl- 
vania Conferences of the 
United Methodist 

Church, including contri- 
butions to the Church 
Scholarship Program, to- 
taled $57,730. While 
this area of financial 
support continues to de- 
crease, the College values 
this active interest. It 
is our pleasure to recog- 
nize those individual 
churches that have made 
gifts during the past year. 


P AUb-Chalmart Foundation 

V Tht Allstate Foundation 

V Aihland Oil Foundation, Inc. 
C Atlantic Richfield Foundation 
C Bachtal Foundation 

V John A. filming Foundation 

C Cabot Corporation Foundation, 

P Carpantar Ttchnology Corp. 

V Chits Service Foundation 

C Commercial Crtdit Company 

Foundation, Inc. 
C CamrngGbw Work* Foundation 

V Exxon Education Foundation 
C FMC Foundation 

C QKTadinoiogia Foundation, Inc. 

V Gtnaral Electric Foundation 

C G K Tachnotogiai Foundation, Inc. 

V Gtntral Electric Foundation 
C Gtnaral Food* Fund, Inc. 

C Horsco Corporation Fund 

C INA Foundation 

P Tht Kiddtr Ptabody Foundation 

V MobH Foundation, Inc. 
C Monsanto Fund 

C Tht NCR Foundation 
New York Timtt Foundation, Inc. 

V The William Pann Foundation 

V Pressor Foundation 

P Prict Wsterhouse Foundation 

V Prudtntial Foundation 

V ThaGaonja Ruck Trim 
P The SCM Foundation, Inc. 
C Santa Fa Industrial Foundation 
C Tht Singer Company Foundation 

Thi Smith-Kline Foundation 
C Western Electric Fund 
C Wtstinghousa Education 



Blue Mountain Parish Trinity 

Central Pennsylvania Conference 

Eastam Pennsylvania Conference . 




Futaon-Siemen Memorial 


Mount Joy-Glossbrenner 
Mount Joy-St. Marks 


Paxinos Ann Parish -Ash Grove 
Paxinos Arte Psrish-Clarfct Grove 
Paxinos Area Psrish-lrish Valley 
Pertusit ^ 

Philedetphie-Frankford St Thomas 

Schuyftill Circuit -Drehersvillo 




Dr. Andrew Bender Memoriel Fund 

Ellen Jane Bishop 

Abe & Elizabeth Carl 

Or. Samuel Oerickson Memorial Fund 

Martha Early Edris '19 

Elian P. Ehnjood 

David J. Evens '16 

John R. Gongioff 

Maudt Shirty Grimm 

Dr. Samuel D. Grimm Memorial Fund 

Dr. D. Owkjht Grow "34 

A. L Hanford Memoriel Fund 

Edith Gingrich Harnish Memoriel Fund 

William Herbert Htffley 

Or. A. H. Htisey 

Edna Gonki Jenowtkt 79 

Paul fl. & Elizabeth Lau Koontz 

Miriam M. Kraemar 

Mr. V. Earl Light Memorial Fund 

0*11 Ukey *B8 

Abrtm & David Long Ministerial Fund 

New Jersey Bill Telephone Company 
New York Times Foundation, Inc. 
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co 
New York Telephone Company 

Sdiolsrship Fund 
Oeborah A. Moore Memoriel Fund 
R. H. Murphy 
John Henry Muth "36 
Laura Raider Muth Memorial Fund 

Scholarship Fund 
Robert A. NichabJII Memoriel 
William W. Raktw Memorial Fund 
J. Allen Renck Memoriel Fund 
Gary Rtesor Ministry Fund 
Or. Joseph 0. Rutherford '17 
Bishop Paul E.V. Shannon Memorial Fund 
Mary Louise Shark 
Or. Paul 0. Shortens 
Walter L.Smith 
Mr. Frank B.Stachow 
Or. PaulS. Wagner '17 
Scott A. Wallace 
Dr. Elizabeth Kreistr Wtisburger 
Jacob C. Winter 
George A. Wood -33 
Mr. & Mrs. Etwin B.Yost 
Edwin & Jesse Zetglor Scholarship Fund 




A DP Foundation «, 

Aetna Lift a Casualty Foundation, Inc. 
Air Products & Chemicals. Inc. 
Aajany International Corp. 
Alexander & Alexander, Inc. 

CPC Intemetkinel, Inc. 
Cabot Corporation Foundation, Inc. 
Carpenter Ttchnology Carp. 
Caterpillar Tractor Company 

Chubb & Son. Inc. 

CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 

Citibank, NA 

Cities Service Foundation 

Combustion Engineering, Inc. 

Commercial Crtdit Company Foundation, I 

Connecticut General insurance Corp. 

Container Corp. of America Foundation 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company 

The Dow Chemical Company 

Exxon Education Foundation 

FMC Foundation 

Tht William Pann Foundation 

Panna. Powar & Light Company 

Pot, Inc. 

Pfizer, Inc. 

Prict Witsrhousa Foundation 

Provident Mutual Insurance Company 

The Paul Revere 

R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. 

Rohm & Hen Company 

The SCM Foundation, Inc. 

St. Regis Paper Company 

Sandoz-Wander, Inc. 

Santa Fa Industries Foundation 

Scott Papar Company 

Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 

The Singer Company Foundation 

The Smith-Kline Foundation 

Southern New England Telephone 

Sparry C 

Stack pole Carbon Company 
Sterling Drug Inc. 
Sun Company 

Western Electric Fund 
Westinghoust Education Foundation 





Ore Belle Bachman Estate 
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Baus Estate 
WHKemS.Bushnsll Estate 
E.W. Coble Esute 
Or. Dale W. Garbar Estate 
Mrs. Ellen Moyer Garbar Estate 
Jamas L Gingrich Estate 
Jemes C. Hazatton Trust Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Kauffmen & F 

Scholarship Fund 
Ray M. Leib Estate 

V. Earl Light Memorial Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. EdwiH B. Millar Trust Fund 
Laura fteidtr Muth Memorial Fund 
Emmttt C Roop Trust Fund 
Helen L & Katharine G. Ryan 

Scholarship Fond 
Raymond T. Wentling Estate 
Jacob Winter Memorial Fund 
Edwin & Jesse Zeigler Scholarship Fund 


Dr. Gene R. Adams 

Mrs. Sandra Kumpf Adkins 

V Mrs. Mary J. Ahelt 
Mr. Malcolm B.Ahrens 

C Or. ThomesK. Abort 

Or. Timothy Aibreeht 

C Dr. Medttyn J. Atirocht 

C Dr.H.DtrfcdAhright 

V ALCOA Foundation 
P Mr. Glenn R. Aiding* 

Rev. Michael I. Allemen 

Mrs. Michelle Rhen Allen 
C Dr. Robert E. Allen 
C Mr. Homer j.Alrwein 

V American Bank & Trust Company 

of PA Foundation 

V AMP, Inc. 

Mrs. Pamela Moaller Anders 

Ms. Carolyn M. Anderson 
C AnoviHt Shoulder Strap Company. Inc. 

V The Arcadia Foundation 
C Mr. Caspar E.Arndt 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Arnold 
Mr. & Mrs. LavelleH. Arnold 
C AJS.K. Foods. Inc. 

V Mr. &Mrs. Clarence C.Aungst 
Mrs. Catharine Johnson Auten 
Mr. & Mrs, Stephen M. Autenrieth 

V Dr.&Mrt.LoyC.Awfcermon 
Mr. Edward R.Bachmen 

C Mr. & Mrs. D. Larry Bachtall 

C Behney's Furniture 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Baittingar, Jr. 

C Mrs. Evelyn Fridinger Baker 
C Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Baker 

Or. Edward U.Ba1*mjjh, Jr. 
C Or. & Mrs. G. Thomas 
C Dr. Donald F.Bertley 
C Or. Robert M.bashore. Jr. 

Mr. Richard E. Basta 
C Mrs. Elmira Loper Bttcho 

Mr. Clyde B B**, Jr. 

Ma. Marian Corle Beard 

V Mr. John W. Beanie 
Mr. Ire A. Btchtel 
Mr. Kenneth C. Beck 

P Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Beck 

C Mr.JohnR.BeddaH 

C Mr. John J. Ball, Jr. 

C Dr. § Mrs. Richard £ Bell 
Mrs. Michole Metteo Berg 

C Mr.aMrs.AlvinC.Beroer 

C Miss Leslie Ann Berger 

C Mr. a Mrs. Lloyd D. Berger 
Mrs. Mildred Phillips Bernard 

C Mrs. Irene Seiders Bighw 

C Or. Philip A. Billings 

C Mrs. Jane Ehrhert Bishop 

V Mr. a Mrs. Vernon Bishop 
C Dr. Samuel H. Black 

Mr. Donald Blanken 
C Mr. Martin F.BItichert 

V John A. Blessing Foundation 
C Mr.aMrs.JohnD.8oeg 

Mr. Tofci Bobotas 
C Mr.aMn.OonaldL.Boachora 

Mrs. Elinor Strauss Boashora 


Or. a Mrs. Willism P. Bohbmdsr 
C Dr. JarnesN. Bollinger 
C Mr. a Mrs. 0, Pats Soiling* 
C Mr. a Mrs. Ammon A. Bortz 
C Mrs. Jeen Gingrich Bomgardner 

Mr. Herbert L.Booz 

Or. a Mrs. James E. Boston, Jr. 
P Mr.WitliemD.Boswell 
C Mr.aMrs.WilburBowen 
C Mr. a Mrs. Gerald L Bowman 
C Dr. Lewis W.Bowman 

Miss Ellen A. Bayer 
C Or. a Mn. Robert H.Boyd 

Or ,\ 



Miss Dorothy E. Boyle 
C Mr. James L Boyle, Jr. 

Mr. a Mrs. Robert N. Boyle 
C Miss Kethryn E. Brahm 

Mrs. Jo Ann Otto Brewer 

Aluminum Company of America Foundation 

American Bank a Trust Company of PA 

American Can Company 

American Express Company 

American Horn* Products Corp. 

American Standard, Inc. 

American Telephone a Telegraph Company 

Armstrong Cork Company 

Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc. 

Atlantic RtchfitM Foundation 


J. E. Baker Company 

Bankers Trust Company 

Btchtel Foundation 

The Becton, Dickinson Foundation 

Btll Laboratories 

Bail Telephone Company of PA 

The Bendix Corporation 

Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

James G. Bi 

Borg-Warnor Corp. 

Bristol-Myers Fund 

|ul Corporation 
Firestone Tire a Rubber Company 

Franklin Mint Corporation 
GK Technologies Foundation, Inc. 
General Accident Fire a Life 
General Electric Foundation 
General Dynamics Corporation 
General Foods Fund, Inc. 
General Reinsurance Corporation 
Getty Oil Company 
Goldman, Sachs a Company 

Valley Forge-St. Matthews 

Harsco Corporation Fund 

Horshey Entertainment a Resort 

The Htrshey Fund 

Hershey Trust Company 

Hoffman-LoRoche, I nc. 

IBM Corp. 

ICI * 


Johnson a Johnson 

Kerr-McGee Corporation 

Tht Kidder Peabody Foundation 

Kraft, Inc. 

Mack Trucks, Inc. 

Martin Marietta Corp. 

The McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. 

Tht Merck Company Foundation 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Monsanto Fund 


The NCR Foundation 

National Central Foundetion 




i "*^3s 


_. . 

;■ %>. 

■F 1 ?*-^ 





%. $ - 


1" M. ' 

r * 

W £- 







X ■**»- - 



*4» - 

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Jr jK: 

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( 1 

£ *iif - 

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>\* u - 

i ■ 

■ "Hi 

T~ *- 

■ | "1 

i ^ 

I 1 

■ ■ | 


~ ■ \ 

T 4 

"V ' 


MS* '• ' It,* *r* turn r*. 

■ tt#n lajxaajei **mw r -jmsutif* nwn w fm« n we 

rp a 




V VctroySooety P President's Club C Century Club 

C Mr. Harry L Bricks. Jr. 
V Dr. Nancy H. Bright 
C Or. Oarryl W. Brixhn 

Mr*. Merah Gambit Brook* 
Mr. Dennis A. Brown 
P Mr. ft Mn. Mas A. Brown 

C Mi. Theraa V.Brown 

Rev.&Mn. William J. Brawn 
C Mr.ftMn.WiHiamJ.Bniwn 

Mr. Rick Lw Brubaks 
C Mr. ftMn. William J. Brunrwr 

Rev. ftMn. Robert 0. Bryant 
C Or. William 0. Bryan 
C Mr. G. Harold Buchar 
C Mn. Barbara G. Schraods-Buck 

Mr. ft Mn. William CBudtfaMar 
C Mn.Jeen A. Buckley 

Mn. Barbara Asptund Burgas 
V U.Col.&Mn.rttwMnM.Burgns 
C Mr. KannatK S. Burkty 

Mr. Claris F. Burkhardt 
C Mr. ft Mn. Donald S.Bwfchart 

Mrs. Ruth Cobb) Burkhart 
C Mr. ft Mn. Donald I. Burkholdar 
C Mia Fay B. Bumi 
C Mr. Ronald G. Burrichtar 
C Mr. ft Mn. Michael B. Butarbough 

Mr. Ralph H. Buyt 
C Or.ftMn.DontJdE.Byrm.Jr. 

C Dr.&Mn.VoorhisC.CaMnll 

V Mr.&Mn.HymanS.Capi«n 
C Mr. ft Mn. Norman F. Carey 
C Mr. John K.Carl 

V Dr. Thomat B. Germany 

V Mr. a Mrs. 0. Clark Carman 
Mn. Marion Ulnar Cam 

C Mr. ft Mn. Scott V. Carney 

C Mn. Carol Prin & 

C Dr.&Mn.. 
Rev. Dr. a Mn. John S. Carts 
Mn. Victoria PeroaCartar 

C Mn.OlaaLopaiCnewit 

C ls.aMn.Jsrw*G.CBsal,Jr. 

C Mr. ft Mrs. Robert U.Caaatl 

C Rw.W.EdaarOthan 
Mr. ft Mn. Donald H. Cheppwt 

C Or. William E. Checks 
Rev. ft Mn. WHUem T. Cherry 

C Mn. Nancy LuMyenChiodo 

Or. S. Fred Chrtstman 
C Or. JoeephM. Clark 
C Mr. Samuel K.Clark 

Mr. Robert A. Clay 

Mr. Robert Y. Clay 

Mr. ft Mn. Clarence E. Clemen* 
P Dr. Thomat M. damans 
P Mis M. Blanche Cochran 
C Dr. Gent U. Cohen 

Rev. UMoH. Cole, Sr. 

C Mn.JoanHelndelColiflower 

Mn. Barbara Millar Cohar 

V Commonwealth National Bank 
Mia Bewly E. Cooney 

C Or. & Mrs. John C. Conrad 
C Mn. Karen Donoohue Crawford 
C Mn.V1oaSr*ttelCrit« 
C Mr. &Mn. Robst W.toisrigbt 

Mis Jennifer E.Crouttr 
C Or. ft Mn. George D.Curfman 
C Mr. Johns. Curry 
C Or. Donald IDehbenj 

V Mn. Betty Rutherford Debar 
Mr. Stanley M. Darned 

C Mn. Ethtl Howar Darks 

C Mr. ft Mr*. Enot L Dtuaherty 
P Or. ft Mrs. Robert M. Dougherty 
C Dr. Robert S.Dtwdon 
C Mr, ft Mn. Jams K. Dam 

Mr. ft Mn. Jams W. Davit 
P Mr.&Mn.JanatJ.Oavran 

Dr. Choriotti A. Mackemjon-Oaon 

Mr. Glenn D. Davan 
C Mr. ft Mn. Lteyd Dswn 
C Mr.&Mn,A.ArfredOeWoco 

V Mr. Curvm N. DttHngs 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley T.OtNUtgs 

V ft. & Mrs. Wiio&imS. Wongs 
C Dr. Miriam Light Deradar 

C Mb* Catharine Dtreco 
P Or. Darickfon Memorial 
Mr. &Mn. Cert L. Dorr 
C Dr. ft Mn. William F.Otn 
C Dr.JormA.Detwotler 
P Mn. Looint Maberry Detwiis 
C Mn. Alice S.Dieh( 

Mr. Ronald L Oietz 
C Mr. ft Mn. William CDiGiacomo 

Mr. Thorns CDihwrth 
V Or. Carroll 6. Ortitar 
C Mr. &Mn. Warren D.Ditzfs 
C Mr.&Mn.GuyLDobln.Jr. 

V Reuben H. DonmHoy Corp. 

Mr. ft Mrt. Charts Oonoghut 
P Mr. Robert J. Dortough 

P Mr.JohnH.Drsjts 
C Mr.JtyN.DutweiMJr 
C Mis Edna M.Early 
P Dr. ft Mn. Robert F. Early 
C Eattern Ptnnylwnia Conference 
Rev. ft Mn. Harvey W.Ebright 
V Mr.ftMn.JohnR.Eby 
C Hoo.&Mn.D. Richard Eckman 
Mr.ft Mn. Raymond H. Edgssmb 

Mr. ft Mn. Robart Edwards 
P Dr.&Mn.CarlY.Ehriwt 
C Mia Heaths R. Ehrfich 

Mr. ft Mn. William B.Eittnhart 
C Dr.JohnH.E 
P Or.HsmenA.C 

Mn. Marion Snevely Ellenbergs 
C Mr.ThorwR.Embich 


Mr. Robert L Enden 
C Mr.&Mn.HareMG.EiwjM,Jr. 

Mi. Virgmia E. Enatebntfti 
C Mr. ft Mn.W.Brun English 
P Mis Sara L Enminptf 

C Mr. Michael CErdman 

Mr. David Lea Eshelman 
C Mr. ft Mn. DeWitt M. Eaick 

V Mr. Devid S. Ens 

Mr. ft Mrs. Owen B. Etter 
P Dr. Rust! H. Etter 
Mr. Patr) J. Evancoe 

V EvangaUcel Manor Foundation 
C Mr. ft Mn. Arthur J. Evans 

Mrs. Bertha M. Evans 
C Mis Cynthia Lynn Evans 
C Mr. David J. Evwu - 
C Mr. Lloyd 0. Event 
C Mr. Ronald G. Evans 

Mr. Samuel 0. Evans 
C Mr. &Mn.WilNsml.H. Evans 
C Mr.ftMn.ErvinE.Ftekls,Jr. 

V Farmen Trust Company 
C Farmland Industris, Inc. 
C Mrs. Mabel Miller Femll 

P Mr.&Mn.AnsiR.Fasnecht 
Mr. Neil E. Fasnacht 

V Dr.Mael.Feuth 

C Mr. ft Mn. Philip H. Faiths 
C Dr.&Mn.D.LoRoyFtgley 
C Dr.AJtxJ.Fthr 

Mr. Larry J. Ft inmtn 
C Dr.JayA.FtHy 
C Mto Gladys M. Fend* 

Mr. ft Mn.K. Steven Ftdiew 

V Dr. ft Mn. Herbert Field* 
Mr. Rey K. Fields 

V Mr. ft Mrs. Eugene C.F'rth 
Or. William P.Fitbtr 

C Or.&Mn. Hiram E.Fitzgerald 
Mr. William W.Fodtt 
Mr. Herbert M. Forrst 

V Mr.&Mn.PaulB.Foutz 
C Mn. Blanche Stags Fox 

P Mr. ft Mn. Frederick S. Franu. Jr. 
C Lt. Col. Jams T. Franu. Jr. 

C Mr. ft Mn. William 0. Linkoos 
C Mn. Sharon Stater Hsr C Mr. Jonathan D. Lipoert 

V Henhoy Entertainment ft Resort Company C Dr. Paul Lipwi 

C Mn. Judith Aungtt Fratmtn 
P Mr. ft Mrs. Raymond T.Frey 

Mr. Robert E. Frey. Jr. 

Mis Undo C. Friakey 
P Dr. Otrmk L Funck 
C Mr. Richard M. Ford* 

Mn. Runetta Whita Gabritlle 

-V Or. DtltW. Garbs 
C Mr. ft Mrs. Joseph M. Giro* 

Mis Lynn Gsrttt 

Rev. RoltndE. Garvin 
C Mr. Eugtnt R. Gettty 

C Or. Pierce A. Get! 
C Or. Ruotil P. Gttz 
V Mr.G.WitjurGibbii 

Mbs M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 
C Mn. Louis Shears Ginghs 

Mr. Donald J. Gingrich 
C Mn. Mary Fundi Gingrich 
C Mr. ft Mn. Robert C. Gingrich 
C Mr.ft Mn. Warts H. Gingrich 

Mr. William C. Gingrich 
C Dr.&Mn. Donald J. Glen 
C Mr.ftMn.GeorgtS.Glan 

P Or. ft Mn. Martin L.GIunu 

Mr. David L Godchall 
C Mr. Richard G 

C Mn. Charlotte Gongloff 

Mis Nora M. Goodman 
C Dr. David M. Gordon 
P Dr.&Mn.DaltB.Gougs 
C Mr. Thomas A, Gougs 

Mr. Denim M.GreybiH 
C Mis Myrtie R, Grtentwaft 
C Or. Robert B. Grew, 111 

V Mr. Fred M. Groins 

Mr. ft Mn. Robert C. Grains 
C Or. Micnatl A. Grille 
C Mr. Henry H. Grimm 
C Mr. Kenneth R. Grimm 

V Mr. &Mn.RobirtS. Grimm 

C Mr. ft Mn. Samuel O.Grimm, Jr. 

V Dr. ft Mn. Samuel B.Groh 
Or. Marietta On* Grumert 

C Mn. Floda Trout Guinivan 
P Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan 
C Mn. Mud E. Gulden 

Mn. Joyce Hubs Gundrum 
C Mr. Rtid W. Habacks 
C Df.ftMn. Robtn LHonig 
C Mr. ft Mn. Preston H. Hedtey, III 

V Mn. Mary Rank Htin 

C Mr. Ksmeth M. Hole, Jr. 
C Mr. Glenn L Hall 

Mr. Lorry a Hell 
V Hamilton Bank 
C Or. Carolyn R. Hans 

Mr. & Mrs. Jams M. Hansen 
C Mn. Miriam Cantl Hiring 

Mr. Robert E. Hsnish 
C Rev. Donald L. Harps 
P Mr. John R. Harps 

l L. Hsrigs 
C Dr.MilsD.Harrios 
P Mn. Helen Eddy Hart 
C Mn. Dolores Hi 

V Mr. ft Mn. Harold W. Hartman. Si 
Mis Pet Hartranft 

C Mr. ft Mn. Ronald B. Hartranft 
Rav. ft Mn. Merrill A. Hissings 
Rtv. Calvin B. Htvarstodt, Jr. 
C Dr.&Mn.BryanV.Hnnay 
Mn. Doris Cortright Heck 
Mr. Grant F. Heck 
Mn. Kshryn Albert Hecktrd 
Or. ft Mn. Roger A. Heckman 
C Mr. DoraM L. Htdgocock 
C Mix Elizabeth Retail Heffley 
C Mr. Warren R. Htidttbtugh 

V Or.&Mn. Allan H.Hoim 
C Dr.&Mn.NadD.Heindel 

Mr. & Mn. George F. Helltck 
C Mn. Eleanor Lynch Hempsly 

Mr. Norman A. Hempsly 
C Mr. &Mn.B. Thomas Henry 

Mn. Geil Fsnacht Hontchki 
C Mr.&Mn.RisseHA.Htnzti 
C Mn. Bamict 0. Herb 
C Mis Emma E.Hsr 
C Mr. ft Mn. Eugene B.Hsr 

V Htrshey Food* Urporation 
C Or, G. Edgs Htrtils 
C Mrs. Mary Ovarty Htrtils 
C Dr.&Mn.PtulW.Hts 

C Or. Suzanne HoHinrjsworth Httrick 

V MiaEffieM.Hibbi 
P Mn. Allen J. Hicks 

C Rtv.AlvinS.Hildtbnnd 

Rev. ft Mn. Harry if. Himmalbsgs 

Mn. Esths Engw Hhms 
P Or.&Mn. John CHoak 
C Mr. &Mn. Richard J. Hosns 
C Mr. Donald R. Hoffs 
C Mr. CltrkS. Hoffman. Jr. 
C Mr. Thoffloa V. Hoffman 
C Mr. Robert O.Hoffnmms. Jr. 

Mr. a Mn. George J. HolBeh. Jr. 
C Mr.aMn.CleudeA.Hollings 

Mr. & Mn. Edwin A. Holms 

C Mrs. Christine M. Hopple 
C Dr. ft Mrs. Paul E. Horn 
C Mr. ft Mn. Robert E. Horn 
V Mr.RoaelJ.Hora 
C Or.aMn.AbremM.Hoctitts 
C Rev. Roost* R. Hostttts 
C Col. Henry G. Hoststs 
C Or. a Mn. Mark J. Hostttts 
C Mr. MetvinE. Hostttts 
C Or. F. Pets Hotttntttin 
P Mr. a Mn. William E. Hough, III 
C Mr. a Mn. Paul M. Hows 

Dr. J. Hsold Housmsi 
C Or.&Mn. Robert A. Houston 
C Mn. Esths Wat Hovis 
C Mis BtckyO. Hubs 
C Dr.W.FrsJsickHubs 


r, Jf. 

C ) 
C I 

Mr. Jeffrey P. litis 

C Mr. a Mn. Robart L Innon 
C Mr.&Mn.RicradA.iskovmz 

C Dr.aMn. L. Eurjane Jacqus 

Mrs. Mabel Chsnbarlain Jankowski 

Mr. Brua M. Jtffary 
C Mr. a Mn. Robtrt M. Johns 
C Mr.aMn.LtwrwKaW.Johneon 

Or. a Mn. Wayne D. Johnson 
C Mn. Eolith McCartney Jons 
C Or. Howard O.Jons 
C Mr.aMn.LtwranctE.Jons 

V Jonestown Bank a Trutt Company 
C Mr. Richard A. Joyce * 

Mot Donna Kay Jungmann 
C Mr. Pater W.Kstdrat 
C Rev.aMn.EarlH.Kauffman 
P Dr.aMn.GtnkJO.Kauffman 
C Or.aMn.JohnP.KMmey 
C Rev. &Mn.RogsE. Kadi 
C Rev. ft Mn. William J. Keels 
C Mr. PmiI K. Katnt 
C Mn. Ruth OA. Keent 

Mn. Mildred Rtttte Kefs* 
C Or.ftMn.JsnsM.Keits 
C Mn.EHanS.KeNs 
C Mr. Theodora 0. Kills 

Mr. ft Mn. William J. Kelly 

Mn. Doris Eckst Kttns 
C Kaystone Wats Company 
C Mr.WHiamH.Kiidt 

ft. J. Michael Kitdn 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Budtshnm Kind) 
C Mr. HariinS. Kinney 
C Mn. Joan Eckanroad Kirk 

*C Mrs. Ethel Stricfcar Ktopp 

C Mr.AnwH.Knatey 
C Mr.ft Mrs. Robart F. Koch. Sr. 

Mn. Nanette Rettig Koerns 

Rev. ft Mrs, W. Richard Kohls 


Mrs. Msgwet Weinst Krems 
C Mr.JohnW.K/tarns 
P Mr.aMn.AndftwW.Krakls 

V Mn. Lvda 0. Krtids 
C Mb* Barbara A. Kraiss 
C Dr. Thomat H.Kreisar 

Mr. Wesley R.Kreit* 

V Or. Ronald R. Kresgt 
Mr. Robtrt L Krieg 

C Or. Richard L. Krill 

Mr. Kerry A. Kulp 

Mn. Oonna Diehl Kunu 

Dr. Earn S.Kurtz 
C Mr*. Kathrina Bibbtugh Leckey 

Mn. Karen Coops Lamb 

V Mr. Edgs 0. Landis 
P Mr. Edgs M. Landis 

Mn. Hilda Yost Landis 
C Mr. Thorns A. Unsa 

Mr. Joel B. Lsrtz 
C Rev.aMn.WiliurF.Lantz 

V Mn. Ruth Shroys Lark 
C Or. David I. Lasky 

Mn. Dane Nelson Laul 
C Mr. E. Eugene Lauvs 

V Mr. Malcolm L Lazin 

V Lebanon Area Ptnonntl Association 
C Lebanon Building Supply 

V Lebanon Phimbina Supply, Inc. 

V L.V.C. Women's Auxiliary 

V LV.C. AuxUiory-Philadelphia Branch 

V Lebanon Valley NsionaJ Bank 
Mr. Charts C.Lebs 

C Mr. Keith H. Labo 
C Mr. H. Ktnneth Lw 
Mr. Kenwsd C.Y. Lae 

Mr. P. Jeffrey Lohn 
Mn. Evelyn Kilter Leib 


a J, 

V VickroySociSy P President's Club C Century Club 

Mia Carol J. Lennox 
Mrs. Gsaldim E. Lantz 
P Mn.SucenDaksLtonerd 
Mr. Quimm Allan Larch 
Mr. a Mn. Herbert Levy 
Mrs. Theodore Lidlt 
C Mr. Clifford J. Light 

Mr. a Mn. John H. Light 
C Mrs. Marian Uney Light 
C Mr.aMn.RussllK.Ught 
C Ltc.PaulW.Lightns.Jr. 

Mr. Devid Lilian 
C Mrs, Cora Graby Limevnth 

Mr. a Mr*. Fred E. Longer*** 

Mr. Kannsh A. Longenocks 

Mr. Theodore M. Loos 
C Mis LeieW. Lops 
C Or. Jem D. Love 

Mn. Phyllis Lucktns Lost 

Mr. a Mn. Rodney Lues 

Mr. Robert J. Ludwig 
C Mn. Marion Hstsatine Lugo 
C Mr*. Rabeca Sopplte Lundgrst 

C Ma Evelyn Were Lynch 
P Mr. P. Theodora Lyts 

C Mr.&Mn.rjoraWC.M*eG»w*n 

Or. & Mrs. Robert H. Meek 

Mr. & Mn. Wesley J. MacMiflan 
C Mrs. Esths WalmsMadciff 

Mr. Harold G. Madeira 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Megrowski 
V Mrs. Edna L. Mais 

Mrs. Csok Lasky Merburgs 
C Dr. Leon £. Mirkewicz 

C Mr.RobstJ.Mstalus 

Mr. CharlsH. Martin 
C Dr. Ruth Smrth-Matsuo 
C Mr.&Mn.KarlV.Matts 

Mr. &Mn.C Thorns Mau 
C Mr. &Mn. Gusts* T. Maury 
C Mr.JonpbB.May 

Mn. Darter* Tin McCabi 

Mr. K. Loren McCletry 

Mr. Frank R.McCulloch 
P MinJoanC.McCuUoh 

Mr. & Mn. Robert C. McCultough 

C Mr.ftMr*.JohnCMcFsWs»,Jr. 
C Mr.&Mrs.JohnR.McFaddsi 

C MlaTfwImaMcKinstry 

P Or. a Mn. Gilbert D.McKlveen 

V Mr. a Mn. Roy McMinds 

V Mn. Anne Dunka McViy 
C Of. ft Mrs. Robert L. Mails 
C Mn. Dorothy Light Mtat 

Mr. David R. Mads 

Or. Frederick Mibalmen 

Mis Anita J. Meiss 

C Mr. Ricky C. Mettings 
C Mr. Clyde S.Mentzs 

Mrs. Brandt McCWUnd Meutr* 
C Mr.ftMn.GeorgtF.Mssersmfth 
C Mr.ftMn.JohnW.Metkt 

V Dr. Stephen J. Msro 
C Mr. Craig S. Mays 

C Mr. Samuel Mtys 

V Mr.&Mn.ElwoadW.Meyen 
C Mr. ft Mrs. Adam O.Millar 

C Mr. ft Mn. Earl R.Mills 
C Mn. Frederic K. Mills 
C Dr. Gary 0. Milts 
C Mr. Gerald D.Mills 
C Rev. ft Mn. Grant H. Mills 

Mn. Halm L Miller 

Mr. John J. Miller 
C Mr. ft Mn. Larry H.Mills 
C Or. ft Mn. Millard J. Miller 

Mr. Richard W.Mills 

Rav. Robert J. Mills 
C Mn. Sunn Smith Mills 
C Dr. WedeS. Mills 

Mrs. Mary R. Mills 

Mr. Stephen M. Mitchell * 
C Dr. a Mrs. Owen A. Mot, Jr. 

Rav. a Mn. Hawaii E.Moore 

Mn. Carol Martin Moorettald 
C Mr. Hsokf 0. Morgan 

V Mr. a Mn. Lawrence H.Morgan 

V Dr. Russell E. Morgan 
Mr. Bradley N. Morrill 

C Mr. Merit S. Morrow 
C Mr. a Mn. Lawrence R.Mas, Jr. 
Mr. Chests tLMottills 

V Mr.aMn.CliftonE.Mowrs,Jr. 
Mr. jfifiiy Tp MowpTW 

C Mr.&Mr*.V*ayneL.Mowrey 
P Mr. George R. Mays 

V Or. ft Mn. John R. Mays, III 

C Mn. Suzanne Kraus Moys 

Dr. William W. Moys 
C Mr.a Mrs. Robert J. Mrazik 

Mr. William P. Muelter 

V Dr.aMn.AllanW.Mund 
P Mr.JamnL.Murdy 

Rev. Paul C. Murphy 
P Mutual Whotente Corp. 
P Mis Mildred E.Mytn 
P Mb* Mildred E.Myon 
C Mr.aMn.WillMinJ.Myen 
C Mr. Elliott V. flaglo 

V National Science Foundttion 
C Mrs. Rom Tschopp Needy 

C Mrs. Anne ZfcartJli Neely 

V Dr.aMn. H. Anthony Niidig 
Mr. ft Mn. Ernest W. Neimeys 

C rjr.&Mn.DtvidD.Ntiswsids r Jr. 

Mr. Ktri 0. Neiswends 

Mrs. Mary Hom Ntison 
C Mr. ft Mn. Walts L Nib 

Mr. Marc A. Neville 
C Mr. a Mrs. Jems R. Newconw.Jr. 

Mr. a Mn. Grant T. Nichols 
C Dr. Henry H. Nichols 
C Mn. Violet H. Nitrous 
P Mr.aMn.AostS.Noll 
C Or. John D. Norton, III 
C Mr.JemsG.Novings 

V The Giatev Dbariatnds Foundttion, 
C Dlewine's Inc. 

C Dr. John G. Oliver 

C Mr.JohnF.Onofrey 

C Dr. a Mrs. Kenneth R. Drvrig 

C Mr.JoaphT.DxIty 

C Mr. Howard J,Pachna 

C Rev. a Mrs. R. Howsd Peine 

Mr. Lsry J. Paints 
C Mn. Ruth Hughs Films 

C Rev. Marvin E. Patrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Thorns C.Padlty 
C Dr. Harold S. Peiffs 

Mr. a Mn. George J. Pence. Jr. 

V The William Penn Foundation 
Mn. Claudia Hostttts Penned 
Mn. Roberta Sheriff Pennington 

Mr. Renato E. Pre* 

Mr. Lewis F, Petty 

Mr. a Mn. William H.Phifs 

Mr. Dennis C. PhHtippy 
C Mr.aMn.HowsdB.Phillippy 
C Mr. John H.Phillips 

Mn. Margaret Garbs Philp 

Chap, a Mn. David W. Pierce 

V Mr. a Mn. Elms E. Platers 

V Mr. a Mn. Kenneth H.Phimms 
C Dr.aMn. Sidney Pollack 

C Mr. a Mn. Wilfred Pouwtte 
C Mr. a Mn. Robert B. Pratt, Jr. 
MbxPnyNIs A. Proctor 
Mrs. Margaret McGarvay Purdy 

V Quality inn 

C Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 

* Mn. Lola Otatnbsg Runny 

C Or. Ezra H. Ranck 

C Or.&Mn. Calvin H.Rabs, Jr. 

C Mr. O.Kant Reed 

C Dr. ft Mn. Riehenf C. Reed 

C Mia Mildred M.Roigh 
C Mr. Jems T. Rally 
C Mr. Oorald R. Rsnecks 
C Mr. a Mn. Robert C. Rnns 

V Mr.aMn.ThomaC.Reinhst 
C Or. a Mn. William F. Roruuili 

Mn. Edith Fan* Reynolds 

Mr. Michael D. Rhoadt 
P Qr.a Mrs. Jacob f Rhods 
C Mr. Freemen 0. Rice 

C Or.J.HenryRiCKS 
P Mr.aMn.MefvinS.Rife 
P Dr. a Mn. Robert C. Riley 
C Mr.aMn.HaroUW.Risnr,Jr. 

Mrs. Loretta Hostttts R'anr 
C Mr.aMn.FrenkA.RHritvi 
C Mr.aMn.JohnS.Rfttlt 

Or. a Mn. Robert H. Rfttlt 
C Mr. a Mrs. Stepfan H. Roberts 
C Rohtend Funeral Home, Inc. 
C Mrs. Kathryn E. Rofrfond 
C Mr. ft Mrs. Joseph O.Rojehn 

Mrs. Jean Shultz Ron 

Mr. Richard H. flotz 
P Mr. ft Mrs. Herbert H. Roush 

Mr. Scott E-Ruthr 

Mia Roasnary a. Ruht 
C Mr. ft Mn.Crsrm «»**,*. 
C Mr. ft Mrs. Edward ft. Ruth, Jr. 
C Mr. a Mrs. F. Ansi Rutherford. Jr. 


Mr. Robert W. Rutts 

V Ssmr Alumni Fund 

V Mary Seen* Foundation 

V Dr. Frederick P. Simplt 
Mr. Donald W.Sompla 

C SSG.JIHE.Sempni 

C Mrs. Sarah SturffsSendy 

Mr. Lee W. Sake 

C Mr. Carl F. Seven 

C Mr.&Mn.LouaP.SchoBs 

Mn. Patricia A. Schools 

V Dr. & Mn. C. Richard Schott 

P Mr. & Mrs. Leonard M.Schrope 

V Mr.aMn.JackSchropp 

V Mrs. S. Elizabeth Schutar 
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott 

C Mr. Jamas H. Scott 
C Or. Jams W.Scott 
C Mrs. Rebecca Ungs Scott 

C Mn. Margaret Druck Sechritt 
C Capt. a Mrs. Martin O.Saiden 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Setley 
V Or.&Mn. C. Boyd Sheffs 
C Mr. &Mn. Eugene K. Staffs 
C Rev. &Mn.PeidC. Shaffer 
C Mr. & Mrs. Emat D.Shaw 
C Or.&Mn. Ralphs. Shay 
C Mr. Kenneth C. Shafts 
Or.&Mn. Daniel L Shears 

Mn. Arm Hunsbergs Shenbergs 


P Mn.VkHtW.Shtttel 
C Mr. Paul A. Shields 

Rav. William S.Shillady 
C Mn, Sandra W. Shiftman 

Mr. & Mr*. Bryan W. Shirk 
C Mn. Adore RebkjsShoHey 
C Rev. Robert H. Shorts 
C Mr. &Mn. Thorns F.Shott 
V Mn. J. Balms Shows* 
C Mr. & Mn. Kenneth R. Shawm 
P Mr. a Mrs. Oavid K. Shroys 

Mr. Irwin H. Sisal 
C Mn. Petri Mills Sweat 

P Dr.aMrs.J.rJtvioHSiasrMn 
C Mr.AbstP.SiUdorff 
C Or. Damon LSUvere, 111 
C Mr.AfestJ.Sinavaga 

Mn. Gran NauoM Sinclair 

Mr. a Mrs. Oorald M. Sings 
C Or. TfcorSipo* 
C Mr*.OorttBrydanSkinkos 
C Mis ElzebethS. Skat 
C Mn.Htzei Bailey Smedley 
P Mn. Dorothy Fenril Smith 
C Mn. Oorothy L Smith 

Mr, & Mn. Harry 6. Smith 
C Dr. John Aberrathy Smith 
C Mr. John C. Smith 
C Mr. LnC. Smith 
C Mr. &Mn. Robtrt W.Smith 

Feths Thorns Smith 

Inc. C Mr. & Mn. Worts L Smith 

P Mbs Lottie J. Snavety 

P Mas Pauline T. Slavery 

C Mr.aMaClnwW.Swwbsger 

V Dr.HerveyB.Snvds 
C Mr. a Mn. Louis A. Somntino 
C MisAgnaM.Soudtn 
C Rtv. &Mn. Bract C. Soudan 
P Sowss Printing Company 
C Mr.&Mn.E.LnS|wnake 
C Mr.EariJ.Spsigls 
C Mr. & Mrs. Morton Spector 
P Mr. Calvin D.Spitls 
Dr. Arthur W.Stambach 
C Mr.&Mn.J.FostsSambach 
Dr.&Mn. Paul LStambach 

C Mr. Oavid L.Stanilla 

C Mr.PttsA.StaniUa.Jr. 

C Mr. &Mn. Gregory G.Stanson 

C Mr.GeorgtA.StauHs 

C Or.&Mn. Rodney H.Stjuffs 

C Mr. Glenn R.Stech 

P Mr. & Mrs. Allen W.Steffy 

V Steitz Savings & Loan Aaociation 

V Starling Drug Inc. 
Mn. Mary Ann Stewert 

C Dr. CawhyH. Stint 
C Mr. David L. Stottitmys 
C Mn. Claire Adems Stoudt 
P Dr.VenoR.Stouffs.Jr. 

V Mr.E.PatsSrrickls 

C MtaEwlynM.Strickls 
C Or.&Mn. George G.Strublo 
C Rtv. Gerald J. Stutzmen 
C Mr. Robert Sullivan 
P Mr.aMn.Jolml.$wagard 

C Mr.aMn.JohnF.Swopo 
C Mis Nine E.Tefel 
C Mn. Carol Wsfield Tollman 

V Dr.aMn.H.ThomaTamaki 
Mr. Robert Tarantoto 

Mn. Barbare Ranck Teylor 

C Mia JoenR. Teylor 
Or. Larry R. Taylor 
Mr. a Mrs. Roberts. Teylor 

C Or.aMn.ChtriaO.TeMB 

C Mr.aMn.GeorgeJ.TelUs 
Mr. Gery J. Templin 

C Rev. Kenneth R. Texts 
Mn. Kathleen LThach 

C Mn. Delia HerrThoma 
Mr. Gregory M. Thoma 
Mia Carolyn E. Thompson 
Or. & Mrs. Phillip E. Thompson 

C Mr.&Mn.WarrtnKATrwmpton 
Rev. & Mn. Willitm M. Thompson 

V Ms. Marion E. Thurra 
C Dr. C F. Joseph Tom 

Mr. ftMn. Charts W. Tome. Jr. 
C Mia Evsyn Toss 
C Mr.ftMn.MsfcF.Trax 
C Mn.Mtrjorie Smith Trego 
C Rev. ft Mr*. Martin WA Trestle 

Mr. Curtis C Troutmen 
C Mr.ft Mr*. Robert P. Tschop 

V UGlCorp. 

C Mr.JorwiJ.Uht 

C Rtv. & Mn. HiroW L Ulms 

C MruB. Elizabeth Ukrich 

V Or. ftMn. Samuel D.UIrich 
C Mr.&Mn.CarlR.Umbsgs 

Mis Nen E. Urich 

V Mr.&Mn.NormsiVBnderwall 
Mn. Catherine Hdlicfc VenNes 

C WLBR Ftediij Station 
C Dr. Mary Young Wagns 
C Dr. Otvid H. Wallace 
C Mia Lynatte E.Wells 

V Or.&Mn. John 0. Wilms 
C MtaBevslyA.Welp 

Mn. Wlnffrad Waver Watts* 

V Or.MicraelP.Wartz 

V Or. Paul K. Waltz 

C Mr. ft Mn. Ron W. Watts 

Mrs. Csole Fox Warn 
C Mr.&Mn.ClaranaLWnvs 
C Col.RoyA.WtkJman 
P Mr. &Mn. Thoma W.Waik 
P Mis Margaret S.Wtims 

V Mr. Ronald B.Wainel 

RflV. JtMlftK W. Will 

V Dr.ElizabshKreiasWaisburgs 
C Or.&Mn.HsmanJ.Weas,Jr. 
C Dr.&Mn. MervaH.Wttty 

V Wtngst't Oeiry, Inc. 

V Mr.&Mn.HslsiR.Wengst 
C Mr.&Mn.JohnE.W«ngst 

Mr. George M.Wentling 
P ReymondT.Wsnling Estate 

C Or.OnnG.WetzS 

Mrs. Miry Hiests What 

V Tht Whites Foundation 

C Mrs. Marion HimnwJbergs White 
C Mn.Myre Shafts White 

Mr. & Mn. Arthur R. Whftemen 
C Rev.&Mn.MefvinL.Whftmira 

Mr* TnQflntt E. Wnttlt 


V Mr.&Mn.JttnaA.WUhelm 
C Mn. Helen Hugtra Wifkhaon 

V Mr.E.O.Wflwms.Jr. 
Or.&Mn. J. Dennis WHIbms 
Mn. Martha Rudnicki William* 

C Dr. Robert B.Wingtte 
C Mr. Gsiid S. Wmesvoth 
P Rev. &Mn. Mark Wingsd 

Mn. Alma Binns Wat 
C Dr.&Mn. Alton F.Wolfe 
C Mr. Henry F.Wolfskail 
C Mr. &Mn. Robst D.Woms 
C Mr. & Mrs. Robst M. Wondsting 
C Mr. &Mn.Glsm H.Woods 

Mia Julia Anne Woods 

V Dr. ChristienG. Worms 

C Dr.aMn.RoraldG.Yorgs 

C Dr.aMra.JntphH.Yeakel 
C Mr. Donald 0. Yettr* 
C Mr.aMn.J.RoyYsgs 
C Or. Ralph E. Yinnt 
C Mr.J.BahottYorty 

V Mr. a Mn. Horry B.Yost 
C Mr. Jon A. Yost 

C Dr. Horry E. Zoch 
Rev. Donald E. Zechmsi 

C Dr. a Mn. Harry W. Zechmsi 
Rev. Oorald D. Zoidtrs 

V Mr. Edwin H.Zsgttr 

V Mn. Margaret Zeigls 
Rev. Earl W.Zellen 
Mr.a MrcW. Jeff Zallen 

C Mn. Grin Keens Zsbe 

C Mr. E. John Zettlemoys 


C Mr.aMn.JamsH 

C Mr. Raymond S.rimrnerrnan, Jr. 

Mr. a Mn. Robert A. Zlmmsman 
V Mn.LMstZwaliy 
C Dr.RoraldJ.Zygrmim 


NOTES ABOUT CLASSNOTES: Because of space limitations as well as 
their inclusion in the Senior Alumni Newsletter, classnotes for classes 
over 50 years are not normally included in this section of the Journal. 
We reserve the right to edit material submitted to classnotes. Also, in 
the Marriages and Births sections when two alum's are involved, the 
woman's class year is used with marriages (the husband's class year is 
listed behind his name), white the husband's year is used with births 
(noting the woman's maiden name and class year in parenthesis). With 
Deaths, we attempt to include as much information about an alumnus 
as possible, however, in some cases our alumni files are incomplete and 
the date of death is the only information that we have. When an alum- 
nus is mentioned in the Journal, the first listing is always capitalized. 

OR BRUCE METZGER, professor 
of New Testament at Princeton 
Theological Seminary, spent five weeks 
on a lecture tour at colleges and uni- 
versities in Australia and New Zealand. 
He also served as general editor of the 
recently published Reader's Digest 
Condensation of the Bible, Revised 
Standard Version. 

as associate director of Central 
District for the Pennsylvania Council 
on Alcohol Problems since 1975. In 
1981 he was named PCAP Person 
of the Year. 

part-time administrative assistant 
to Bishop John B. Warman of the Har- 
risburg Area of the UM Church in 
September of 1982. 

^g HARRY MILLER JR. became 
the acting president of Paul 
Smith's College in New York in 
September of 1982. 

52 J0SEPH OX LEY is chairman 
of the Social Studies Depart- 
ment at Raritan High School in New 
Jersey and is also owner and director 
of the Monmouth Day Camp in 
Middletown, NJ. 

gy EMMA HERR is solo first 
clarinet in the Bainbridge Band. 
In addition to playing in various 
churches, veteran's hospitals and re- 
tirement homes, she has performed 
with the Lancaster Symphony Or- 
chestra and the Lancaster Clarinet 
Trio. Her career as a first grade 
teacher in the Warwick School Dis- 
trict has spanned. 23 years to date. 

promoted to professor at Frost- 
burg State College in Maryland. 
He joined the physics department of 
Frostburg in 1970. MILLIE EVANS 
WURDEMAN and her husband. Bob, 
have incorporated their postage stamp 
business and travel throughout the 
U.S. buying and selling rare stamps. 

AALORI RITTLE completed her 
Master in Social Work degree 
at the University of Pittsburgh in 
December of 1981. She works as a 
children's specialist with the Clear- 
field Jefferson Community Mental 
Health Center. 

m Q PAUL FOUTZ has been appoint- 
ed to a national committee of 
the National Association of Account- 
ants. He previously served as a presi- 
dent of the Alaskan Chapter of the 
national association for two years. 

has been promoted to the rank 
of Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. 
He is assistant director of the Gener- 
al Dentistry Residency Program at 
Wright-Patterson A.F.B., in Ohio. 
ROBERT UNGER has accepted the 
position of director of alumni re- 
lations at Lebanon Valley College. 

72 R0SS ELLISON is director of 
music and choir master at 
Palmyra First UM Church. 

73 ALAN CURTIS received the 
B.S. degree in chemical engin- 
eering from Drexel Evening College 
in June of 1982. CAROL CRAW- 

FORD SHULTIS, director of music 
therapy for the Forbes Health System, 
will serve as local host for the spring 
conference of the mid-Atlantic 
Regional meeting of the National 
Association for Music Therapy to be 
held in Pittsburgh in April of 1983. 

returned to teaching advanced 
placement biology at St. Pius X High 
School in Pottstown. She had been 
on maternity leave. CHRISTINE 
WALBORN has been promoted to 
assistant regional marketing manager 
for Europe, the Middle East, the 
Caribbean and Latin America at 
Hershey International Limited, a sub- 
sidiary of Hershey Foods Corporation. 
She joined the corporation in 1981 
after completing a master's degree in 
international management at the Amer- 
ican Graduate School of International 
Management, Glendale, AZ. 

75 JOHN HALBLEIB received a 
law degree from Northwestern 
University. He has joined the law firm 
of Levin and Funkhouser. JUDITH 
HEYSER TAYLOR teaches junior 
high music in the Central Dauphin 
School District. 


teaches full-time piano and 
music theory at Salisbury State Col- 
lege in Maryland. CURTIS KEMMER- 
ER, associate pastor at the Congrega- 
tional Church in New Canaan, CT, 
entered his second year at the West- 
chester Institute for Counseling and 
Psychotherapy, Mt. Kisco, NY. 
FRED SCHEEREN received the Cer- 
tified Financial Planner Designation 
from the College for Financial Plan- 
ning, Denver, CO in the spring of 
1982. The Certified Financial Planner 
designation is conferred upon those 
individuals who have completed a 
five-course study program encom- 
passing various areas of financial 
planning. Scheeren is one of 3500 
CFPs in the U.S. He is a registered 
stockbroker as well as a CFP, and is 
assistant vice-president at Parker/ 
Hunter Incorporated. 


had a manuscript titled "My 
Journey to Judaism" published in the 
summer 1982 issue of The Jewish 
Spectator. She works as a case mana- 
ger for a migrant program in Adams 
and Franklin Counties. GENE REl- 
SINGER received the Doctor of 
Osteopathy degree from Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medicine in 
June of 1982. 

7Q SCOTT CARNEY successfully 
completed Part Eight of the 
Society of Actuaries examinations. 
GREG GRACE successfully completed 
Part Six of the Casualty Actuarial 
Society examination. MARK HEB- 
DA is employed as a programmer and 
analyst at Data Processing Center, 
Inc., New Orleans, LA. CRAIG 
MEYER serves as manager at Wee 
Three Records, Lebanon Valley Mall. 

rector of music at Grace Luther- 
an Church in Lancaster. She holds a 
master of music degree from West- 

minster Choir College. Prior to her 
appointment she was organist-choir 
director at Fox Chase Memorial 
Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. 
She is an adjunct instructor of organ 
at LVC and head of the school's pre- 
paratory department. JOHN COFFIN 
successfully completed Part Eight of 
the Casualty Actuarial Society exam. 
GREG COLLEGE successfully com- 
pleted Part Four of the Society of 
Actuaries examinations. HAROLD 
MORGAN teaches at Salzburg Inter- 
national Preparatory School in Aus- 
tria. BOB MRAZ1K successfully 
completed Part 10 of the Society of 
Actuaries examinations. BOB STACH- 
OW paced himself to three victories in 
the 800, 1500, and 5000-meter races 
at the U.S. Army Berlin Track and 
Field finals. Athletes who qualified 
for the USAREUR track and field 
meet wilt represent Berlin in llles- 
heim later this year. 

QQ WALT FULLAM is the Palmyra 
correspondent for The Daily 
News, Lebanon. He also works 
full-time at the Hershey Medical 
works for the Maryland Association 
for Retarded Citizens. MATTHEW 
HALL holds the position of analytical 
chemist for J.M. Huber Corporation. 
CINDY KIHN successfully completed 
Part Three of the Society of Actuaries 
examinations. BRUCE LYMAN works 
for UERSAR, Inc., an environmental 
consulting firm in Springfield, VA. He 
conducts compliance inspections na- 
tionwide under an EPA contract and is 
also writing an emergency response 
manual in case of hazardous material 
spills. ELAINE KATZ M El LS works 
as a professional employment coun- 
sellor at Snelling & Snelling, Wilming- 
ton, DE. She is also a private piano 
instructor at the Wilmington Piano 
Company. DEBORAH MILLER re- 
ceived a master of music degree from 
the College-Conservatory of Music at 
the University of Cincinnati. She is 
currently spending a year in England, 
studying cathedral music with an 
emphasis on boys' choirs. She teaches 
at Charterhouse School near London. 
KAREN NESTER successfully com- 
pleted Part Six of the Casualty Actu- 
arial Society examinations. DUNG 
PHAN successfully completed Part 
Five B of the Society of Actuaries 

Part Two of the Society of 
Actuaries examinations. DEBBIE 
REIMER FULLAM is employed as an 
assistant in the computer center at 
general music in the Palmyra School 
District. She substituted full-time in 
the district during 1981-82. JULIE 
KAUFFMAN successfully completed 
Part Three of the Society of Actuaries 
examinations. SHARON LOVE is a 
vocal and instrumental music teacher 
at the Nottingham School in the 
Oxford Area School District. JILL 
SHAFFER is pursuing a Master of 
Business Administration degree at 
the Pennsylvania State University. 

52 MIRIAM AUKER teaches fifth 
grade at Ephrata Mennonite 
School. DARYL BOLTZ success- 
fully completed Part Three of the 
Society of Actuaries examinations. 

He has accepted a position as an 
actuary with Monarch Life Insur- 
ance in Springfield, MA. LINDA 
EHLE serves as a substitute for the 
Lower Dauphin School District teach- 
ing fifth grade. SCOTT HUGHES 
works as an administrative sales 
support representative for IBM in 
teaches sixth grade at Philadelphia- 
Montgomery Christian Academy. 
CAROL NIXON successfully com- 
pleted Part Four of the Society of 
Actuaries examinations. DAN REP- 
PERT successfully completed Part 
Four of the Society of Actuaries 
examinations. STEVE ST. JOHN 
works as a financial customer service 
representative for Donnelly Corpor- 
ation, Lancaster. 



GAIL GIRTCH to King Wester- 
hold, July 10, 1982. 


LINDA ESSICK to Robin Cock- 
ey, June 26, 1982. 

ela Brigham, summer 1982. 


CRAIG MEYER to Kathy Um- 
berger, September 18, 1982. 

LAURA SEALEY to Brian De- 
Biasse, July 25, 1981. 


MARY KNIGHT to Barry Green- 
ing, September 4, 1982. 


ELAINE KATZ to Daniel Meils, 
September 4, 1982. 


ZELLNER, summer 1982. 


Bradley Kramer, August 7, 1982. 

Sternberger, July 31, 1982. 

SCOTT HUGHES, June 12, 1982. 

TOBIAS, July 31, 1982. 

TRACY LIPPI to Ottilan De- 
venyi, August 21, 1982. 

POTTS, June 26, 1982. 

SALISBURY -81, August 14, 1982. 

to Richard Cordaro, August 21, 1982. 

Stone, April 17,1982. 


Supplee, summer 1982. 



To MR. and MRS. ALAN CUR- 
TIS {DEBRA SAMPLE 74), a son, 
Alden, August 13, 1982. 

To MR. and Mrs. PHILIP ROW- 
LAND, a son. Timothy Paul, July 19, 



To MR. and Mrs. JEFFREY 
EVANS, a son, Christopher David, 
May 27, 1982. 


To Dr. and MRS. William 
Kesselring, Jr. {PATRICIA WEST), 
a son, William Clifford, June 7, 1982. 


To Dr. and MRS. Anthony 
daughter, Sandra Jean, July 1, 1982. 


HORBAL (LIZ STEELE '80), a son, 
Andrew Richard, November 10,1981. 


To Mr. and MRS. John Stone 
(SUSAN KAY VOUGHT), a daughter, 
Erin Lynne, June 2, 1982. 



A. HERMAN SHERK, 88, died 
July 16, 1982. He taught in the 
Myerstown and Middletown Schools 
until 1927 and then served as chair- 
man of the science department of 
Punxsutawney High School until 1960 
when he retired. His memberships 
included the Hill Lutheran Church, 
Penn State Alumni Association (he 
earned his master's degree in 1945 
from Penn State) and the Couders- 
port Consistory. 


RALPH SLOAT, 84, died July 
19, 1982. He had taught mathe- 
matics at Linden Hall School for 
Girls in Lititz from 1957 to 1975. 
Previously he was a principal at 
Mineola High School, Long Island, 
NY, from 1928 to 1956. Sloat was 
a member of the Lititz Moravian 
Church, where he served on the 
Board of Elders and the Christian 
Education Committee. 


May 31, 1982. He had been principal 
of Lafayette Junior High School in 
Uniontown and an active member of 
the Asbury UM Church. 


SARA BLECKER, 76, died 
June 20, 1982. She served as music 
director of the Grace and Hope 
Missions for 30 years and as a home 
missionary for 45 years. Before mov- 
ing to the Baltimore, MD mission, she 
served at missions in Philadelphia, 
Reading and New York. 

died on June 22, 1982. He was a 
retired English teacher and former 
head of the English Department of 
Maiden High School, MA. He re- 
ceived his Ph.D. degree from Har- 
vard University and taught briefly 
at Boston University before joining 
the Maiden faculty in 1934. He also 
was active in the local public library, 
serving as a trustee and head of the 
Good Reading Group for 18 years. 

HAROLD H. HERR, 76. died 
July 14, 1982. He was retired from 
the personnel department of the 
U.S. Civil Service, where he worked 
for 26 years. Herr took graduate 
courses at the University of Dela- 
ware and served in World War II. 


died September 6, 1982. He was a U.S. 
Army veteran of the Korean War, a 
member of the First UM Church of 
Palmyra, Brownstone Lodge 666, 
F&AM, Hershey and the Tall Cedars 
of Lebanon. 


Events contained in this issue of the Journal 
Calendar run from approximately October 7, 
1981 through March 30, 1982. Events, 
times, and locations are subject to change. 
Therefore if you are planning to attend an 
event listed in this calendar it would be 
wise to contact the college regarding up-to- 
date event information. The number is: 
(717) 8674411. Why not clip and save 
this calendar for your future reference? 


Photography — David Winston, Sep- 
tember 26 through October 24 
Oils - Earl Blust, October 24 

through November 21 
Fraktur Painting — John and Stef- 

fany Harnish, November 21 

through December 17 
Pencil/Oil Portraits — John Klomp, 

January 23 through February 20 
Watercolors —Joyce Marks, February 

20 through March 20 
Paintings/Prints • Michele Livingston, 

Susan Whittock and George Lebo- 

March 20 through April 27 
Juried Exhibit - Lebanon Valley 

Spring Arts Festival • April 29 

through May 1 
Pencil Drawings • Sue Donmoyer, 

May 3 through May 23 


10/9 Ursinus H 1:30 
10/16 Muhlenberg - A - 1 :30 
10/23 Johns Hopkins - A - 1 :30 
10/30 W. Maryland -H- 1:30 

11/6 Dickinson - A - 1 :30 
11/13 F&M-A-1:30 

10/13 Johns Hopkins & Gettysburg- 

10/27 Albright at Dickinson - 
4:00 P.M. 

10/13 Gettysburg -A -4:00 
10/16 Swarthmore-A-2:00 
10/23 Wilkes, F&M & Messiah - 

10/27 Albright at Dickinson - 

10/30 W. Maryland at Washington - 



10/7 Western Maryland - A - 3:30 
10/16 Widener-H- 11:00 
10/18 Messiah -H -4:00 
10/20 Albright - A - 3:30 
10/23 Wilson -A- 10:30 
10/26 Susquehanna - H - 3:30 


10/7 Gettysburg- H -10:30 
10/13 F&M -A -3:30 
10/16 Widener - H - 1 .00 
10/20 Juniata -A -3:00 
10/23 Muhlenberg-H-1:00 
10/27 Drew -H -3:00 
10/30 Moravian - A - 1 :00 
1 1/3 Susquehanna - A - 3:00 

1 1/20 Capital Campus • H - 8 :00 
11/22 Millersville-A-8:00 
12/1 Moravian -H -6:15 & 8:00 
12/4 Muhlenberg- A- 6:00 & 8:00 
12/7 Dickinson -H -6:15 & 8:00 
12/9 Johns Hopkins - H - 8:00 
12/11 W.Maryland -A -6:00 & 8:00 
12/28 Medgar Evers College Tourna- 
ment - A - 6:00 & 8:00 
12/29 Medgar Evers College Tourna- 
ment - A - 6:00 & 8:00 
1/7 Washington & Lee Tourna- 
ment - A - 7:00 & 9 :00 
1/8 Washington & Lee Tourna- 
ment -A -7:00 &9:00 
1/18 Juniata H -8:00 
1/22 Gettysburg -H -8:00 
1/25 F&M -H -6:15 & 8:00 
1/29 Moravian -A -6:15 & 8:00 
2/1 W. Maryland -H -6:15 & 8:00 
2/3 Allentown-A-8:00 
2/5 Dickinson -A -6:15 & 8:00 
2/7 Elizabethtown - A - 8 :00 
2/9 Muhlenberg -H -6:15 & 8:00 
2/12 Albright -H -6:15 &8:00 
2/14 Susquehanna H 8:00 
2/16 Gettysburg -A -6:00 & 8:00 
2/19 F&M -A -6:30 & 8:00 

11/30 Johns Hopkins -H -7:00 
12/2 Eastern -A -7:00 
12/6 Dickinson -H -7:00 
12/9 W.Maryland -A -7:00 
12/11 Messiah -H -2:00 
1 /27 Gettysburg - H - 7 ;00 
1/29 York -A -2:00 
2/1 F&M -H -4:00 
2/7 Susquehanna A 7:00 
2/9 Muhlenberg -H -4:00 
2/15 Albright -H- 7:00 
2/17 Moravian -A- 7:00 
2/24 Wilson -H -7:00 


12/3 LVC Invitational -5:00 
12/4 LVC Invitational - 10:00 
12/7 King's- A -7:00 
12/9 Widener at E-Town -7:00 
1/8 Baptist Bible Invitational - 
A -10:00 
1/20 Messiah -H -7:00 
1/22 Moravian & Scranton at Sus- 
quehanna- A- 12:00 
1/26 Johns Hopkins & Juniata - 

1/29 Swarthmore, Muhlenberg & 

Hunter -H -12:00 
2/1 Upsala-H-7:00 
2/5 W. Maryland & Ursinus • 

H- 12:00 
2/9 Albright-A-7:00 
2/12 Gettysburg • A - 1 :00 


3/23 Swarthmore - A • 3:30 
3/26 Moravian doubleheader - 

A- 1:00 
3/30 W. Maryland doubleheader - 

4/4 Dickinson doubleheader - 

4/6 Muhlenberg doubleheader - 


3/23 Drew-A-3:30 
3/26 F&M -A -2:00 
3/30 Swarthmore -A -3:30 
4/6 W. Maryland - H - 3:30 
4/9 Lafayette - H - 1 :30 


3/23 King's -A -3:30 
3/30 W. Maryland -H -3:00 
4/6 Dickinson- A -3:15 


3/26 Towson Invitational -9:00 
3/30 Dickinson- A -3:30 
4/2 W. Maryland Relays - A 
4/5 Ursinus & Susquehanna at 
W.Maryland -A -2:30 

3/31 Dickinson - A - 3:30 
4/6 Widener - H - 3:30 
4/12 F&M -H -3:30 


3/31 W. Maryland at Dickinson - 

4/5 King's at Lycoming - 1 :00 

10/17 Pierce Getz, organ - 3:00 
10/31 Robert Rose, clarinet - 3 :00 
11/14 Teresa Bowers, flute - 3:00 
11/21 Klement Hambourg, violin • 
1 /30 Ronald Burrichter, tenor - 

2/13 Dennis Sweigart, piano 8:00 
2/27 Faculty Chamber Music - 

10/15 Ptckwell Concert -8:00 
11/15 Sinfonia Chamber Music - 

Music Concert -8:00 
1 1/22 Woodwind Chamber Music • 

1 1/30 Guild Student Group Organ 
Recital -8:00 
12/5 Community Christmas -8:00 
12/12 Alumni Chorale Christmas - 
1/29 LVC Honors Band -7:30 
2/14 Woodwind Chamber Music • 
3/9-18 Concert Choir Tour 
3/20 Concert Choir Concert - 8:00 
3/23 Evening of Woodwinds - 8 :00 
3/27 Wind Ensemble - 3:00 
3/27 Guild Student Group Organ 
Recital -8:00 

10/24 Joanne Groman & Roger 
Kurtz, piano -3:00 
11/7 Bryant Rowe, organ - 8:00 
11/23 Christopher Forlano, saxo- 
phone -8:00 
12/5 Anita Scheirer, piano • 3:00 
12/6 Lauren Weigel, soprano - 8 :00 
1 2/7 Joseph Bashore, piano - 8 :00 
1 /27 Steve Weber, voice - 8 :30 
2/1 Keith Sweger, bassoon - 8 :00 
2/24 Roger Kurtz, organ • 8:30 
3/24 Clifford Leaman, saxophone • 

10/19 Darryl Roland, piano; Debra 
Patterson, soprano - 8:00 
1 1 /8 Bryan Hartman, voice; Judith 
Walter, clarinet -8:00 
11/11 Mary Secott, flute; Margaret 
Faull, piano -8:30 
12/2 Ann Buchman, piano; Patricia 
Houseknecht, soprano - 8 :30 
2 (2 1 Caro I Jordan , vo ice - 8 :00 
2/22 Diane McVaugh , piano; Mary 
Secott, soprano • 8:00 
3/3 Jennifer Laird, flute; Cather- 
ine Clark, clarinet • 8:30 
3/28 Vicki Frey, percussion - 8:00 


11/12 "Cabaret" -8:00 

11/13 "Cabaret" -8:00 

11/14 "Cabaret" - 6:00 

11/19 "Cabaret" -8:00 

11/20 "Cabaret" -8:00 

11/21 "Cabaret" -8:00 

2/19 One Act Plays -8:00 

2/20 One Act Plays -8:00 

10/17 World Hunger Event - 7 :00 
10/30 Jazz Band Nostalgia Dance - 

10/30 Admissions Open House 

1 1 /I Beatlemania Concert - 8 :00 
11/20 Admissions Open House 
11/29 Art Exhibit and Sale of 

original oriental art - 

12/1 1 Admissions Open House 
2/5 Presidential Scholarship 

Exams - 8 :30 
2/12 Presidential Scholarship 

Exams -8:30 
2/18 Annual Jazz Band Campus 

Concert -8:00 
2/22 Founders' Day - speaker and 

award recipient to be 

announced - 1 1 :00; Garber 

Science Center dedication 

3/19 3rd Annual Quiz Bowl for 

High School students • 

3/24- APO&GSS sponsor a 
3/26 Helping Hands Weekend - 

Lebanon Valley Mall 



On Stage At 
Lebanon Valley 
WITF-FM 89.5 

We at Lebanon Valley College are pleased to 
announce the inauguration of a radio series to 
be presented on WITF-FM, 89.5, Public Radio in 
Hershey. The program, entitled "On Stage at 
Lebanon Valley," is the product of many months 
of work by John Uhl, director of media services, 
Ronald Burrichter, associate professor of music, 
and Richard Reed, dean of the faculty. The pro- 
gram will air at 10:00 P.M., Sundays, beginning 
October 17. Please tune in if within distance. 
The schedule for the series is as follows: 

October 17 

October 24 

November 7 

November 14 

November 21 

November 28 

December 5 

December 12 
December 19 

December 26 

William Fairlamb, piano 
Ronald Burrichter, tenor 
Haskell Thomson, organ 
Clarinet Choir and Saxo- 
phone Ensemble 
Elizabeth Sung, piano and 
Richard Gates, baritone 
LVC Chorus 

(Handel: Israel in Egypt) 
Flute Ensemble and 
Clarinet Choir 

LVC Chorus (Christmas '81) 
Christmas at the Valley, 1982 
Lebanon Choral Society and 
LVC Chorus 

LVC Alumni Chorale and 
Brass Ensemble 


Science Center 
Opening In 
November 1982 

February 19-22 

College Relations 
Lebanon Valley College 
Annville,PA 17003 


Please remember to notify the Alumni 
Office when you change your address. 

To change or correct your address, send this form to 

Lebanon Valley College Annville, Pa. 17003 


I Maiden Name 


Class . 

New Address . 

■ State . 

" r 




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